JVC HAS360B Lightweight Freestyle DJ Headphones (Black)

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JVC HAS360B Lightweight Freestyle DJ Headphones (Black)

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Pros: Bass is less muddy than on the Portapro but not as good as on the HAS650 or HAS600. Very efficient at 112 db/mw 32 ohms
Cons: Very light flimsy construction. No metal band in headband. Treble is deficient
After being so satisfied with the HAS160 I wanted to see if this would be a good improvement on it. It isn't. While the bass is a bit better than on the HAS160, the treble is much worse. The HAS650 has better bass and better sound overall, and much better build quality. The treble on the HAS160 is  better than the treble on the HAS650 though. I am glad I bought the HAS160, HAS600, and the HAS650, and regret buying the HAS360. Save your money and don't buy this one. Ironically I paid less for the HAS600 than for the HAS360. Even though I regret buying this, I still think it sounds a bit better than the Portapro, and has a similar warm sound signature. Buy the HAS650 if you want a warm sound with extra bass. Buy the HAS160 if you want better treble and want a more balanced sound. Avoid this.


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