1. wixy

    Best complete turntable setups in the $1500-$2000 range?

    I'm interested in knowing peoples opinions on the best complete turntable setups in the $1500-$2000 range (including deck,arm, cartridge and phono stage). I'm a total tt newbie, but would like to start off with a somewhat decent tt setup that would last a long time without feeling the need to...
  2. T

    vinyl turntable for $400

    hey im starting to get into vinyl now and i was wondering what the best turn table for 400 dollars is. thanks i know you guys can help!
  3. Braver

    Rega P3 and Ortofon om20... Should I shim?

    My total satisfaction audio wise has kept me from the forums for while. However, lately the wiring on my Dual 505 started giving out. Since for some reason summer means vinyl, also the limitation of the om10 needle started to bug me. So it started, I bought an om20 needle last weekend, and I...
  4. Rega - P3-24 Turntable - Without Cartridge

    Rega - P3-24 Turntable - Without Cartridge

    Surprisingly enough, the inspiration for the design of Rega's acclaimed P3-24 turntable didn't come from an evolution of the extremely popular P3 2000 model. Instead the concept came from revisiting the virtues of the original Planar 3 turntable, which has justifiably achieved the status of an...