General Information

Kinera Imperial Verdandi
$ 1199


2 Knowles BA + 2 Sonion EST + 1 DD + 1 Bone Conduction Driver
Impedance: 14 ohm
Sensitivity: 105 dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz-50kHz


Flash Acoustics Monocrystalline Copper + High Purity 4N Silver Cable
Plug with 3.5mm and 4.4mm
AZLA SednaEarfit Crystal Eartips
Final Type E Eartips
Kinera K-07 Balanced Eartips
Foam Eartips


Latest reviews


New Head-Fier
Blue Sky with Sparks of Glitter Gold
Pros: - Comprehensive accessories
- The most beautiful IEM and Cable (IMO)
- Soundstage is very wide. One of the widest soundstage I've tried.
- Top-notch Bass texture, quantity, and quality.
- Musical Mid and Treble
- Suitable for all-around use
Cons: - Carrying case is of the wrong size (IMO)
- One of the biggest and longest nozzles I've tried
- One of the biggest IEM shells
- No other issues, it's just great!!
Impulsive buying seems to describe my purchase of this IEM perfectly. How so? While spending a week in the hospital, instead of focusing on rest, I couldn't help but notice how stunning this IEM looked. Without much thought, I impulsively checked out for $1199, haha.
Turns out, my impulsive buying decision turned out to be the best purchase I made in Q1 2024.
Let's dive into it. Here is the Kinera Verdandi.
It seems that in Indonesia, there hasn't been much talk about this IEM, probably because the brand isn't as "loud" as others when it comes to marketing, and the price isn't exactly cheap. Hopefully, someone will introduce this excellent IEM into the market soon.



All impressions and reviews provided here are subjective and follow the belief that "I'll only deceive my own wallet; my reviews are always honest." Agree? Great. Disagree? That's fine too. I review because I want to and enjoy doing so, not because I need to, haha.
  • But if you think this review is biased because I'm just using it, oh no, that's not the case. I'm a true audiophile hobbyist who will always be honest without bias. Don't believe me? Read on, and let's dissect the pros and cons.
  • But you might think this is just because it's new and I'm in the "honeymoon" phase? In this hobby, which is truly "dark and full of venom," things will always remain the same until the end of time. Human desires are endless, haha.
But let's cut to the chase, shall we? You're right.
IMPORTANT!! I highly recommend auditioning them yourself. Who knows, maybe it's my ears that need a visit to the ENT specialist, or maybe you do, haha.


- Anyone looking for a good IEM with a Bone Conductor driver.
- Those searching for an IEM with the widest soundstage.
- Anyone looking for an IEM with good Bass, musical Mids, and Treble with excellent extension but not piercing.
- Those who just want to read a review.


- Crisp treble, if slightly spicy.
- Good quality and quantity of bass, but not for bassheads.
- Exceptional technicality, imaging, and clarity.
- Wide soundstage.


- YouTube Music
- Tidal
- Hiby M300
- Fiio Q15
- Lenovo Office Laptop (Which series?)
- Kinera Verdandi


Kinera's high-end series boxes always seem to be hexagonal with cool midnight-like images. Opening it gives off an aura of "damn, my wallet is dry." Besides being presented with a gorgeous IEM right away, the accessories are quite generous:
  • The IEM itself
  • Carrying case (I'm annoyed by this case. The material is good but it's quite narrow. I prefer a hard case that's sturdy enough to hold and carry an IEM of this price range)
  • Cable (the most beautiful cable I've ever seen!! (IMO) Teal blue with gold specks throughout the cable)
  • Modular jacks 3.5mm and 4.4mm
  • A variety of eartips (all kinds of eartips are available. Azla Crystal? Check. Final Type E? Check. Kinera eartips? Check. Foam eartips? Check)
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual
A quite luxurious unboxing experience.


I'll warn you from the start, if you have small ears, it's better not to buy it as it'll be very difficult to fit. Why? The nozzles on this IEM are not only HUGE but also VERY LONG. Besides, the shell is large too. Fortunately, my earholes are large and the canals are long, so it's extremely comfortable for me to wear for long periods.
Oh, because of this unique nozzle design, putting on the eartips is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT!!, especially with Azla's hard eartips. So, I switched to using Spinfit W1 Premium. It seals well, perfect.

Rich, that's the word that best describes the bass on the Verdandi. Of all the IEMs I've tried, this one gives off the most WOW factor because of its Sub-bass. The bass is deep but not excessive, but what really shines is its sub-bass, which isn't just rumble but majestic and royal rumble.
Thanks to this sub-bass, the holographic 3D imaging impression and the even wider soundstage are created. Top quality and quantity of bass. For those who have never experienced a good Bone Conductor (BC) Driver, you must try this.
Note: Don't compare it to Plutus Beast's BC, it's heaven and hell.

For this price range, the mids produced are perfectly in line with its price. Musical and smooth vocals. The elevation in the upper mids makes the vocals lively without any hint of sibilance. Male or female vocals sound great, no matter what. The vocal presentation is spot on.
As a treble head, I was hoping Verdandi would have sparkling-shimmering-splendid treble like Symphonium Crimson, but it doesn't. The elevation from the upper mids to the treble falls into the polite category, not piercing. The treble is tuned to be laid back with perfect extension and doesn't lack power.
I thought the bass would overshadow the treble, but it didn't. The Bone Conductor bass creates a spacious and airy soundstage, allowing the treble to perform well.

**Clarity, Soundstage, Imaging:**
  • Clarity: Clear, no sibilance, not muddy. Crystal clear from bass to treble.
  • Soundstage: The widest soundstage I've ever experienced in an IEM (by far)
  • Imaging: 3D holographic, making the sound feel like it's rotating perfectly in the head. Instruments are separated well with power that doesn't overlap.
- 2 Knowles BA + 2 Sonion EST + 1 DD 6mm + 1 Bone Conduction Driver
- Impedance: 14 ohms
- Sensitivity: 105 dB
- Frequency Response: 20Hz-50kHz
- Flash Acoustics Monocrystalline Copper + High Purity 4N Silver Cable
- Nozzle size is 6.5mm
- Quite lightweight and easy to drive IEM.



  • The resulting soundstage is as wide as the blue sky with sprinkles of gold from the texture, quality, and quantity of the bass.
  • Unfortunately, beauty is pain (for some people) due to its large size.
  • I'm not going to scoring Verdandi as B- unless someone pay me big money, conflict of interest or maybe they need to see an ENT specialist.
That's all.
Trust your own ears.


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Headphoneus Supremus
The Beautiful Kinera Verdandi
Pros: Beautiful design
Tight and tactile low end
Energetic and clear midrange
Extended but relaxed treble
Holographic 3D soundstage
Top notch accessories
Ergonomic design
Cons: Large shell and nozzle
Stock cable a little bright
Price on the higher side
Brighter upper midrange
Not the best technicalities
DSCF4517 (Large).jpg

The Beautiful Kinera Verdandi


The Kinera Verdandi was bought with a discount in return for a review, I am free to say whatever I want.

All impressions are my own subjective thoughts after having used them for a good time. These are my thoughts at this moment, and as time moves I might change my opinion.
This is also a very subjective hobby where everything from experience, anatomy or age will affect what we hear. Also keep in mind that it is easy to use bold words when talking about differences, while it may be perceived as a small change for you.
While I can perceive something as natural sounding, I do believe we can never get a perfect performance similar to what is achieved live.

Ranking System:
1 Very bad or unlistenable
2 Listenable but not good
3 Average
4 Very good
5 Exceptional or having a special sauce

My rating system highly values what is musical, so my rating will always be a subjective opinion.


About me and my gear used for the review

My audio preference is neutral with increased low end, mids can be forward if not shouty. I can also handle forward treble if it is not excessive. I am a believer in having different tuned IEMs for different genres or moods instead of chasing the single perfect one.
Main music genres I listen to are metal, electronica, jazz, indie rock/metal, r&b, and pop. I am a music lover, and can also listen to almost all the genres out there. I have been into music gear since the mid 90s, gifted some big speakers at an early age. Then moved more and more into headphones with the Koss Porta Pro and a Sony Discman.
I have also tried playing many instruments over the years from piano to sax and have a feel for what's a natural tone, but not the biggest patience in learning to play. My wife has also played many instruments from string to wind instruments.

My current standard in Headphones is ZMF Verite Open and Beyerdynamic T1 G2.

My current favorites in IEMs are AüR Audio Ascension and Campfire Audio Bonneville.
The AüR Audio Ascension is a tribrid with 1DD 5BA and 2EST, that is tuned to be warm and natural. The Bonneville is hybrid with 1DD and 3BA, tuned to be a colorful and fun IEM with heavy note weight.
Gear used in the main rig is Topping E70 DAC together with the Topping A90 Discrete headphone Amp. I also have a Schiit Lokuis I can swap in if I want to do a little analogue EQ.
I have a few DAPs and dongles to change up the sound, my favorite being HIBY R8 II.
I have a good range of cables from Clan Audio, Penon, NiceHCK, XINHS, DUNU, Effect Audio and Gladiator Cables.


Who is Kinera

Copied from the About Us Page on:

The story began in 2011, YuTai Electronic Acoustics was officially established in Dongguan, China. A year ago, we developed the world’s first high resistance 5mm micro dynamic speaker for military hearing aids. In 2013, we began mass manufacturing balanced armature drivers and became an internationally and locally renowned supplier of drivers. In 2014 till 2015, Yutai Electronic Acoustics has developed a number of patents for various driver technologies such as bone conduction. In 2016 released the first hybrid driver IEM BD005 by the “ Kinera “ brand, which became the most competitive entry- level hybrid driver IEM after launch. In 2017, released the second hybrid driver IEM H3, which is based on the sound of the BD005 proofing further refined, with a more outstanding sound and sense of hearing. At the same time, BD005 was awarded the runner-up in the headphone market of the year by Japan’s leading headphone retailer E-earphone. In 2018, Kinera released a series of product with a symbolic meaning: SEED, IDUN and ODIN were born one after another, and at the end of the year, we launched the IDUN special limited edition 500 sets during the Christmas season, which were sold out within a month before they were launched. In 2019, Kinera released its latest single dynamic driver in-ear monitor, the Kinera Sif. Afterward, later the first EST IEM, the Kinera Nanna was released.

Over the past few years the main focus was on the overseas market, only in recent years we formally put resources in our domestic market including HK & China, YuTai has been focusing on developing Hybrid BA & Dynamic Earphones. Over the past few years released Odin, Idun, Seed, BD005, Idun Deluxe and single dynamic driver SIF. In 2018 our 4mm micro dynamic research success and planned to apply in the future on the brand’s earphone business, this year with more partners to launch a cooperation plan, is committed to bringing our customers cost-effective and diversified products.

We have a specialized R&D and design team, from new product development, material selection, parts production, the final product assembly, all are responsible for strict control, product quality is guaranteed to meet the requirements of direct OEM clients, and enjoy a good reputation in the industry. In the past few years, we have assisted our clients of different scales to successfully push out the earphones they requested and received market approvals.

Our company has the development ability of the core technology of dynamic drivers. Now we have achieved dynamic driver self-sufficient, and in the new dynamic driver structure, diaphragm design, new materials and customisation has the core competitive ability for the earphone sound quality escort.


So what is the Verdandi

Kinera Imperial Verdandi is an Quadbrid IEM costing $1199, using 2 Knowles BA + 2 Sonion EST + 1 DD + 1 Bone Conduction Driver. The most interesting and special about the configuration is the inclusion of a bone conductor for the low frequencies. The name Verdandi comes from some old lore about the Norn Gods, this is the god of present and suits the more clear and present sound of the Verdandi.

The version I have here is the Cosmos editions and has elements of black and blue with gold parts, there is also a lot of detail goin with both the faceplate and the shell. Real piece of IEM art, perhaps the most beautiful one I have seen. The IEM itself is hand painted and all the Verdandi pairs should be slightly different due to this, unless my inside info is wrong here. There is also a light blue edition that is also beautiful and elegant.


The comfort is surprisingly good for such a large IEM, the nozzle has good length and is positioned excellently for me. Easy to get a deep and good seal, that is also needed for the bone conduction to work its best. I do have to use one size smaller tip than usual, this should be a consideration if you're already one who uses small tips as standard.


The packaging is premium and suits the price of Verdandi, the same can be said for the excellent amount of accessories. You get a high quality modular cable, many premium tips etc.





Impedance: 14 ohm
Sensitivity: 105 dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz-50kHz
Flash Acoustics Monocrystalline Copper + High Purity 4N Silver Cable
Plug with 3.5mm and 4.4mm
AZLA SednaEarfit Crystal Eartips
Final Type E Eartips
Kinera K-07 Balanced Eartips
Foam Eartips
AZLA SednaEarfit Crystal Eartips
Final Type E Eartips
Kinera K-07 Balanced Eartips
Foam Eartips
Weight Of Earbuds

The weight of the earbud is only 7.0± g, comfortable for wearing for a long time.
Nozzle size

Nozzle size is 6.5mm, select different eartips to hear more possible sound.
Package Contents

One pair of Kinera Imperial Verdandi In-ear monitors.
One Flash Acoustics Monocrystalline Copper + High Purity 4N Silver Cable.
Plug with 3.5mm and 4.4mm.
Final Type E Eartips x 5 sets (SS/S/M/L/LL)
AZLA SednaEarfit Crystal Eartips x 3 sets (SS/MS/ML)
Kinera K-07 Balanced Eartips x 3 sets (S/M/L)
Foam Tips x 1 sets (L)
Storage Bag.
Cleaning Brush.
Dusting Cloth.
User Manual.




First off, what is Timbre?
From the Wikipedia:
The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) Acoustical Terminology definition 12.09 of timbre describes it as "that attribute of auditory sensation which enables a listener to judge that two nonidentical sounds, similarly presented and having the same loudness and pitch, are dissimilar", adding, "Timbre depends primarily upon the frequency spectrum, although it also depends upon the sound pressure and the temporal characteristics of the sound"

First minutes of trying a new set of gear, what I always listen to is how natural and musical it sounds. Much of this goes down to how I perceive the Timbre.

The sound is very clear and energetic, with a W shaped sound signature.
Has some nice warmth paired with a lot of clarity in the midrange, and a gentle but nicely extended treble. Can sound more bright than warm due to the tonality, but in return being very transparent sounding.

Going to use the ranges here in review:



Details and soundstage

The Verdandi is quite technical and has a good amount of clarity, some of it due to tuning but also since the drivers seem to be good in themself also.
Soundstage is very dynamic and 3D, and has very good separation and imaging capability. While not being that large it's very spherical and surrounds you more in the sound, very captivating and fun. Live recordings sound spectacular and awesome due to this soundstage.


The bass of the Verdandi is fast and detailed, and has a tactile feel that is due to the bone conductor. It is a very fun and a good experience, it's also not overdone. Tasteful amount of boost to the bass from the BC, that more often appears when you play music loud or on bassy music.
The bass is quite fast and reaches low without any drop off, and even with its small 6mm driver can sound good while maybe not as visceral. Has also quite a good mid bass slam, but lacks a little body.
I do believe the bass would have felt more solid overall if a larger driver was used.


The low midrange is clear and nuanced without being thick or muddy, the upper midrange is much more forward and energetic. This means that most vocals are very clear and at times can be a little focused in on with a brighter presence. This also goes for instruments that are already more bright, they have plenty of energy with Verdandi. While I personally find it a little to lean in the low mids for some music like heavy metal or soul, but that is back to my preference for thicker low mids.


The treble is detailed and crisp, and also a little soft. Makes it a pleasant experience where it's not too bright or tiresome, might lack some energy for folks who are used to a brighter and elevated treble range. Cymbals as example have good amount of clarity and sound realistic, but this without being sharp and tiresome.

I find that it might lack a little air, and this is also maybe why some call the Verdandi relaxed sounding.



A small part about what gear I have been enjoying the most with the Verdandi, starting with cables. The stock cable is good to get you going, and sounds decent. Some said to me it's bright, and it might be true to a small degree.
I have paired it with a Clan Audio Graphene SPC cable, as it's a more warm and not as bright cable.


Tips have been interesting, the stock tips are good as you get Type-E tips that work excellent for me to get a deep seal. This is needed for a fuller sound and to get the BC working, the Kbear 07 also works. The Xelastec tips in the accessories didn't work for me, due the stiffness of the material. Another very good tips has been the Eletech Baroque tips, they are better than the Final E tips as they sound more spacious with a similar amount of fullness of sound.

Hiby FC6 is an excellent dongle for the Verdandi, it has a good way of making it less bright and more fun and organic. And an even smoother and more forgiving sound with the Colorfly CDA M1P dongle.
HIBY R8 II DAP is also excellent, especially with the Dynamic plugin to boost the bass. It's not needed with it, but it can make it more suitable for my taste this way.



When evaluating the sets I use each of them over longer periods and also some shorter sessions swapping back and forth, it takes a long time and is not done in one sitting. The most critical comparison is done on my desktop setup that is highly resolving, with volume matching through a microphone to take away loudness variance.

The spider chart is slightly exaggerated on some points to show differences.



Hisenior Mega5EST

A really good tribrid with 1 DD 2 BA and 2 EST, tuned warm neutral with decent technicalities looking at price range and spec.

Soundstage is slightly above average with a good amount of separation and imaging capabilities, projection is more traditional instead of the more holographic Verdandi but in return is larger than Verdandi.

Bass is more elastic and organic, with slightly slower decay. It also sounds more sub bass focused than Verdandi, while the Verdandi perhaps has more tactility in the mid bass.

Low mids are more thick and vibrant than Verdandi, so both vocals and instruments have more soul to them. While the upper midrange is slightly relaxed and less bright than the Verdandi, it makes more music palatable without fatigue.

Treble is more elevated and better extended than Verdandi, and due to this also sounds more airy and open in the treble.


AüR Audio Aure

An older hybrid 1DD 6BA that is now discounted, I have it with me in the review as Verdandi and Aure measure almost the same. Biggest change is that Aure doesn't have a crossover for the DD, this means it works full range and gives you a mix of DD and BA for mids and treble.

The resolution is a step below the Verdandi, and that goes for all the spectrum. Soundstage is very similar in how holographic and 3D it is, just that it's even more intimate.

Bass is much softer and has a longer decay than the Verdandi, but it sounds thicker. Just lacks a little of the kick that Verdandi has on the mid bass due to the fast driver and the BC.

Star of the Aure is the midrange, being very detailed on vocals while having both nice body to them and clarity. Very similar to Verdandi overall in the midrange, except also being more full bodied.

Treble is less refined than Verdandi, but has a similar amount of treble and air. It's just that it lacks something that I think is due to the EST drivers of Verdandi, due to this it sounds more blunted and the least shimmery.

Quite old review, and maybe a little outdated:ür-audio-aure.26139/review/30836/



When comparing Kinera Verdandi to other sets I have used the tracks listed here and more.
The link is to a playlist consisting of some tracks I have saved for testing, it's still a work in progress.

I will also do it a little differently than what I usually do, I'll mention a small part under each track with how each IEM sounds like compared to the Verdandi. I will provide a link to each track for you to test out, my own listening being with my FLAC files or Tidal streaming.


The Hanging Stars Golden Shore

Would have liked some extra warmth personally, but the balance is really good and might be more to some preference here. Very resolving, except for maybe a little in the bass being less dynamic. Very holographic staging, just a Little on the intimate side.

Has the best tonality for me on this, natural amount of fullness and not too bright. Sounds more engaging and fun, the set I want to lay down with and listen to on repeat. Also sound the largest and most spacious on the stage.

Most intimate sounding, everything sounds closer and more in my head but with exceptionally good 3D imaging. His voice is the least detailed, same for the instruments.


Norah Jones - Don’t Know Why

This pushes her voice more forward, has plenty of resolving nature to show every nuance in her vocal. Verdandi has more breathiness and a shimmery voice presentation, but also means that the more intense parts are quite intense.
The instruments are already a little in the back, but are perhaps even more pushed back here due to the upper mids pushing the vocal forth.

Sounds the most balanced and relaxed here, lacking some bite to her vocals that both Verdandi and Aure have. I prefer less presence so this is more pleasing for me, while people who like their female vocals forward and nuanced would not like this as much. She also without sounding more forward has thicker sound to her darker parts, and same can be said for the instruments in the back.

Very similar to Verdandi overall, and has actually even more bite to her sharper moments. But also have a thicker and less open timbre than Verdandi. She also sounds even more close and intimate, very emotional as he sings to your face.


Ben Howard - Small Things

Has a very resolving sound here, it sounds the most delicate and clean. Just sounds a little thinner than I prefer, the cymbals have less bite than the other two sets. Quite interesting it has the most punchy kick on the drums, even if Verdandi is the least bassy. An Exceptionally good 3D soundstage, sounds good in all directions.

Sound more full and has more body to his voice and drums, this also goes for the cymbals having more bite. But overall sound less technical and open sounding than Verdandi, but more fun and pleasing. Sound the most balanced of the 3.

Quite interesting as this is more like I'm listening to a hybrid of the other two, this sounds the fullest of them. His vocal is denser like Mega5est but as detailed as Verdandi, and same as Verdandi do not have as crisp cymbals. Drums are a little softer than the other two, but his vocals are the lushest.


Laslo - Dorkmeister

The deep bass elements make the bone conductor of Verdandi show its magic. The bass has this extra tactile vibrating feel and sound, and the amount of detail is quite good.

Sounds the most deep and sub bassy, with a very nuanced and awesome bass performance. Less tactile but even so sound fuller than Verdandi.

The most intense of the three with more of a wall of sound, and is the least open and clear sounding. Also the least amount of detail in the bass nuances.


Lianne La Havas - Paper Thin

Very nuanced and emotional presentation of her voice, and the drums for that sake. Sounds very crisp and open, super black image behind the instruments making it all sound dynamic and separated.

Lack some of the emotion and bite to her voice that the other two have, but in return sound more lush and thick. And is close to the same resolution as Verdandi, perhaps just a step behind and I think this is more due to tuning than the drivers themselves.

Emotional and resolving on her vocal similar to Verdandi, but sound thicker at the same time.
Little less open sounding, but it suits the music track more. Personally love the Aure for female vocals, as it has a mix of DD and BA for the midrange.


Intronaut - Cubensis

Due to the less warmth the Verdandi has the most clarity and open sound, can also help everything sound less busy. But at the same time it sounds overly thin and soulless for rock and metal music, and it's very clear here on both the instruments and the vocal.

I find Mega5EST neutral and slightly warm IEM, but compared to the Verdandi it sounds more like a rich sounding bass set. Especially noticeable on the music here, as it's much less aggressive and fatiguing. And can keep up with the technicalities and speed as good as Verdandi without being bright, perhaps with a little less separation.

A very intense listen, but due to the bass having a good enough amount of bass it doesn't sound overly bright. Still what I consider to energetic for metal like this, and it also sound the least open and clear of them.


Charlie Haden, Antonio Forcione - La Pasionaria

Double bass and guitar duo, since there are so few instruments it's easy to listen to the bass or guitar parts alone. The double bass sound detailed only lacked a little density, as in each note being a little too fast and light. The guitar on the other hand is resolving and nuanced, with high amount of clarity where you hear everything from the buzz to the fingers hitting the strings to dampen.

Sound fuller and more detailed on the bass, with a more natural amount of decay. Guitar also has more thickness and soul, but in return lacks some of the bite from the Verdandi. And even if Mega5EST has less bite it is as resolving as Verdandi, just a small step behind as it has less clarity and also less energetic sound for this.

Again very similar to being a hybrid of the other two, similar thickness and Mega5EST on the bass and guitar. But have the clarity on the guitar similar to Verdandi, sound perhaps the most full of all of them due to this mix. Just at times the bass can sound a little woolly compared to the others.


Sylvaine - Fortapt

Beautiful kind of atmospheric dark metal, her voice is angelic and nice on Verdandi. But when the intense parts happen it sounds too thin and energetic, and doesn't have enough fullness to the guitar drums or even the cymbal strikes.
If it was music with just the softer parts Verdandi would have been really good.

At once sound fuller and more to my liking, even if this sounds a little too neutral also for this music.
Little less resolving than Verdandi on her voice, but sound more technical on the drumming and guitars.

Very similar to Verdandi, is also maybe the most congested during the busy parts. They measure almost the same, and its quite clear here except for Verdandi being more open and resolving.


Adam Baldych, Leszek Mozdzer - Passacaglia

Resolving, the sound is really crisp and nuanced on both the grand piano and the violin.
Lack a little airiness to some of the piano overtones, but overall sound very pleasing and bright without being tiresome. The Violin also sounded very emotional and detailed on both the staccato and bowing.

The most spacious soundstage of them, with the most realistic stage. The most airy also and sound due to this the most natural, specially when paired with the dense and emotionally violin and grand piano parts.

The Aure can have a little more bite to the brighter parts of the piano, and also sound fuller on the violin bowing than the Verdandi. While also being a little less technical and open sounding, everything is closer in the soundstage and more intimate.



This is a very good and engaging set, it doesn't hit my exact preference in tuning. I can still love the sound but it depends on the music playing, this is because of the more energetic upper midrange.

When it is matching my music I get a holographic and emotional presentation, for me it's a master of brighter vocalists and instruments like piano that make good use of the upper midrange clarity.
I prefer it more with acoustic music where the delicate and energetic notes can shine, also due to how clean and separated the Verdandi is.

You also get a bone conductor for the low end that is implemented well without being overdone, this will also depend on how good fit you get. This gives bassy music like techno a visceral and enjoyable low end, very fun experience and adds an extra element into the music.

From a subjective sound preference the Verdandi is a 4 star, that is very good according to my ranking system. But if I add in the luxurious design, accessories and adding equalization it’s a solid 4.5 star release.
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Stunning write up, stunning images and stunningly detailed, brother. Nicely done!
This was a pleasure to read. thank you
Comprehensive review
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Previously known as sakt1moko
no*SOUND presents... a KINERA VERDANDI review
Pros: .
✔️ Extensive, immense, airy
✔️ High-flying bass, texture, definition and musicality
✔️ Sublime & relaxed treble
✔️ Incredible in harmonics and definition
Cons: .
❌ Overpriced
❌ Huge capsule & tubillon
Kinera Verdandi
🔈 SETUP. 2 Knowles BA + 2 Sonion EST + 1 DD 6mm + 1 Bone Conduction Driver
✨SEN & IMP. 105dB/mW | 14Ω
💰 PRICE. 1200€ at

Before getting into the price, it is very clear that this is KINERA's best launch in recent months. The build quality, the sound level, the accessories... everything makes headphones that cost much more money pale...

From the deepest bass to the furthest treble, everything has an extension and depth that allows me to compare it with my everyday headphone (the ANANDA NANO). A very long scene, which can only be attributed to the lack of height; a texture and details that rarely match musicality of this level. It reminds me at times of the MANGIRD TOP, but with a much more refined character, without being overloaded, simply being natural. I loved them... but not everything can be perfect.

First, the price; As I also criticized in the FiiO FX15, I do not understand the need to put it in the €1000 segment. Dont give me fancy cables, remove some eartips and sell it for €800, It would not have any competitor. It will become the first iEM that would compete with headphones in price and performance, something that to this day I believe has not been seen.
Second, the size of the capsule & tubillon. It can be problematic, and will not work for all ears. As I try more equipment, the comfort, weight and size of a headset has become a basic factor when it comes to recommending it, and the size of this VERDANDI prevent me from doing so calmly. I don't know why KINERA has not chosen to place the same nozzle as in the LOKI, but it would have solved this problem for sure.


In any case, having some problems, which once "paid" and with the headphones in your ears they magical disappear. Saying that this iem is the best thing I have put in my ears since 64AUDIO 12T already gives you an idea that we are facing a titan of sound. If you want to beat the game, this is without a doubt a candidate to take into account.

✔️ Extensive, immense, airy
✔️ High-flying bass, texture, definition and musicality
✔️ Sublime & relaxed treble

✔️ Incredible in harmonics and definition
🟡 Male voices sounds a little bit thiner
❌ Overpriced
❌ Huge capsule & tubillon


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Thank you!
if the MEST MKIII and Thieaudio Monarch MKIII were too big of a shell for my ears will these be a problem also? because i really want them
@benjifx19 the problem is not only the size of the shell. Also the tubillon is huge.

I dont try the MESTMK3, but the VERDANDI is bigger than the MONARCH.

Sorry for you, because this iem, is probably the best (not counting 12t)