Simphonio VR1 iems. Ceramic Dynamic Driver

General Information

They have that Japanese audience targeted transparency like the Final Audio a8000.

a8000 can go crazy with the subbass. Little more midbass for energy. The Simphonio vr1 feels as linear as an etymotic xr model.

Mids to highs.
These also give that transparent feeling of the A8000; not intended for Rock genre.

VR1 is smoother, more forgiving with no simbilance from bad recordings. A8000 can be painful unless you have a good remastered recording.

Voices follows the same suit.
Vr1 is forward like the A8000, but for bad recordings, A8000 will make you skip a badly recorded YouTube videos/podcast. I haven't found a bad track in my music where I felt the voices were simbilant with the Vr1.

A8000 gives a sense of better soundstage from the high extension and borderline near harshness.

Fit on the ear is better on the A8000.

These compliment the A8000 and is not a competitor. Different sounds.

Upgrade cable has a small gap on the VR1. Using my own 2-pin Superbax cable, there is no gap.


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