Nordost Brahma Power Cable

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Brahma Power Cables are extremely neutral and dynamic due to the use of our proprietary micro mono-filament technology. They are equally at home optimizing the performance of Plasma Screens, Projectors and LCD displays as powering power amplifiers and other audio components.

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1000+ Head-Fier
Pros: great on video and has exceptional dynamics
Cons: expensive and cable is a bit stiff would like it to be more flexible and lacks soundstage dimensionality(depth)
 I have had the brahma for awhile now and I saw there were no user reviews for it in head-fi. So I thought I would give some impressions of this very fine power cable. I have several aftermarket power cables including a kubala sosna emotion power cable which prior to my brahma was the most expensive . I purchased the nordost brahma on a closeout for half price but even then the cable was very expensive just not as obscenely expensive if it was purchased at the regular price of 1400 usd for a one meter length.
  I had heard that the nordost cables have a extremely long break in process which I can now say was definitely accurate. Power cables can tend to be very system and component sensitive the brahma being no exception. My first impression of the cable was that it was very quiet sounding. I felt it sounded somewhat analytical especially when it was new. With time it relaxed a bit and when I say time I mean a lot of time. This is not a cable for someone who wants instant gratification it takes a long time to flesh in. I had at times maybe regretted my purchase but with time once the cable fleshed in I came to appreciate its qualities. One of its most endearing qualities is its reproduction of dynamics. In this area it soundly trounced my kubala sosna emotion cable. When used on the most suitable components which are at least in my system on the dac and or universal player. You can easily discern the improvements in my set up the sound becomes very dynamic and involving making the listening session much more exciting. The other area where I find the cable to be exceptional is on my denon 3930ci universal player. The improvement in the clarity and the resolution of the video is quite noticeable. My dvds have never looked better. As good as the denon player is which is quite excellent already is really elevated by the brahma power cable. Sonically I wish it had more dimensionality with respect to depth it does not fare as well as my kubala sosna emotion in that category at least on cds. But the emotion was nowhere near as good on video material. On video sound it also exceptional the ability of my
 denon universal player to sort out dialog and the clarity of the sound on my dvds was greatly enhanced by this cable. I find it indispensable when watching movies on my flat screen. I have to say I do not regret purchasing this cable despite its obscene price tag I am satisfied with its performance in my system.
Great,trying to get hold of 1 at the mo but no sellers
Managed to get hold of a 1m pc, probably the best powercord I have used. A keeper


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