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Skullcandy INK'D Earbuds (Green)

  • Anything you wear on your head affects your appearance. As an interim step toward face tattoo, consider grooving to the beat of your own drum with INK'D s. Rock hard, look good, stay mad at the world and save enough money to buy INK'D in all ten colors.

Recent Reviews

  1. Bassbanger101
    Not bad for your buck
    Written by Bassbanger101
    Published Dec 9, 2013
    Pros - Descent bass for the price, really cheap
    Cons - Sound isn't very good, They fall out of your ears
    First of all, I gave these a 3 star mostly for their price. At about 9 bucks they are about the cheapest headphones around. I mean, who is going to pass up a deal like that. They are dirt cheap and really easy to find at about any store you can name. But you aren't reading this review just for there price. Lets check em out.
    Sound quality
      If your looking at from an audiphile's point of view, their pretty bad. I actually had to turn up the volume pretty loud to get much out of them. The mids and highs are pretty bad. The whole sound sounds like I am listening through a long tube. They are not very good in the sound department needless to say. The bass does sometimes drop but It can also be at really odd times and at random times doing the song. That's fine in bass heavy music but It sounds really weird in a song that doesn't have much bass like metal and hard rock
       The only real problem I had with them is when they fall out. I would NOT recommend these to anyone who would be using them to work out in. I don't know if its just my ears but I still wouldn't recommend them to people that would be using them for physical activities. They feel pretty natural after a while of having them in and you don't even know you are wearing them after a while.
      I have had them for about 7 months now and they are still working just fine. Nothing has ever broke on them and the sound is still the same that it was 7 months ago.
      What do I even have to say here. THEY ARE 9 BUCKS! If you just want some cheap headphones to get your jams on and you don't really care about sound that much, these are definitely your best bet.
      Among the audiophile community, skullcandys are generally disliked. They get a bad rap for not having great sound and/or comfort. I somewhat disagree with that. I do agree that they are more of a fashion piece than a great listening headphone( like beats). I disagree that all skullcandys are bad. I have had some pretty good skullcandys over the years and they have done pretty well overall. But back on topic about these. If you are trying to decide what headphones to get and you want to compare these to other headphones on the market. You just can't. There is nothing like these on the market. Again, THEY ARE 9 BUCKS! I also disagree with the people that say these headphones are just junk. What do you expect for 9 bucks. Not $1,000 Grados that's for sure. To sum things up, if you are thinking about getting them. Just get theme. THEY ARE ONLY 9 BUCKS. Its not like you will be losing a lot of money on them. Just buy them and give em a try.
    1. Darknet
      lol I don't like correcting this stuff but *audiophile if you want to use that term. :p Sorry, it was bothering me.
      Darknet, Dec 10, 2013
  2. Vibrasonic
    Best bang for the buck
    Written by Vibrasonic
    Published Nov 26, 2012
    Pros - Silicon tips, strong bass, efficient, wire does not tangle or kink easily
    Cons - too much bass, peaky mids, peaky highs
    Price and Durability: For 7 US Dollars shipped to my house these are the best phones in the price point.  I stepped on them one time- the green paint slightly chipped but the ink'd did not break at all.  I have snagged the wire mildly a few times and kinked the wire near the jack in my pocket plenty- no negative consequences thus far.  Frequently used on my HTC Mytouch slide.
    Comfort:  The included small tips fit excellent- all things considered.  I was wary of skulls being imprinted into my ear canal because of the design, and worried of discomfort from it but have not noticed any even after multiple hours in.  You can tug on the wire and they won't pop out without a fight.
    Sound:  Now some presence of bass can be nice-  This is a product for younger ears and/or bargain shopping.  They can create a few bass notes at one time.  It feels like these headphones have their favorite mid and high zones and don't care what the music has to say.  Tune eq settings to attempt compensation.
    Isolation:  Not bad.  I've used these on my motorcycle plenty of times.  Also have used long boarding.  You will hear the wire rub your shirt during movement.
    Design: The compact design makes the the ink'd friendly for helmets.  The green pearl paint is sweet.  Look great while you hear decent.  SK managed to get skulls on the tips, plus and housing.  No left or right labeling, no mic to distinguish.  Gold plated plug.
    Overall:  Great for the money.  Decently durable and sound that does not disappoint.  If a thief grabbed these out of your ears, ran away, slipped on a half used mustard packet as he was getting away, fell and lost a tooth- you will have maximized these headphones value better than an inside trader.
  3. JamesHuntington
    These are bad
    Written by JamesHuntington
    Published Aug 7, 2011
    Pros - Cheap
    Cons - They're Junk
    To start off, they fell out of my ears all the time because of design, not the rubber parts but the bud itself is just weird. The plug design ruined my Zune jack because the plug comes straight out and only one side works on my Zune now. Do not buy these and use without a L shaped plug adapter. Go with some others, Sony or Phillips worked as cheap bike riding ear buds.
    1. bcasey25raptor
      I used to have the mokin buds and I agree with this statement. I haven't tried the ink'd though. I avoided it right away because I judged them based on the no left/right indicator.
      bcasey25raptor, Aug 7, 2011
    2. JamesHuntington
      I will always hate the sight of these because of my Zune jack issue. My friend got some pairs because he owns a speaker company and gave me the ones I had. I just put a price so I could post this. I would never buy these. I was boasting about some Sony buds I had to him and he said the Inks are really good sound. I didn't think they were that good and wish I never tried them. They are ugly. All Skullcandy stuff looks generic and stupid to me. Sorry Skullcandy, if i want candy in my skull I'll put it in my mouth and eat it.
      JamesHuntington, Aug 9, 2011
  4. turimbar1
    What does the music ACTUALLY sound like?!
    Written by turimbar1
    Published Dec 30, 2010
    Pros - cheap, big bass
    Cons - mids nonexistent, highs are harsh, distorts music
    These work as decent earplugs, but I would not use them for anything else unless I had to. These were some of my first non-ibuds earphones and they were really good compared to the ibuds, but that is not saying much. I was really happy with them because I had nothing to compare them to at the time, so I tried making music with "Reason." I would listen to the music through them, then through the crappy stock macbook speakers, and the speakers had sounds that the earbuds did not, and vice versa. From this, I developed a sneaking suspicion that these were not the proverbial "bees knees" and were actually kinda bad outside the big bass. This was confirmed when I got the Sennheiser HD555's, those blew me away.
    SO if all you have is 10$ and you want big bass, these are fine, but if you can spend 19$+ then I would get some cheap koss', maybe the portapros or the KSC75's
  5. EricZhi
    Solid Headphones for the price - good bang for the buck
    Written by EricZhi
    Published Dec 30, 2010
    Pros - Inexpensive price, well balanced, good bass, relatively tough, carrying case included in some packages
    Cons - VERY hard to find the left and right markings, some find its look too... punkish?
    I would definitely not call myself an expert when it comes to headphones, but I will say that I was very happy with the sound quality I got from these headphones after I purchased them. I broke them myself due to misuse, (iPod dropped and it sort of yanked on the cable :S ya ouch) but that is by no means any of Skullcandy's fault. I did not take care of my headphones before as I do now, and although I didn't go out of my way to destroy them, I did not pay as much attention to protecting them as I should have. That being said, they are quite durable in my opinion.
    I currently own a pair of Skullcandy Titans, and today I just bought a pair of Monster Lil Jamz. Comparing these, I would say that the Titians and the Jamz are remarkably better-sounding in general, but of course they also come with a bigger price tag.
    For any one having trouble identifying the left and right earpieces, the markings are found on the wire itself directly under the earpieces. 
    For a value of $10-20, these are a great choice for people who are looking for a very low-price, decent quality headphones. 
  6. VictorHalgaard
    INK'D Bass for a buck (allmost)
    Written by VictorHalgaard
    Published Aug 24, 2010
    Pros - Great sound for the price. Good bass (Pro/con depending on what music you like)
    Cons - No Left or Right.
    Hi, i thought i'd just drop a short review on these for people considering to buy them. 
    These are about the cheapest well sounding plugs i have gotten my hands on this far.
    I got them for 10$ on sale at my local music store but normally they go for around 20-30.
    These are as most of Skull Candy's products quite heavy on the bass. Some might find it to their liking. Personally i am in favor of their sound coloration for Heavy Metal, Rock and electronic music of all kinds (they're probably good for Hip Hop too) but for acoustic or by other means very clear or crisp music they're not the best you get. but for the price they're good.
    I compared them to my Sennheiser CX300 plugs and i actually to my surprise liked these better due to their full sound.
    They don't have left or right so that messes some music up if you're used to having it. That doesn't mean the soundstage is destroyed though, their soundstage is pretty decent, you just don't really have any control over it.
    Last thing, these have a cool and very sturdy design. So these wont break if you just mash them in your bag or pocket.
    Bottom-line: If you want a pair of decent earphones for a very low price, these should do nicely, but if you look for precise sound reproduction or audiophile sound these aren't for you.
    Cheers from the north! Denmark
    Best Regards - Victor Halgaard


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