Sennheiser PMX 90 Portable Neckband Headphone with Dynamic Bass

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Portable neckband headphones with dynamic bass, sleek ergonomic look.

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Pros: Nice bass, good overall sound signature, nice looking (if you like the behind the neck look)
Cons: Mediocre build quality, low volume even at high volumes on music player, fair sound leakage
This past summer I was looking to upgrade from my mediocre Sony behind-the-neck on ear headphones. I wanted to stick with open design and behind the neck, and these seemed to fit the bill nicely. 
Before going into any detail whatsoever about the sound quality or pros or small cons, I'll say this: my pair broke. Not so that they're unlistenable, but I had to fix them up. The neck band and ear pieces are not all one solid piece of plastic; rather, each ear piece has a stem which connects to the back neck band. A stupid way to design them, really. Carelessly I let these snag on something and crack! the connection between the stem and neckband on the left side was broken. The wire inside was still fine, and the sound was unaffected, but they were broken. A dot of glue for permanence and a wrapping of black electrical tape for sturdiness later, they're stable as ever. But a pair of headphones shouldn't break two weeks in. 
Anyway, that's just my experience and I was somewhat careless and I've learned from my mistakes. On to how they sound...
They sound very nice for the price. Solid, punchy lows. You can feel the impact of percussion and bass, not super powerful but noticeable. Overall balanced sound. For a pair of low-mid end headphones, they sound good. Clear vocals, on well recorded songs they do sound close to beautiful (Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind, one of the best-recorded songs ever with incredibly dynamic percussion, sounds really amazing on these). On full albums, and in general, they're ok.
Comfort wise they're... ok. With glasses they're pretty much unwearable, though I switched to contacts not long after buying these and comfort  improved. For me, and I have a big head, the ear pieces are pushed out to the sides a little more than they should be which makes them further from my ears. That's kind of a problem, but I attribute it to my head. 
Are these my favorite headphones? No. Are they good? Yes. Would I recommend them? Only if price is really an issue, and you definitely don't want something with a traditional over-the-head style band. They're not bad, they're just clearly not as good as things only slightly more expensive. When I looked at these I also looked at the Grado SR60i's. My choice to buy these over those, thanks to the behind-the-neck style, haunts me to this day. I recently purchased the much more expensive, closed back Ultrasone PRO 550 and I'm loving them and not really minding their large size. So clearly, the larger SR60i's wouldn't have been an issue for me in the long run. But these wound up being bought for me as a gift, and they do sound nice overall, so I can't complain too much.
To conclude: they're not bad. They're not great, but they're not bad. I'd much prefer to have bought the SR60i, and if I could I would sell these to buy those but the broken neckband makes that fairly impossible. They're what I would call good enough, as a backup for my far superior new Ultrasone's. 
My gut tells me to splurge another 80 or 100 bucks and get the SR60i or SR80i. My wallet (and major upcoming expenses) tell me I just bought a 140 dollar pair of closed headphones, and I can live with these for open ones.


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