Rega - P3-24 Turntable - Without Cartridge

General Information

Surprisingly enough, the inspiration for the design of Rega's acclaimed P3-24 turntable didn't come from an evolution of the extremely popular P3 2000 model. Instead the concept came from revisiting the virtues of the original Planar 3 turntable, which has justifiably achieved the status of an audiophile legend. The virtues of the Planar 3 gave the thinkers at Rega their design brief. The P3-24 had to be a high performance turntable dedicated to delivering outstanding record playback surpassing anything else at its price point. It shouldn't have any unnecessary frills. Instead, attention should be paid to engineering it to incorporate the highest quality components for rugged reliability over a long lifetime. Most areas of the turntable have changed compared to P3s of the past, beginning with the plinth. The new high-tech version of the plinth, while slim and attractive, offers high levels of rigidity by using phenolic resin laminates with a high quality edging. It is a considerable improvement over the current P2. Some components are just too good to change, of course. The same high quality drive belt/main bearing and glass platter are carried over from the P3 2000. The P3-24 uses the same very high quality low vibration motor that is used in the Rega P5 and P9 turntables. Thanks to the clever controlling circuitry you can adjust the phase angle of the motor coils for very low vibration levels from the complete motor assembly. This design change offers a considerable performance increase over the P3 2000. The famous RB300 tonearm has been modified to improve production and give a higher musical sound performance. An improved vertical bearing housing provides improved rigidity in the tonearm's mounting, reducing the stresses in the main 13mm bearings. This assembly is topped off with the improved RB700 bias housing phono cable.


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