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The critically acclaimed Kaiser 10, now available as a handcrafted IEM in Noble’s signature...

Noble Audio Kaiser 10 (Universal)

  • The critically acclaimed Kaiser 10, now available as a handcrafted IEM in Noble’s signature universal form factor.

    Updated in October 2015

Recent Reviews

  1. Docterror
    Great beautiful sound
    Written by Docterror
    Published Jun 19, 2016
    Pros - Beautiful coherent sound
    Cons - Long processing time, Custom does not fit all ear types.
    Nothing much to add that has not been said about this wonderful IEM. Just wanted to add a few lines.
    1) Great sound. Wonderful mids, best mids I have had and very spacious. Works well with every genre and extremely coherent. 
    2) Great handiwork, very well finished product.
    3) Very easy to drive and sounds good even from poor sources.
    (Expensive like most ToTL CIEM)
    1) A bit heavy compared to other IEMs. 
    2) Long processing times. Ear impressions have to be send first to US and then send from there to China and I got informed more than a month later if the ears are compatible with customs or not.
    3) Not compatible with all ear types. I ended up with a K10UA as my ears could not handle the K10C or a 8C. Which is funny considering I have the 5way Ultimate and Zeus as Customs.
    1. Kerouac
      Hey, something must be wrong here...those are not 5 stars? :wink:
      But seriously: I know you like them very much and prefer(ed) them over some highly recommended totl ones, so my curiousity remains.
      I didn't know that they sounded that spacious (yet). Some indepth comparisons with your other totl models (and pics) would have been interesting imo...
      Kerouac, Jun 20, 2016
    2. Docterror
      Ya, I should have done some comparative notes while I had the 5way and the NT6-P. But they are all gone now. 
      Strictly reviewed as an IEM, it is a 5 star product. I rate it very highly and if Noble becomes skilled enough to fit a K10 CIEM to my ears, I will be back and re-rate the K10.
      They are definitely more spacious compared to the H8P, 5way. But not as spacious as the AR6, NT-6P etc.
      Docterror, Jun 20, 2016


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