NiceHCK EZAudio D4

General Information


1. Product Name: EZAUDIO D4 In Ear Earphone
2. Brand: EZAUDIO
3. Model: D4
4. Drive unit: 10mm titanizing diaphragm dynamic driver Unit
Type: In-ear
6. Impedance: 32Ω
7. Earphone sensitivity: 99dB
8. Frequency range: 20-20000Hz
9. Earphone plug: 3.5mm
10.Cable Length: 1.2m
11.Color: Purple, Gray
12.Earphone plug type: L Type
13.Whether with mic: Yes



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Pros: Price, greatly tuned V sound, detail retrieval, good low-end, excellent stage separation and sense of space, open and airy sound, good cable
Cons: Nothing so far.. maybe tips are not excellent for this kind of IEM
Hello everyone!
After speaking a bit with Jim NiceHCK i said i was a reviewer and he sent me a sample of the EZ Audio D4 with a huge discount.

pic generica overall.jpg

I'm really happy to review this product as this was greatly reviewed on the web and i would like to remind everone that you can buy this product from the NiceHCK shop at the link below:,searchweb201602_10_10065_10068_319_317_10696_10084_453_10083_454_10618_10304_10307_10820_10821_537_10302_536_10902_10843_10059_10884_10887_321_322_10103,searchweb201603_45,ppcSwitch_0&algo_pvid=d4714201-aacc-471d-807c-aeeb78d6b979&algo_expid=d4714201-aacc-471d-807c-aeeb78d6b979-0

This link is by no way connected with me, it's just the link of the product in the NiceHCK store on Aliexpress.
I would like to remember that my impressions, as i've already said in other situations, are subjective and that listening experience can vary depending on our ears, our ear canal's shapes, the tips we use, the source we use and so on.

Tests were made by:
- Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, with Neutron Music Player and Neutralizer
- AGPTEK m20 (Benjie S5)
- Presonus Audiobox iONE connected to my pc (without any kind of enhancement)
Drivers: 1 single 10mm titanium DD
Sensitivity: 99db
Impedance: 32ohm
Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
Cable Lenght: 1.2m
3.5mm Jack connection with L-type Plug
Cable has in-line mic
Colors avaiable: Purple and Silver

Product comes in a simple carton package in which we find a carry case for the headphones.
As soon as we open the carry case, we can see the headphones, 3 pairs of tips, one "keychain hook".

packaging.jpg carry case.jpg packaging 2.jpg

Cable is braided and feels very nice while touching it. Tangling will not be a nightmare as this cable is not prone to tangle.
A chin slider is present. Microphone is ok. The cable ends with a gold plated L-Plug 3.5mm jack.

cable.jpg cable plug.jpg

The headphones are made of metal and feature a minimalistic design that shouldn't trick you about the quality.
There are 2 vents: 1 near the nozzle (to prevent the driver flex) and 1 in the backside of the shell (which should give "air" to the DD).
Internally a good 10mm titanium dynamic driver is the one that has been chosen to make these little beasts rock.
The nozzle features the usual metal grill which prevents earwax to go into the nozzle.

Shell backside.jpg Nozzle.jpg

The simple and minimal design makes the fitting easy: there are no problems wearing these with the cable that goes down straight even because they are pretty lightweight.
Tips are subjective so comfort is even based on the tips you're gonna choose. Isolation is average.


I mostly listen to EDM and subgenres with preferences on Dubstep, Future Bass, Dark downtempo, Midtempo, Bass house, DnB, Hardstyle, Psy and so on.
I even listen to many vocal oriented tracks moreover if singed by female voices.
Low end is really important to me: i always search for V-shaped sound with clear mids and good soundstage.

Lows: surprising. Sub-bass has good extension and can produce a good rumble. Not at ZS7's level but this microdriver is really impressive.
Kicks are fast with good decay, i didn't expect good thing about this but i have to ask being forgiven. I think these sound way better than my old Memt x5 in this region.
Bass is not boomy and they sound full with good body, without being intrusive in the mid region.
KZ EDR1 has a better sub-bass extension while i find the bass to be better on these D4.
This isn't certainly a strong basshead IEM but can really be enjoyable by everyone with a deep, precise and well extended low end.

Mids: V signature is obvious here. Vocals sound a bit distant but keep their natural timbre.
Sometimes they sound a little bit on the cold side, maybe because of the lower mids sounding with less warmth than i expected. Products in this price range are usually very warm. That can be a good thing though, considering i feel they're more analitic than the EDR1 and ED9.

Highs: treble emphasis is concentrated on the upper treble with a high roll-off. Highs are not fatiguing but they keep a good level of detail. Lower treble is smoother than i expected without any kind of earcutting peak, no sibilance is detected apart from some tracks that are very prone to sibilance.
Soundstage is above average with good depth and width. Height is average. Imaging is really good and instrument separation is great if we consider the price of these, even listening tracks which feature multiple instrument layers.
These are the things that make this earphones astonishing for their price.
I didn't try them with an amp so i can't say if they improve or not.

NiceHCK is offering a very interesting product in the ultra budget segment that is well built, lightweight and aesthetically difficult to hate.
The EZ Audio D4 really have to be considered if you want a great product without breaking the bank, and you really get something that is worth 3x times the price you pay for these.
We're speaking about a pair of IEMs that cover really well the entire frequency spectrum without any problem that can easily give fun at a very low price.
If i didn't know the price of these and someone has told me to try them, i'm sure i would have said these were at least easily 30$ worth.
Thank you NiceHCK for the test sample!
Pros: Good imaging, fast agile sound, great instrument separation, neutral soundsignature, good details and texture, excellent price value.
Cons: Slightly dry sounding, not an ultra versatile soundsignature, lack of weight in mid and low bass.
Ezaudio D4 Review :



Ezaudio D4 is a new comer in budget family and already have good reception among music enthusiast. In a overcrowded chi-fi iem market are they worth a hype? Well, if you can AMP them properly I will say yes, if you can’t they will not be as impressive. Let’s see why.

Disclaimer : You will know it when I have discount or (extremely rarely) free product in exchange of review, so another time, I pay for this IEM because i’m not that much of a cheap ass, I mean, at 11/11 they cost me around 8$ so yeah, even if they aren’t as much as a bargain as let’s say the incredible NiceHCK EP10, I consider these a good buy. The point is : I choose the products I want to review, no compromise about this, no BS either.



With a light alluminium housing design take from Nuforce N700 iem, the D4 neither look fancy or cheap, but have an elegant low profil that hide a beautifull dynamic driver in it.

Cable isn’t bad as I like the nylon part wich I would have love it to be used for whole cable because the other ribbon part look cheaper and can create microphonic, wich is a serious drawback. L jack is a nice idea too.

P1120499.JPG P1120500.JPG

About design, as the housing is very light, its a comfortable IEM that we wear the classic way, you can try wearing it over ear too to avoid some microphonic but it isn’t thinked for that style.


Gear used :

Ibasso DX90

Xduoo X20

Xduoo X3

Both Xduoo being amped with Xduoo XD-05 for better result.

About amping : I rarely use amp for IEM and must admit that i’m surprise that I need to use one with a 32ohm iem that have 99db of sp. But i’ m certain it expand soundstage and clarify instrument separation, so once I conclude this its hard to go back. Ibasso DX90 at high gain do not really need amping tough.

SOUNDSIGNATURE is near neutral with hint of brightness in mids and extra push in upper treble. This is a mature audiophile sounding IEM for such a tiny price that can be an all arounder because even if not bassy it still have enough punch to give energy to beat driven track. For me, this a a well made bright sound that do not feel to agressive even if very fowards in its presentation.

isn't very big and is wider than deeper and can offer above average positioning of instrument, especially in this price range.

BASS do not go extra deep and lack in sub region but offer good mid bass punch and enough textured to feel realist. Still, it lack a little roundness and weight but offer a quite fast and tigh presentation. It do not bleed in mids section and using right tips is important to help the bass come alive.

MIDS are fowards and slightly bright, but do not create particularly invasive sibilance or displeasant texture. Vocal have good presence and texture and do not feel bloated or recessed, for example in Happy Rhodes song ‘’For we beleive’’ we can easily hear the back up vocal that stay in background while front vocal feel more immersive and wider, even if a little bright, it do not feel shouty and give a good musical presentation with the very clear classical guitar that accopany her. As well, for solo violon album of Hilary Hahn playing Bach sonata, it is a very enjoyable realist presentation with lot of space surrounding her solo playing, violin being well detailed and having great dynamic and tigh but impactfull decay, this is a very impressive full medium frequencies response treat.

HIGHS are quite present without being very sharp most of time, and perhaps being over shadowed by more present upper mids as we can hear the percussion but not in an extra clear way when instrumental is very crowded. It isn’t very sparkly highs, and layering being just average it do not help background percussions or details to feel alive. Still, it do not feel as having a treble roll off, because upper treble is quite clear and lively, wich mean you got plenty of microdetails for such a cheap iem.



VS SUPERLUX HD381 : These are IMO one of the best value IEM in sub20$ price range and shamefully underated, so its no surprise that the D4 sound inferior in every level, especially in soundstage and 3D feel and bass, wich is weightier and go deeper. HD381 feel more airier while D4 feel congested and too foward. Mids of D4 are more fowards but less airy, and overall signature more linear than the HD381, as well, D4 is more detailed but with a more grainy treble than HD381. Construction of D4 is way bettet than very cheap one of HD381.

VS KZ ED4 : Another time, it put to shame the little soundstage of D4 and offer more bass, but not in a very detailed way, more the sloppy type wich isnt a plus. ED4 is way warmer but offer better instrument placement that surround your head and feel more immersive, this is a big drawback of D4, it is too fowards as if music is in a hurry to present itself to you. Mids of ED4, even with bass bleed, feel wider, but they lack detail. High of D4 are more present and offer way more details.


Ezaudio D4 are sure not for everyone and its hard to suggest them easily because of a quite fowards treble that can be a drawback for some laid back music lover. Still, to have this level of details rendering as well as a near neutral soundsignature that have enough mid bass punch to give a dynamic presentation and that for 10 little dollars, I think its a great buy for iem collector leaning towards audiophile sound but less so for people searching for a bassy all arounder or suffering of treble sensitivity. Personally, I know I will not use these often, even if I admit I am impress by the maturity of its agile soundsignature.
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Pros: unbeatable for the price
good three-dimensionality
clear, detailed sound
Cons: a little more sub-bass would be nice
But actually there are no cons for this pricetag!
EZAUDIO was not yet known to me and so I was curious what to expect for the price of almost 10€.
I was more than surprised. The D4 is an in-ear with a dynamic 10mm driver and a classic design. What comes out of the small, inexpensive earphones is looking for in the price class of its equal. A clear purchase recommendation right from the start!

The D4 is made of metal and does not strive for a particularly innovative design. It is simple but ergonomic. The cables from the Y-split are a bit annoying because they look cheap. From the Y-split to the plug, they are still wrapped in fabric, but then you simply become hard rubber cables that knot easily.
The remote does what it's supposed to do and has good speech intelligibility.

Included in the package are different silicone tips and a carrying box, which is very valuable. Another positive aspect is the isolation of the outside world, especially with foam tips.

The D4 simply doesn't sound like an in-ear in the 10€ class, but easily keeps up with headphones up to 50€. This is really a pleasant surprise and an exemplary example of what Chi-Fi is capable of.

The bass is more prominent in the mid-range and brings across the demands of all genres well and precisely, without exaggerating. This has to be pointed out here, as the bass is boosted unbearably by the cheap in-ears and thus becomes spongy, as well as making the whole sound very dark.
Not so with the D4. Although the bass is a bit in the foreground, it doesn't cover the midrange or treble. If you want to achieve even more pressure and punch in the sub-bass range, simply push the silicon/foam tips a little more onto the nozzle to cover the air vents. With this mod even bassheads can have their joy.

In contrast to the higher ones, the lower mids are somewhat reduced, which makes lower voices sound slightly more distant and gives the whole thing a cooler timbre (changes slightly with the bass mod, which also works very well with the TIN AUDIO T2).
The mids are detailed and don't smear even on more demanding tracks. Guitars are crisp and the separation works best.

The treble has no peaks and can score with clarity and three-dimensionality. Sure, they don't play up to the very high regions, but far enough to offer a pleasant airiness and to display micro details well. They are also quite linear in frequency response.
This is rounded off by a nice wide stage, which doesn't have to hide in the depth, especially for the price. One should only know that they need a little more power due to the high resistance.

It's amazing how natural and balanced the D4 sound, compared to other in-ear to 10€.
The bass is not overemphasized, the mids don't drop too much despite the V-signature, seem natural and the treble can convince with its airiness.
From a musical point of view, this is a much more expensive in-ear.
Only the cable is a small drop of bitterness. It only helps to buy them until someone realizes that they are much too cheap for what they can do!

More reviews:
Not here
D4 are very detailed, way more than T2. Great for home listening, mixing, even sleeping. Need good amp to shine. Sound from my mobile is quite a harshy. Maybe if I carry the E12 (bass on) with me..... :)
Bass mod is ok. A lot of deep bass. There is also small changes in a treble, but not necessary in bad ways ... less forward treble and blacker background, what I can hear.


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