Rega - P1 Turntable w/Ortofon OM5e Cartridge

General Information

For over 30 years, the British company Rega has been the first name on everyone's lips when it comes to turntables. With the new P1, Rega quality is now available at the lowest price ever. The new Rega P1 turntable is a dream come true for vinyl junkies who love the true to life sound of analog recordings. "Musicality and Involvement" The Absolute Sound magazine rated the Rega P1 as the "Best Turntable" in the Winter 08 / Spring 09 issue, praising it for "musicality and involvement that make analog special." "The Rega P1 delivers a lot of music for $350," reports Jeff Dorgay in the No. 8, 2007 issue of Tone Audio magazine. "I nominate the Rega P1 for our first Exceptional Value Award for 2007. It's worth every penny..." Rega has long been the watchword for top-quality phono gear, but no longer do you have to pay a premium for excellence. And if you're new to LPs and wonder what all the fuss is about, wonder no more. The P1 is the way to hop onboard and discover why records can sound better than CDs. "If you are new to vinyl or the audio world and want to spin records on a budget, I can't imagine a better value than the P1," says Jeff Dorgay in Tone Audio. The P1 turntable is Rega's first addition to its award-winning Planar series of turntables for some time. And it's definitely worth the wait. It includes a completely new, light and rigid one-piece aluminum RB100 tonearm. The Planar P1 also comes ready-fitted with a great sounding Ortofon OM5e moving magnet cartridge. The high quality main bearing, sub-platter assembly and stabilized MDF platter deliver the precision speed stability that you need for convincing LP playback. The nicely designed 12-volt AC synchronous motor with belt drive ensures smooth, dependable control. And the P1 looks beautiful, too!


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