Beautiful. Powerful. Authentic.View largerControl your iPhone or iPod with the Apple three-button...

JBL Synchros S200 Premium In-Ear Stereo Headphones

  • Beautiful. Powerful. Authentic.View largerControl your iPhone or iPod with the Apple three-button remoteView largerDie-cast Precision for the Inner EarWe meant it at JBL when we said we’d build a revolutionary line of in-ear headphones. For those who know authentic elegance when they see it, and hear it – meet our new Synchros S200 Headphone. Its die-cast precision and aluminum housing creates a headphone that is both lightweight and durable. Its angled ear canal and included ear tips ensure comfortable listening. For the fearless music-lover within us all, the S200 demands seeing - as much as hearing – to be believed. Score another instant JBL classic.Unrivaled Pro-Audio PurityIt’s no trade secret we’ve created the world’s most legendary loudspeakers. Artists from the Beatles to Maroon 5 have used JBL equipment to create some of their most historic recordings. So it should come as no surprise we’ve taken Pro-Audio sound to new highs – and depths – of power and portability in our Synchros Series. Introducing JBL Professional Audio Sound with PureBass performance. One listen to our S200 – and the phrase “clarity of sound” will have a new meaning.PureBass performance is much more than a tag-line, it’s a philosophy. Focusing on the full audio spectrum, not just the low end, the S200 delivers a balanced audio experience with amazing clarity, and deep powerful bass - enjoy dynamic sound with clear separation of notes, without the boomy, muddy sound found in other popular headphones.The Right Fit for the Perfect ListenWhen it comes to in-ear listening, comfort and performance are paramount. The S200 includes three sizes of angled ear tips (S, M, or L) to ensure your ears find their ideal fit. Also included, advanced Comply foam tips, provide a different type of in-ear fit, giving you premium sound isolation and an all-around superior audio performance.Freedom and VersatilityOn-the-go compatibility with your iPhone or iPod isn’t just a nicety these days in a headphone – it’s what you need. The JBL S200 is built with that principle in mind with its Apple 3-button mic/remote cable. It keeps your listening fun and flexible while giving you the freedom to adjust your track-list, control the volume of whatever’s playing, and switch functionality between hearing music and taking calls.With JBL's PureBass performance and Comply foam tips, the S200 headphones deliver unrivaled sound quality, comfortablyView largerAbout JBLEven if you've never owned a JBL product, you've almost certainly heard JBL sound. It rings out loud and clear from the massive JBL loudspeaker arrays that hang in stadiums, sports arenas and outdoor concert venues everywhere. It literally surrounds you in more than 50 percent of all movie theaters worldwide and is the sound in the world’s most preeminent night clubs. Chances are, many of your favorite songs and movie soundtracks were mixed and mastered on JBL studio monitors - they've been the choice of audio professionals for more than 60 years. With a heritage in audio excellence, JBL’s products are designed to enhance your everyday experiences. No matter where you are, be it at home or on-the-go, JBL builds products that fit your lifestyle.What’s in the Box1 pair of JBL S200 in-ear stereo headphones 1 set (S/M/L) silicone tips 1 set Comply foam tips 1 carry case


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