Pioneer SE-CE10-XK Portable Audio Earbud Headphones with Carrying Case (Black)

General Information

SE-CE10-XK Portable Audio Earbud with case Maximum Input 30mW Sensitivity 98dB/mW Bass Boost Duct Carrying case Ear pads (x2) 1.2m cable Available: Black

Latest reviews

Pros: Price, Sound Quality, Noise Isolation
Cons: Soundstage, Treble
I'm not great at reviewing headphones of any kind because I don't have that many to compare between, but I can tell you that these are better than any stock earbuds that come with any phone, mp3 player etc. They aren't great with bass, but you can't ask for a lot, since they are earbuds. Surprisingly though, They offer great noise isolation at 50-60% volume. The instruments can get a bit crowded at times and at high volumes, the sound becomes a little scratchy, but it plays most genres and tracks wonderfully.
They are wonderful value for their price, and are my personal recommendation when it comes to budget earbuds.
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