Sennheiser CX 685 SPORTS In-Ear Canal Headphones - Black

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  1. wrathzombie
    "Doesn't really offer much!! Make sure, you demo this before buying."
    Pros - Comfort(it is subjective), Isolation,
    Cons - Tangle prone cable, No chin slider, Might be extremely uncomofortable depending on shape of ear canals, Feels cheap, Sound quality
    I am going to keep this short.
    SOURCE: Cowon C2
    320 Kbps Mp3 and Flac files.
    - Fits my ear properly. I am sure, whatever i do, they won't fall off. 
    - Isolation, is good.
    - I feel that based on the shape of ear canals this could turn out to be a nightmare for a few people to wear.
    - Just a flimsy pouch and three tips
    - Looks and feels cheap when you hold it in hand. Doesn't feel like a $70 product.
    - Cables are thin and tangle prone. Actually, it would be very easy to break the cables.
    - What the hell? No, chin slider !!!
    - Bought them here in India for approximately $70. It doesn't make any sense to buy it at that price. I have read good things about Me electronics M6, should have bought them instead of this.
    - Comparing them to HD 25 - 1 II and PX 100 ii, this sounds very weird. Vocals are pushed back. There is no real bass definition. I can't point what is wrong exactly but what I can say is, it doesn't do anything properly.
    - Microphonics: if you use it without the shirt clip, get ready for extreme microphonics
    EDIT: Increasing the Bass on the equalizer, improves it. On my Cowon C2 , I just tried using the X-BASS preset and it really improved the sound.