MrSpeakers Ether C Flow

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ETHER C Flow is MrSpeakers new flagship closed-backed headphone. ETHER C Flow uses TrueFlow technology to improve the performance of the critically acclaimed ETHER C headphone, delivering sumptuous planar magnetic bass and dynamics, with near-electrostatic resolution and an even more “open” and spacious soundstage than ETHER C.

Designed, built and tested in San Diego, CA, ETHER Flow offers a 2 year warranty for parts and labor.

ETHER C Flow includes a DUM (Distinctly Un-Magical) cable with termination of your choice and a backpack-friendly hard-shell carrying case.

NOTE: ETHER C Flow will sport a new carbon fiber pattern. Photos will be posted by July 24. While ETHER C has diagonal lines in the carbon weave, ETHER C Flow will have a checkerboard patter so the headphones may be easily distinguished.

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Pros: Fuller, more powerful overall sound. New drivers add a weight to bass and sub bass that was missing. Treble is refined and exciting. Great Balance.
Cons: When compared to Stax 007 I do feel the Ethers are a bit "Thick" sounding. The electrostats IMHO convey the quickness and accuracy missing in Planars.
These Ethers were the original Ether C's. Diagonal weave on the fiberglass cups. They were sent back to Mr. Speakers for the upgrade. They came back sounding like a new headphone. There was immediately a deeper, richer Bass and sub Bass that was missing before. A much fuller overall sound throughout the spectrum. The overall balance sounds great to my ears, the treble even more scintillating, than before. I listen to more Jazz and Classical than Rock and EDM style, so my tastes go to a more balanced sound and accurate reproduction. I use minimal EQ with most recordings. At the home set up they are paired w/ the Cavalli Liquid Carbon through a Mojo Audio DAC. But, what I find, is I actually love to listen to these portably. I live in a rural area, where it's relatively quiet, and I love listening to these through the Oppo H2 amp/DAC and played through the iBasso DX50. The DX50 is bit perfect, so with HiRes files, and the Oppo's HiGain, It's amazing all that you can hear out of doors! It's a great pairing and a wonderful treat to be able to be mobile and still hear music like you would late at night, on your home system. That's one of the nice things about the closed cups. Wind, external noise is minimized so you get more music and less outside interference. Very happy with this upgrade. I can highly recommend it to those Ether and Ether C owners who might still be on the upgrade fence.
For those who prefer EDM, rap, these will rock your world w/o sounding distorted, bloated or Bass thin. I believe you'll hear "through" alot of the din and into the lyrics with these cans. Certainly worth a demo. Remember the C's do travel, maybe w/ a hoodie over in populated areas.

The Ether C flow is a mix bags for many i notice. And im trying to figure this out as headphone investigator. And i think i came to the conclusion. Also wanted to note is that Tyll is right about Ether C Flow as an educational understanding of a headphone to analyse about the flaws of closed back!!!!. So hopefully i will write this as an educational post. Ether C Flow headphone open my eyes to the short comings of close backs and the need to seriously master how to properly make a perfect closed back. Only the legendary Sony MDR R10 master how to make a perfect closed back!!. But the MDR-R10 is not perfect because it was the best MUSICAL HEADPHONE. Some people do not want a musical headphone and thats where the MDR R10 loses only.... 
(( 54321 .. the bashing incoming i fear.. ))      :)
Ether C Flow has a mysterious distortion! A 'U' shape / 'V' Shape coloration that is bizarre i notice. It feels like a Punchy and Neutral and Bright headphone. But theres a strange warmness and upper midness happens out of nowhere i notice, that gets shadow by the brightness to cover the V/U shape. It is bright. not as bright as the HD800 but a spike dose happen here and there. This must be due to the mysterious distortion. Almost everything you said is kind of the opposite of what i am writing. It has a distortion problem, it is bloated. BUT because its punchy and clear and neutral and a little bright here and there it overshadows those other areas i mention but its still there. It seems we are still 5 to 10 to 20 years away from making a HD800 or Utopia closed back headphone!!!!
8.9/10 Ether C Flow 
Price $1299.99 The max - 1799.99 is a rip off!
Is the Ether C Flow best closed back for this price range sadly yes
Adnen Ayed
Adnen Ayed
I can only speak for my R10. 27 years enjoying them. And re-discover them every time I take them from the case.
Best purchase ever!
My Ether C flow has no distortion. I first got a demo ether c flow. It sounded quite different from the one I purchased The first one did certainly appear to have a treble emphasis whereas the one I got do feel more balanced and not quite as hollow in the mid range as the demo would. Superb allrounder that come across as quite neutral to my ears with stellar sub bass performance. But bass is certainly not bloated it can just rise up from nowhere when called upon. Have not found any music it doesn´t portray accurately. It´s not to booring or analytical but as an allrounder it allows you to do both fun and analytical listening.

Only con vs the Magni is that it´s not as dynamic and not quite as engaging for rock but it´s much more dynamic then my previous magneplanar experiences and quite close to the magnis dynamics. With dynamics here I mean the difference between pianissimo and fortissimo.


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