Kinera Baldr

General Information

"The Flagship Kinera Baldr houses a powerful multi-driver hybrid setup consisting of four electrostatic drivers, one Kinera self-developed powerful 7mm micro-dynamic driver, and two Knowles balanced armature units. The pair provides a high-resolution sound output with rich detailing and crisp clarity. The pair provides the users with impactful deep bass, natural lifelike vocals, and a brilliantly detailed treble portion."



New Head-Fier
Has no one tried these yet? There is only a handful of articles/unboxings on the net. Hard to believe that not a single person bought a pair...
Trying to decide between these and the Voyager 14 as my next iem.
Zeos unboxed a pair last year, but hasn't reviewed them yet. Hard to buy them unheard without more feedback:confused:
Would be glad for any input from real users/owners. :smile_phones:


1000+ Head-Fier
I've been checking about once a week for more than a month for a review of these but likewise I can't buy them blind at this pricepoint eventhough I'm more than a little intrigued by them. Kinera, I'd ne happy to review them for you!