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Bluetooth Circumaural Headphones with a 40mm driver from Mpow.

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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Great value. Good Bass.
Cons: If bass isn't your thing, they might be too muffled. Not audiophile grade sound.
So I've published this review in video form as always in the vid down below:

But if you prefer this review in a short written format I'll do my best.

Starting with the packaging, this is a sub 30$/€ headphone, which means you do not expect much. That is confirmed when you open up the packaging and find a 3.5to3.5mm male audio cable, a micro-USB for charging and a welcomed velour pouch (with cloth lining in the interior), which is always a plus for when you are going to travel with the headphones in a backpack, for example.

Going onto the quality of the headphones, the build quality is actually really appropriate for the price, the plastics seem durable enough and although the button quality is passable (they don't seem the most sturdy and don't have any engraving on them, making their use a bit difficult), overall the Mpow H7 certainly surprise with the insides of the headband in metal and overall sturdiness.

The comfort is also a nice plus, because the clamping force isn't too overwhelming and the nice big leather earcups make sure that your ears stay inside for a more comfortable fit. But the weaker clamping force means that this headphone might slip off during gym use for example.

Now onto the sound. These are clearly made for EDM and rap, as the thumping bass shows. And while you might be thinking that this is just some cheap mid-bass thump, it actually manages to deliver some good amount of subbass. But all this bass comes at the price of reduced clarity, for both mids and highs, which is to be expected with the target demographic of this headphone. This is not an audiophile can in any way, so the timbre and decay that you get from it are just below average. But what the Mpow H7 can certainly do is to be a fun headphone for the gym, as those Dre beats will keep you pumping hard throughout your workout. And at a price of just 25€, you can afford to replace them if they eventually break.
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