Philips Fidelio S2 headphones are precisely engineered to deliver natural, balanced sound,...

Philips Fidelio S2

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  • Philips Fidelio S2 headphones are precisely engineered to deliver natural, balanced sound, revealing every details as the artist intended. Amazing sound presented in a lightweight yet durable design for true comfort and pleasure on the go.

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  1. Jemuillot
    "Lack of bass, harsh mid-high, almost sibilance in female vocal songs, aggressive lead guitar."
    Pros - Golden looks, flat-cable, cable case, a pack of ear-pieces
    Cons - Lack of bass, harsh mid-high, almost ess in female vocal songs, aggressive lead guitar.
    As list in the summary, I don't like this product, and I will not buy any product from Philips because of the post-sale service.
    After I tried replacing all of the ear-pieces in the box, I finally confirm that the sound quality of S2 is bad.
    First of all, I could not hear any bass instrument in most of music. It's less even than V-Sonic VS1D. 
    And the High-Mid is boosted too much. The sibilance of female voices is very noisy. Listen to J-Pop is in hell.
    The over boosted High-mids also make electronic guitar aggressive, thus the Solo part of E-Guitar is also in hell.
    I finally buy JVC FX-850 as my only IEM now, and S2 is sealed in the drawer for 1 year, or forever. Just because of the bad post-sale service.
    Never S2, Never Philips!
  2. Chiek
    "Srong, warm, rich and exciting sound. Pefect for mountain biking. "
    Pros - The exquisite sound first and foremost, sturdy and stylish design, five pairs of rubber fits, price. Great when biking with my helmut on.
    Cons - Remote control has no volume adjustment capability
    Philips products are world renowned for quality and good pricing.Sure enough I was not disappointed. Worth every dollar of the US $150 I paid for. I would pay more for this beautiful piece of audio engineering that will be my perfect companions when I go mountain biking in the forest. The ear pieces that came ready for use sit well in my ears and should stay on while I ride those bumpy trails in the forest.
    I listen mostly to folk rock and acoustic music. I test listened my new friend to Gabe Dixon's 'Even the Rain' on my Ipod touch. At half the volume setting, the song played sweet and strong and punchy with well balanced treble and base that gave me an extremely warm full-bodied fuzzy feeling. There was no harshness like some headphones that place too much emphasis on treble. This is important to avoid fatigue to my ear drums when I go for long bike rides.
    This is instantly my favorite in-ear phones now. It has just toppled the Sony 650 which toppled the Etymotic hf5 earlier. 
    My days in the forests with my mountain bike will be so much more fun now. 
    There are plenty of more expensive models out there. But since this pair of ear phones have already reached such a high level satisfaction for me, I am skeptical how pricier phones can extend my level of enjoyment anymore to justify a price tag of $300 or $500.
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  3. Antilochos
    "Slick sound"
    Pros - Clean and clear sound
    Cons - Short cable
    My first in-ear headphone. Always thought they couldn't be any good compared to the over-ear headphones.
    I was wrong.
    The looks are a matter of taste, so I keep that in the middle for a review.
    This Philips Fidelio S2 starts with a superb build quality. Distinctive flat cable is a bit short. Works fine with a device (phone, mobile player, etc) in your pocket when on the road, but sitting behind your device (pc, stereo, etc) at home, it would be nice to have more cable.
    Enfin. The sound. On my Samsung S4 it sounds good. Clear, lots of colour (I tend to talk in colours when comes to sound...), good high and mids, decent lows. When plugged on my pc with a Fiio E10 between it, the sound just feels very natural, clear and fresh. Almost clinical clean.
    The price on the other hand is not that bad, but it tends to scare you away. Don't be scared, you get a little wondermaker.
    Lovely headphone.
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