Rega - P2 - Turntable with RB250 Tonearm with Bias 2 Cartridge

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It's back! You can't just keep a popular product down. After discontinuing its wildly popular, highly affordable Planar 2 (aka P2) turntable a few years ago, Rega has had a change of heart. Now you can enjoy the P2 all over again, complete with a new, high-mass 22mm-deep platter that adds better stability to the original design. And it also includes the new RB-251 tonearm. And you can order the P2 either with or without the optional Bias 2 MM phono cartridge. For over 30 years, Rega has been the first name on everyone's lips when it comes to turntables, and the return of the P2 to the planar range completes the line up, making Rega more accessible than ever to music lovers. "The P2 is quite capable of embarrassing today's entry-level CD players," reports Brent Burmester in his May 2005 review for New Zealand's hi-end journal AudioEnz. "You pay a lot more than $800 for a CD player able to match the tangibility of music siphoned off a record by a capable turntable." "The P2 is all about the vibrancy and vigor of the music," observes Jason Kennedy in his February 8, 2007 review for England's "It delivers good image scale and has a clear, open midband that lets much of that vinyl flavor through." "It gets to the heart of the music, presents it in an upbeat and seriously enjoyable manner and does most things well without biting off more than it can chew," notes Lim Juan in Malaysia's The Star Online. The P2 "provides a strong, energetic sound with more rhythmic drive than most," concludes Australia's lifestyle technology guide Smarthouse. The P2 is completely British made. It features a quality main bearing, sub-platter assembly, and stabilized platter that deliver the precision speed stability that you need for convincing LP playback. The nicely designed 12-volt AC synchronous motor with belt drive ensures smooth, dependable control. And the P2 looks great, too!

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Pros: The sound, the experience, the sound,
Cons: It's a turntable, so requires thought,
Rega have been producing turntables for a long time and this one is a credit to the brand name. I consider myself to own a good dac which can be passed through a reasonably good amp and to some good speakers. I listen to most of my music this way. I also, however, have a wide taste in music and some record labels still release all their music on vinyl only and i have one of these beauties for such music.
As much as I enjoy music when it's played through my dac, the whole process of getting an lp out of the sleeve, setting up the turntable and setting the tone arm is much more rewarding. It sounds stunning! You can enjoy the music much more on a turntable. It may be purely placebo but it sounds more detailed, vibrant and transparent and is a joy to use.
I use my P2 with an Ortofon cartridge and a Rega RB301 tone-arm which it had when I got it and it even looks great sitting on top of my CD player. With any turntable 90% of the amplification to speakers is done by the phono pre-amp so it's important not to skimp on that part, I use one derived from a Nelson Pass design but there are many good, suitable ones available. The base of the unit is strong, heavy and rigid and as a result it feels stable. I can't think of a single way to get the sound quality at the price (maybe another turntable I havent tried). Regardless, the Rega P2 is a great turntable at a good price.
I whole heartedly recommend the P2, with, obviously, a good phono-stage.
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Which one Ortofon are you using and do you have in mind some good phono stage alternatives? Looking for first TT and what I have now is Marantz PM6004 phono input in my integrated amp able to use MM catridge.


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