SE-M290, black High Performance, Ported AV Headphone 40mm Driver Diameter Maximum Input 1,200mW...

Pioneer SE-M290 High Performance Ported AV Over-Ear Headphones (Black)

  • SE-M290, black High Performance, Ported AV Headphone 40mm Driver Diameter Maximum Input 1,200mW Sensitivity 102dB/mW Bass duct delivers deep rich lows Free adjusting headband system DJ Style swivel out ear piece Velour type earpad for comfort 3.5m Ofc litz wire 3.5mm mini-plug, 6.3mm plug adapter

Recent Reviews

  1. Mr Saphique
    I love them.
    Written by Mr Saphique
    Published Dec 29, 2013
    Pros - Comfortable, Good overall sound, No manual size adjusting
    Cons - Very long cable, design looks weak
    I bought these headphones a long time ago for behind the computer. So long ago I forgot what I paid for them but they were decent priced.
    First off, a little quick overview:
    Frequency: 5 - 25.000 Hz
    Impedance: 32 Ohm
    Gold plated plugs: 3,5mm jack / 6,3mm verloop
    Cable: 3,5 m
    I use them for gaming, watching movies and listening music. So basically everthing behind the pc. It's not the clearest sound coming out of them but you will be able to wear for really long periods with them getting uncomfortable. The headband is elastic, when you put it on it automatically drops right into place. So you won't have to spend your precious time adjusting it,
    Now about the rest of the design. For me the cable is to long, so I tied it up with a piece of velcro. The headphone itself looks a bit fragile since the plastic band(which doesn't rest on your head) looks very thin. The shells are the perfect size, my ears fit in completely with a bit of space around.
    To finish my first review off, I am using these for about a year know haven't had any complaints.
  2. ccubeice
    Really good headphones. Well worth the money.
    Written by ccubeice
    Published Oct 10, 2012
    Pros - Comfortable, good bass, adjustable headband, looks nice.
    Cons - Very long cable (3.5m), need to adjust EQ.
    So, today I got these headphones and I have to say, these are pretty damn good. I didn't expect this much from these. This is my second pair. It's comfortable, fits nicely. Gold coated connectors, an adapter to 6.5mm. I listened to some stuff and yes the bass is good, but not the best.


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