General Information

Main Features

Model: QS2
BT version: V5.0
Operation range: 10m
Charging time: 2H
Standby time: 120H
Playback time: 4H
Battery type: li-ion
Battery capacity(earphones): 3.7V 43mAh
Battery capacity(charging case): 3.7V qcy.jpg

Latest reviews

Pros: Great Sound for the price, Good Battery Life
Cons: Bluetooth connection sometimes pitches up songs and is not the most reliable

Usability – You can use these headphones as any other IEM, you just pair them to your phone and then take them out of the case when you need to use them. One charge will last you around 2-3 hours and you can get 5 charges at least out of the case. The case will then charge up quickly, to provide you more juice to your in ear headphones. Sometimes the Bluetooth connection dropped and the pitch of the songs changed, but I’m unsure whether this is a phone or TWS problem (I’d assume it’s from the QCY implementation, since other Bluetooth headphones, like the MPOW H7 did not suffer from this issue).

Sound quality – V shaped sound. Bass goes down well, with nice rumble and quick punch, but not the most detailed bass. How much impact the bass has is very dependant on the seal you get with the eartips, so beware with how you insert the in ears. The mids are there to complement the sound signature more than actually be the focus, but they are pretty competent. The highs once again make sure cymbals on your favourite rap song hit and are noticed, but not sharp enough to hurt your ears from the hiss. The soundstage is pretty two dimensional. If I had to compare it with a wired headphone, I’d say the QCY QS2 sound pretty similar to a Xiaomi Piston 3, with a little more bass and little less detail.

Bottom line – They work the way they are intended to, easy to pair, no wires to mess up your training. The lack of IP certification might make them last less in the gym than ideal, but for the cheap price, it is a great pickup to just throw on your bag for everyday tasks.


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