The Sennheiser sports range is targeted at the sportsmen/sportswomen who are truly passionate...

Sennheiser CX 685 SPORTS In-Ear Canal Headphones - Black

  • The Sennheiser sports range is targeted at the sportsmen/sportswomen who are truly passionate about their sports and music.

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  1. wrathzombie
    Doesn't really offer much!! Make sure, you demo this before buying.
    Written by wrathzombie
    Published Mar 14, 2014
    Pros - Comfort(it is subjective), Isolation,
    Cons - Tangle prone cable, No chin slider, Might be extremely uncomofortable depending on shape of ear canals, Feels cheap, Sound quality
    I am going to keep this short.
    SOURCE: Cowon C2
    320 Kbps Mp3 and Flac files.
    - Fits my ear properly. I am sure, whatever i do, they won't fall off. 
    - Isolation, is good.
    - I feel that based on the shape of ear canals this could turn out to be a nightmare for a few people to wear.
    - Just a flimsy pouch and three tips
    - Looks and feels cheap when you hold it in hand. Doesn't feel like a $70 product.
    - Cables are thin and tangle prone. Actually, it would be very easy to break the cables.
    - What the hell? No, chin slider !!!
    - Bought them here in India for approximately $70. It doesn't make any sense to buy it at that price. I have read good things about Me electronics M6, should have bought them instead of this.
    - Comparing them to HD 25 - 1 II and PX 100 ii, this sounds very weird. Vocals are pushed back. There is no real bass definition. I can't point what is wrong exactly but what I can say is, it doesn't do anything properly.
    - Microphonics: if you use it without the shirt clip, get ready for extreme microphonics
    EDIT: Increasing the Bass on the equalizer, improves it. On my Cowon C2 , I just tried using the X-BASS preset and it really improved the sound.
    1. Kssnborn
      Actually I have to disagree.. I just bought a pair last week thinking that it probably isn't such a bright idea for me to go bike riding with my $400 Monster Miles Davis Tributes.. They get sweated on, banged up, pulled around, etc. So I bought these cheap Sennheisers just to save my expensive iem's. I didn't even care. Bout sound quality - expecting nothing for a sports headphone and a cheap one at that. Much to my astonishment, they blew me away by their sound! I hate to admit it, but they really are superior in every respect to my Monster Mile Davis Tributes! They also blow away my velodyne v-pulses (except in the bass - velodyne a are the best at bass). I have a bunch of fairly high end cans including one higher up the Senneheiser food chain - HD-650's (w/ Whiplash TWAG cable). No, they aren't THAT good, but I would say they are pretty close to my $300 B&W P5's, which I find astonishing. I got them for $45 on amazon! Best deal ever! To each his own....
      Kssnborn, Apr 29, 2014
    2. wrathzombie
      Hmmm !! interesting, I actually like my Vsonic VSD-1S much more than these. If you get a chance try it and let me know what you think. I was highly disappointed with the Senns though !!!
      wrathzombie, Apr 29, 2014
    3. Soulrave
      I also didn't expect that these budget-sports in ears to sound nice. Sound was fairly clean, bass a bit lighter than what i prefer, mids are neutral, and highs shows some hints of sibilance but still fine, kinda slow sounding and rolled off both ends. Hifiman re400 and vsonic gr07 sounds better still

      The cable seems fragile but it's actually pretty tough!

      But yea it looks and feels cheaper that what it is, and tangly wires!

      Note: plugged straight to iphone and playing music from spotify and personal 320 mp3s.
      Soulrave, May 24, 2014


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