j-phonic K2

General Information

Developed and marketed by our independent sister company, Sensaphonics Japan, j-phonic K2 earphones are dual-driver, universal-fit earphones with a wide range of available options. These IEMs are available in two sound signatures, and with a wide range of options. The K2-s, for live stage monitoring, has the same flat response and reference-quality sound signature as our custom 2MAX and 2X-S models, also preferred by audiophiles who go for high resolution. The K2-mix series uses the same drivers, but is tweaked to deliver a rounder low end and milder high-end response, for listeners who listen to jazz/classical only. The j-phonic K2 is available in eight colors, with options for cable length, connector, and case.

- Dual-driver, single crossover balanced armature speaker system
- Neutral (sp version) or bass-intensive (mx version) sound signature
- Universal fit with included Comply® foam tips (choice of grey or black)
- Custom options: 8 earphone colors with choice of cable, connector and case
- Developed and manufactured by Sensaphonics Japan


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