The IE 80 features high-fidelity stereo sound and high noise attenuation with an enhanced...

Sennheiser IE80

  • The IE 80 features high-fidelity stereo sound and high noise attenuation with an enhanced design. Encased in a brushed-metal housing and rugged, interchangeable cable, it is built for maximum robustness and flexibility. The IE 80 also features a unique technology that enables sound-tuning of bass response. A world of premium audio awaits your discovery.

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  1. Mmurin
    IE80 - very good single dynamic driver IEM
    Written by Mmurin
    Published Jan 22, 2018
    Pros - - Very good sound quality
    - Easy to drive
    - Brilliant for classical music and jazz
    Cons - - Not an all rounder
    - Only average for metal and hard rock
    Dear fellow music lovers,
    the IE80 have been around a while and, despite several reviews and an almost infinite thread, still it is not easy to gather in a single place all the information concerning this beautiful IEM.
    Despite the earphone being probably at the end of its lifecycle, I will write this review anyway, hoping that somebody will provide a similar review for the new IE80S.

    After few month of listening, here come my impressions.

    - the fundamentals are here: several tips.
    - ear hooks
    - fluff: useless carry-case

    - OK. Detachable cable probably ensure a beyond average life expectancy (for me IEM average life expectancy is 2 years)

    - bundled cable is ok, angled connector
    - currently using it with 5 eur chinese cable with a 3 button Android and IOS compatible remote

    - no rough edges, pretty comfortable for me

    Fit over the ear
    - a bit tricky, as the overall sound is very sensitive to insertion depth and tips positioning
    - no cable microphonics
    - once in place does not pops out. Few adjustments every now and then may be necessary
    - ear hooks are not easy to use nor necessary

    Fit below ear
    - possible, but I don't recommend it as the bass becomes boomy
    - average cable microphonics

    Bang for buck
    - on rebate at 140 eur at amazon is a catch (but not worth the full retail price of ~300 eur)


    - bass via the screw
    - overall tone via the tips

    After several tests I decided which the basic configuration (i.e. bass screw to minimum, single flange silicon tips) is the one providing the bust sound quality. Therefore it is my choice for day to day listening and the descriptions below are based on this set-up.

    - Sound Signature
    V shaped, with powerfull bass and lively but not aggressive highs

    - Bass
    Extended, rolled off towards the sub bass and slightly bleeding in the mediums. They are slow (in the good sense, relaxed) accurate and powerful.

    - Mediums
    A bit recessed but perfectly tuned

    - Highs
    They provide decent detail and extension, but their tuning could be better (with the wrong recording they can become a little aggressive). Their biggest issue is that they are not linear, but they have a peak at 5kHz, one at 7kHz and one at 13kHz. The result is good detail and extension, but it is not balanced.

    Slow bass and a lot of echoes to open the soundstage result in a relaxed and slow IEM

    -Detail retrieval and instrument separation
    Good across the spectrum. More than enough for orchestral music

    - Polyvalence
    Very good for classical music and jazz. Very natural voice reproduction.
    Only average for hard rock and metal.
    Fair to good for other genres.

    The peaky highs and detail retrieval makes this a rather unforgiving IEM

    -Source requirements
    IE80 are very hiss forgiving
    They are very easy to drive, resulting in good sound on almost every source.
    That said, a better source can result in audibly better quality. But with any source they are already good.

    - adjustable bass
    - can be tuned via eartips

    - tuning via bass screw: this increases mostly the sub bass, with a lesser impact on the bass. The peaks in the highs are also somewhat tamed.
    Overall I don't like the result, as the mids seems to be more and more out of tune, as the bass in increased via the screw.

    - tuning via the tips: the IE80 progressively go from bass-heavy and V-shaped to neutral as the tips are changed in this sense : foam tips, single-flange silicon tips, double-flange silicon tips, weird triple flange silicon tips.
    I don't like the result for the same reason as before, i.e. the mids seems to be more and more out of tune as the tuning becomes more different from the out of the box one (bass screw to minimum, single flange silicon tips)

    - the well known tape mod :
    Similar results and same issues as above

    - conclusion: what these tuning have in common is bring some neutrality in the sound signature of the IE80, at the price of making a 200+ eur IEM sound like a 100 eur IEM. Not worth it in my opinion.

    Compared to the other IEMs I have tried:

    - Sennheiser CX275S : these one have a fun oriented signature: slightly v-shaped, voice oriented mids, not very extended but very fast bass, smooth and pleasant treble. These works best for fast-paced bad recorded music. For a 30 eur IEM they sound very good. Detail resolving and instrument separation is very bad; for this reason also is a very forgiving IEM. Anything which is well recorded will sound way better on IE80, except metal, which really does not like this IEM and which, on the contrary, sound very fun on this CX275

    - Sony MH1C: the mids are about as good as the IE80's; lows are faster and with stronger sub bass, but less detailed; highs are a real mess on these. If accuracy and instrument separation is not required at the extremes of the spectrum, these sound 80% as good as IE80's (still they have a smaller soundstage)

    - Beoplay H3 : radically different sound signature as these are almost flat. Lows are good, albeit a lot more recessed, highs are less extended (cut at 16kHz) but more linear; as a result these have less air but are less aggressive on some instruments, which may ultimately result more pleasant on the H3 (e.g. brass, acoustic guitars etc..). The mids of the H3 are definitely inferior: less resolving, somewhat out of tune, they make really a mess of a classic orchestra

    - Sony mdr 1a : these ones are at least as good everywhere, and better resolving in the mids-high and the highs. Also they are one of Sony's high impedance top headphones.
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    Sennheiser IE80 REVIEW & GIVEAWAY
    Written by SOULSIK
    Published Mar 20, 2017
    Pros - Incredible soundstage, Bass, and seperation
    Cons - Comfort & fitting can be an issue
    Hello, to start off this review I would like to tell you that I am giving away by Brand new IE80s FREE so if you would like to enter for it just simply like this post & comment and I will PM you. [​IMG]
    I Personally own one of these IEMs and I tested them for few months with my Fiio x1 & Oppo ha 2 SE. Here are the results
    lets start with the bad part about this IEM because there isn't much. Everything about this IEM is great but comfort can be an issue when using tips included with the IEMs. Alot of tips are included but they are all uncomfortable in my Opinion. My suggestion is to Use Comply foams or Spinfit. OR any other 3rd party tips you find comfortable
    its there but its much better isolating with the Foams tips than silicon tips for obvious reasons. With the foam tip I would give 9/10 for sound Isolation, if you find the RIGHT fit. 
    Now lets get into the good part and what most of you will read anyways. Sound is incredible. (period) Sound stage, separation, imaging... its all there 
    Exceptionally great because you can adjust it. You put these things full tilt and you head may blow up. So whether you are a bass head or not, you can adjust it to your liking. The bass is tight & punchy But lacks that sub feeling you would get from Shure 846. With all that being said, trust be when I say the bass in these will blow your mind away.
    Now Sennheiser is known for the great mids in many headphones and they do not disappoint in these IE80s. With that being said, they are not MIDDDDD ranged like HD650s. I feel like an idiot comparing these to full sized headphones but the mid range can be that good on certain songs. 
    These are not Bright IEMs in anyway, the high are there but in distant because of the large soundstage. They are not ear piecing but detailed. Sometimes, if you concentrate you hear things in this frequency region you've never head before. 
    They are built almost like a tank. They are made of aluminum shells with a dynamic driver inside. If I had the choice of taking a High end High priced IEM on a Hike or something, it would be these. 
    The cable... oh the cable.... they are sennheiser cables terminating in a 90 degree 3.5mm jack... and.... it doesn't tangle like CRAZY but not the can always get new 3rd part ones. 
    I will keep this review short as EVERYONE pretty much know or heard how great these are. Any question? [​IMG] 
    Visit our site for more extended review of the IE80 !
    Review provided by
    Video for reference
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    2. Ryan Ray
      Recently considering purchasing one of them and found this review & giveaway. Nice review, really wanna try how they sound and comapre with rha t20s. thx
      Ryan Ray, Apr 22, 2017
    3. Vincent Tee
      interesting, was wondering whether the housing would be too 'big'
      Vincent Tee, Apr 25, 2017
    4. Midnstorms
      nice review oi really agree on it!!!
      Midnstorms, Apr 22, 2018
  3. Nusu
    One of the best I had
    Written by Nusu
    Published Mar 4, 2017
    I can come back to them at any time! Just great sound for not bad price those days. Stage is nice, separation have quality deep bass that I love :)
  4. Mosauwer
    It should have been the starting of audiophile territory
    Written by Mosauwer
    Published Jan 14, 2017
    Pros - Mind blowing Sound, insane soundstage and imaging for an iem, deep Bass, Replaceable Cables, build quality, Looks. True audiophile entrance
    Cons - fit, Lack of accessories, tips
    I believe the true experience of an audiophile starts from IE80. It was my fortune that I got it as a gift even when i didn't know what a sound standard could be. I waited surfed a lot of iems (5 or more). I looked for dedicated player or dac to play though it. Finally I had time to write about it.

    Still though I am not brave or I didn't hear enough to say something about the 320$ earphone.
    Please keep in mind that sound and music is a personal taste. It varies from men to men. If anything goes wrong, I request give me a chance to make it correct[​IMG]
    After getting the TTPOD T1e and OSTRY I had an expectation to get a lot as it contains a huge price tag. Alas! there is only a sexy carrying case, 8 rubber and 2 foam pairs to be precise. Of those three pairs are double flange tips. The foam tips are softer comfy but I personally don't like foam. Preferences may vary though. With stock tips isolation was good. But with third party (jvc spiral dot) the isolation and comfort it gains <4.5/5> .
    The over the ear style is a trouble to wear them quickly but it’s professional. and one thing, perfect fit is an issue that won't allow you to get 100% outta them. so it is a must.


    The housing is on a bigger side of iem than the average IEM size. I somehow don't like over the ear iem for their hassle to put it in ears. But it provide a certain comfort to continue listening for hours.
    Build quality:

    The built quality of these IEMs is very good. though some cheaper iem may provide u with metal/titanium alloy housing instead with ie80 senn focused on their audio dept. but cable, its strain relief is good; really good. A brushed metallic pattern gives it a classy look.The cables themselves feel very strong and sturdy. The 3.5mm pin area is well fortified. And trust me the detachable cable option always help to get updated one or get a new one if it breaks.
    The place where the tips are attached , is covered by a metallic mesh, which is pretty much standard in all IEMs.
    A sexxy hard plastic case with a metallic finish. I think it will offer some protection against dust and water. An ear tip cleaning tool, which will be used to remove the dirt from the housing and ear tips and doubles as a driver screw for the bass knob on the housing.
    Sound: When the mystic signature appears
    When u insert them into your ear first thing that u will notice is soundstage. Its damn big as an iem. surprisingly u may look here and there to find that audio source. It shows a huge specious area inside Brain.
    This is an all rounder iem with a bass dial. so u think bass is crazy? yes at the highest pick bass will be bond cracking but full bodied. it never blot with a lot of amount rather its well controlled. in normal situation (medium bass position) u will feel sub bass surprisingly amiable.
    Mid portion is clean. Lady vocal sounds as good as they should sound. vocal is clearly articulated from its place. Not emphasized, not recessed. its mid kinda on bright side but damn I love its loving mid. There may some people who can find it a bit recessed. But for me its okey.
    Lets say about Treble which is amazing, with no sibilance even at the highest volume. This is an awesome thing, because you get to enjoy they cymbals and clangs better with absolute detailed sig. Here is one thing. people often think high treble is cleanliness but its not as it is.
    Its only 12 ohm with a lot of sensitivity. You can drive them even with a calculator. [​IMG] :p but with dap or dedicated amp the sound stage insanely increases which only can be achieved by a full sized open back can. Though its easy to drive, clarity is maintained even at the highest volumes.
    Instrument separation is well expected. And it ticks its price point expectation..

    With jvc spiral dots i will mark 4.9/5 for the isolation it provides. As i am in Dhaka the chaotic environment always here to stick with us. With 60% gain on my phone all ambient noise stopped.
    These earphone introduced me with the audiophile society, How fine sound could be and so on….
    Should i say anyone to buy it!
    I will say its a big investment. Hear first if possible because sound is subjective issue.
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  5. AnssiRai
    my IE80 vs HD598 experiences
    Written by AnssiRai
    Published Jul 29, 2016
    Pros - great sound quality, great detail and clarity
    Cons - hard to find the correct positioning in the ear
    This review is for someone looking for a good pair of in-ear headphones after using over-ear phones; that's the situation where I am coming from at least, as I have been using Sennheiser's HD598 for some years now.
    I can appreciate the professionalism and expertise that is apparent in the IE80, The sound quality is great and there is a lot of detail and clarity to be heard in the music.
    The bass is not too overwhelming at least when adjusting the bass dial to the lower end, and that's how I like it. The treble/high end is not too bright or tiresome. However, HD598 has a more elegant overall sound, it's somehow cleaner and with a wider soundstage. This is of course due to the difference in the basic nature of these two kinds of earphones. Using an over-ear phone like HD598, no part of the headphone touches the ear itself, the sound comes to the ear canal from a small distance. With in-ear phones, the situation is of course different. The earbuds touch the ear canals and produce the sound right there. For me, that reduces the comfort somewhat and makes the sound more "metallic" (in lack of a better term), and less "ethereal". This is of course a general issue with in-ear vs over-ear phones (for me), not a shortcoming of IE80 in particular. 
    What is a particular problem for me with IE80, however, that it is difficult to find the ideal positioning in the ear. I have found that if I wear them like supposed to (with the cord over the ear), they don't stay deep enough inside but come a bit out, and consequently a lot of the bass/lower end is lost. I have noticed that if I let the cords hang freely, and not behind the ears, they touch the ear canals in a way that the bass is heard ok, but at the same time the wearing comfort is diminished somewhat, and the cords, protruding from the ears, so to speak, might look a bit funny. 
    I purchased the IE80 to have a pair that I can walk/jog/exercise with, something that HD598 is very clumsy for. The above-mentioned issues, a lot of which have to do with in-ear phones in general. have anyway made me consider purchasing on-ear phones, and not in-ear ones, for exercise etc. This is a personal preference and doesn't have anything to do with any possible shortcomings of IE80 per se - like I said in the beginning, they are of great quality and have few, maybe no faults, but probably in-ear phones are just not for me. 
    1. RedJohn456
      The IE80 sounds great with wide bore tips, if you get a chance try the JVC spiral dots, they might just do the trick. Another one to try would be the sony hybrid silicone ones. good luck!
      RedJohn456, Jul 29, 2016
  6. Brian Hom
    Good first high-end IEMs for the budding audiophiles
    Written by Brian Hom
    Published Apr 26, 2016
    Pros - Strong bass, fairly represented vocals, wide soundstage for an IEM, replaceable cables and tips.
    Cons - Veiled on the Top end and can sound recessed depending on what headphones/IEMs you listen to beforehand.
    *Disclaimer - This is my first review on Head-Fi so please go easy on me.
    The Sennheiser IE80 is the first set of high-end audio gear above 300$. I bought them second hand from an online store. My impressions will be different than most as I was able to pick these up for around 110$. I have owned these IEMs for around 7 months. I used them for listening to FLACs on my computer and Spotify Premium on my Nexus 6, occasionally with a digizoid zo2.
    The IEMs feel pretty solid. The IE80s are built entirely out of plastic and feel like they can take a beating. The IE80s will scratch and scuff if handled poorly but the only thing that has suffered substantial damage was the cable. Speaking of the cable, it is horrendous. The cable is a very thing, very firm and feels poor. Luckily the cable is replaceable and many replacements can be found on amazon and eBay. The cable that I used to replace my cable is here.
    The tips that the IE80s came with are also sub par. Many of the silicon and foam tips that Sennheiser provided are either uncomfortable or just don't fit. I since swapped the eartips with comply foam tips linked here.

    Overall, the accessories are very bad; however, the overall build of the IE80s are pretty solid and many would be satisfied with the IEMs.
    I don't personally enjoy using IEMs for prolonged periods of time as they always end up irritating my ear canal. I definitely prefer Over Ear headphones but nothing beats the IEM for portability, My main purpose for these are my commutes to and from school and sometimes 1-2 hour breaks in my day. With the original accessories, my ears would start to hurt after 45 minutes but witht he new cable and ear tips I can go for around 3 hours without discomfort. These are the most comfortable IEMs I've used but in my opinion, they don't match the comfort of Over Ears.
    As said by literally every other reviewer on Head-Fi, Sound is the most important aspect of a headphone or IEM. This is all my personal opinion and my own impressions. To me the IE80s sound like classically Sennheiser. I listen to other IEMs and Headphones on a daily basis and these sound as if there is a blanket on my music. When listening to "You're Gonna Go Far Kid" by the Offspring, the band sounds as if there is a partition between you and the music. I haven't listened extensively to the HD600 or HD650 but from what I heard, it sounds similar to the Sennheiser veil where the highs are rolled off and recessed. Aside from this the sound is pretty nice.
    While the Highs lack sparkle and excitement, the rest of the signature is pretty nice. Coming from many consumer headphones and IEMs these are the most pleasant set of IEMs I have listened to. Bass is extended low and is very well represented. As a person born in 1995, I listen to a lot of music like Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Hardwell and many more. Tracks with a lot of bass sound freaking killer. I always find myself dancing to the music or nodding my head and tapping my foot. If you look for bass, these will not dissapoint.
    Mids in the IE80s are not super forward but they are not recessed either. The best way I can describe the Mids is that the Mids are like the awkward person at a party in the corner. They are there but the attention is never on them. Voices are pleasant and sound great coming from an IEM with a V sound signature. Anyone coming from the M50x or other V shaped headphones will find the voices to be full and pleasant. If you're a Mid head like Quinn Nelson, then look somewhere else. I'd like to reiterate that the mids are not supper recessed but they will not shine above the rest of the track.
    Soundstage on the IE80s is above average for IEMs. you can definitely hear like a 6 inch room around your head. When listening to orchestral tracks from Walt Ribeiro, I can tell where the instrumental sections are but I can't distinct the individual instruments. If you want a wide spacious environment, I have no idea what you are doing looking into IEMs in the first place but the IE80s have the widest soundstage in an IEM that I have heard.
    Overall the IE80s are a good pair of IEMs for the budding audiophile. The veiled highs and blanket over the sound make them very pleasant for someone who isn't accustomed to a flat signature. Switching between my LCD-X and IE80s, I can definitely hear the difference; however, the LCD-X cost close to 4x the amount. I am very pleased with the IE80s and I haven't had the desire to purchase a new high-end IEMs yet. Maybe in the future I may sell these to buy something like the Shure SE535 or the Earwerkz Supra. I will note don't buy these for full price. Amazon sells them for <300$. Thank you for reading my review and please be nice, it's my first review :)
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    1. Brookye
      Nice review :) Glad to read lots more reviews from you. 
      Brookye, Apr 6, 2017
  7. dovahkiin
    My first step in Audiophile territory
    Written by dovahkiin
    Published Apr 19, 2016
    Pros - Comfortable, INCREDIBLE sound, additional earbuds
    Cons - Ruined every pair of ear-buds I've owned uptil now. I'm never going back
    I just saved up money and purchased my first pair of Audiophile class anything. I've done my homework and on nothing but the regular laptop output using Foobar and listening to Santana's Samba pa Ti..... I'm Crying!
    I've never experienced this kind of....immersion in sounds before. I've been listening to this song all my life... but this is the first time I've felt the music. The only worthy pair of cans I own that can be used as a comparison are my DT770 pros (32 ohm), but this.... This is a whole new world.
    I've never been brought to tears over the overwhelming quality of music before. And this pair of IE80s did just that.
    Is THIS why you audiophiles spend so much money on good equipment? xD WOW
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    2. AManAnd88Keys
      Welcome to Head-Fi, sorry for your wallet.
      If this is how you react to a pair of Sennheiser IE80s... well, the higher-level audiophile gear will completely blow your mind :wink:
      AManAnd88Keys, Apr 20, 2016
    3. Gamergtx260
      Next stop, HD 800s :)
      Gamergtx260, Jun 15, 2016
    4. dovahkiin
      @drbluenewmexico @AManAnd88Keys and @Gamergtx260 You guys were right. Since then, my wallet has taken a beating on DT770 Pros, IE800s and recently a finishing blow with a Shure SE846 and a pure Silver cable from Nobunaga labs....
      ... It was worth it.
      dovahkiin, Jan 24, 2017
  8. Voyageur
    Joly good fun
    Written by Voyageur
    Published Feb 28, 2016
    Pros - Gorgeous rumbling bass; wide soundstage; natural laid-back sound; good detail; build quality; replaceable cable; comfort; fun tunable bass dial
    Cons - Slightly invasive bass; average isolation; not the best pace; connector would cause channel imbalance
    Design/durability: very good build quality as (almost) always on behalf of Sennheiser. The earpiece with its brushed metal faceplate is very good looking and has a sturdy 'unibody' feel to it. Finish is not plasticky and seems durable. The slightly thick cable feels good too, pretty stiff, doesn't tangle, microphonics are pretty low. The proprietary two-pin connector of the detachable cable feels very sturdy as opposed to most MMCX connectors used nowadays on the IEM market. And also, the bass dial is fairly unique and fun to play with. Update: the connector/pins are causing occasional channel imbalance. Not as reliable as I though it would be.
    Fit/comfort: the IE 80 is a 'semi' in-ear that doesn't sit deep in the ear canal. Comfort is thus pretty good and slightly better than other conventional in-ears. These Senns can be worn around the ear (which I do) or straight down by simply switching the left and right earpieces. Very handy. Stock tips aren't great in terms of comfort though, I'd recommend that you find some others (I'm using B&W silicon tips).
    Isolation: as expected, not a 100% in ear, thus definitely below average compared to competition. Maybe 16-20dB noise isolation with stock silicon tips, which is enough for daily commute, but nothing more. Westone, Shure, Etymotic designs all isolate way better, no surprise here. On par with my HD-25 with velour pads. I wouldn't use these on a plane. Isolation seekers, look elsewhere!
    Sound: the IE 80 is one of these few 'audiophile' IEM that can impress the casual listener almost instantly. They sound fun, lively, and wide
    The bass is the highlight of these earphones, they are big and beautiful. There is a very distinct hump in the mid bass, whether the bass knob is at its maximum or minimum. I usually set it on 1-2 which I think is appropriate for most genres. Bass impact is pretty good and punchy, however not as punchy as with armature designs, although the body of the bass is much better and natural sounding than on the latter. It is meaty and there's an impressive rumble. And the bass extends pretty low. I'd describe the IE 80's bass as a big piece of steak with tons of sauce: not very healthy but oh, so good from time to time.
    Mids are definitely not the IE 80's main asset. They're smooth and refined but a tad recessed compared to the rest of the spectrum, and I found them to be slightly veiled on some complex tracks where vocals play an important role (some Hans Zimmer sound track and Enya songs). Fine but not great.
    Highs can be sibilant at times depending on tips, but are overall very well extended and pretty smooth. There's no real sparkle, just a nice shimmer that is more than adequate on most tracks. The most demanding strings tracks were no difficulty for the IE 80.
    Now the soundstage of these is really good for an in-ear design. It extends a few feet outside of your head and has a very airy and organic feel to it. Instrument separation is fine. I found the wide soundstage particularly convenient for orchestral works, it really makes them stand out. Resolution is great, but as expected it can be slightly inferior to some of the competition's balanced armature designs. Still, the level of detail is pretty astonishing. And last but not least, the big advantage of the dynamic driver here is that it sounds less 'mechanical' and cold than its BA counterparts. The result is a more organic and musical presentation of music, which is definitely pleasant.
    Bottom line: I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth the IE 80 can sound. They're musical, warm and airy, comfortable, and perfect for casual listening. A good travel companion for my ER-4PT.
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  9. Technicality
    Very Satisfying
    Written by Technicality
    Published Jun 13, 2015
    Pros - Sound Quality, Build Quality, Accessories
    Cons - Stock Cable, Tunable Bass
    The Sennheiser IE80. I would like to start with stating that I am not an audiophile. However, for the past years I have had my fair share of headphones/earphones and I have been involved with the audio world for some time now. Also, this is my first real review so please take it easy if I'm not as descriptive or accurate as other members on Head-Fi. My primary source when listening to the IE80 is the combination of my MacBook Pro (320kbps to 2600kbps audio files) and my Fiio E10K Olympus 2 DAC/AMP. I will be covering topics such as accessories, build quality and the comfortability of these earphones. I will not go in depth about the sound quality because I have yet to feel experienced enough to share my opinions. Not just on these headphones specifically but audio in general, there are in fact actual audiophiles and professionals on this forum, go to them for sound quality, they know what they're talking about.

    Sennheiser includes a lot of accessories with the IE80 and I enjoy that. The IE80 come with not only silicon eartips but also Comply Foam and double/triple flanged eartips. Sennheiser also generously included a very nice carrying case, a cleaning tool and a good clothing clip. Here's a list of all the accessories.
    The silicon comes in sizes: S,M,L,XL. ​
    The Comply Foam comes in sizes: S,L.​
    The double/triple flanged comes in sizes: S,M,L.​
    1 carrying case with an included dry salt packet (i will get to that).​
    1 cleaning tool which also doubles as the tool required to tune the bass.​
    1 clothing clip​
    1 pair of cable sleeves​
    The carrying case as mentioned, is very nice. The top and bottom is crafted of aluminum and the rest is made of high quality plastic. The bottom has 4 rubber feet to stay off of the different surfaces you'll be resting it on. The case closes magnetically and on the inside, is a fitted molding to place the headphones in. The earphones are very well protected. Unfortunately, there is nothing to do with the wire besides wrapping it around a certain portion of the case, this causes memory in the wire for when you want to use them. The case also allows you to carry two different eartips and the cleaning tool with you. Onto the dry salt packet, there is a door latch on the back and inside is where you can place a dry salt packet. A dry salt packet will absorb any moisture within the case, in other words it controls the humidity. This will keep the headphones well protected if you are either storing them for longer periods of time or are in a humid environment.
    Build Quality:

    The build quality of the headphones is also quite good. The housing is made of a high quality plastic but they do house an aluminum insert, this insert faces outwards when in your ear. On the aluminum insert of both earbuds, is a laser etching of the Sennheiser logo, along with the bass dial. The cable as I had mentioned earlier, can have memory at times. When I first got the IE80, the cable memory was very bad, the earphones would often fall out of my ears because the cable would fall over the top of my ears. With some time and use, this went away but after storing them in the carrying case (or even winding them up), there is memory for about an hour. 

    I find these earphones very comfortable. Like most high end earphones or in-ear monitors, they feature the 'over and under' cable design. The way you wear these is to have the cable come from behind your ears, and essentially, inserting the earbud upside down. I highly recommend using the cable choke, as it helps keep the wire behind your ear and makes the experience much more comfortable. With the right eartips and the correct fit, these are EXTREMELY comfortable. I am able to wear these for hours if need be. I also wear these to the gym, they have a very solid fit and don't move around one bit. And I don't even use the included cable sleeves.
    My Recommendation:

    My opinion is that these are excellent earphones. If your a fan of the infamous Sennheiser signature sound then these are all for you. Now that I have broken mine in, they sound good on just my computer, my computer and my dac/amp and even just on my smartphone streaming Pandora One. They take some time to sound excellent but be patient -- it's worth it. As far as the full retail price, I have noticed they are random sales on Amazon for the IE80, I believe they have gotten all the way down to $260, thats a really really good price point for these so if you ever see that sale and are even just interested -- grab them, you can always return them lol.
    Since I had forgotten to mention (my apologies), the tunable bass port doesn't quite do justice for me. To my ears, it only gives the mid-bass a slight boost. It doesn't provide a drastic enough difference considering this earphone is advertised so much for having this feature. Also, isolation is quite good as well. You cannot hear much at moderate volumes so if your loud listener, you won't be able to hear a thing. I would have included this into the review but without a sound quality section, it wouldn't have made sense anywhere else.
    I hope my first written review has helped or informed some people, I'd love to receive some feedback from fellow Head-Fi'ers through the private messages. Thanks!
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  10. almoskosz
    My ear is probably not made to listen to in ears.
    Written by almoskosz
    Published May 15, 2015
    Pros - Nice bass, detailed sound, very good for rock, nice (removable!) cable, punchy bass and highs hitting at the same time
    Cons - The bass disappears when going very deep, doesn't stay in my ears with either of the ear cups > sound gets fatiguing and bass totally disappears
    So, I've had the chance to try the pair my uncle owns, both in noisy (busy streets of Vienna) and silent environment.
    You probably should take this with a grain of salt as I can only compare this to my good old HiFiMAN HE-400i, which is basically a totally different world. 
    Let's get to it, shall we. 
    Thoughts about the device overall: It looks pretty nice, has a good little bass controller, however i've found the bass good enough on the lowest setting too, the cable is very good in my opinion, it's very lightweight so it doesn't pull you down and it's thin! > easy to hide, However what i've found the most disturbing out of anything, and don't get me wrong, this is quite important!, it just slips out of my ears no matter how i put them in or with which ear cup, and this sadly makes the bass go away, and the treble to take over and occasionally destroy your ears.
    Sound quality: After using an ortho headphone for a good time now, i've found it's sound very interesting and very different in a lot of ways, not all of them being good. The two main difference for my ears is that when listening, I couldn't differentiate quite as much the overall levels of the music, the different layers, and also i couldn't therefore hear the smallest details, which in my opinion are one of the if not the most important things in music. For the good part, I really really liked when there was a melody playing in the treble and the bass, that fine strong bass that this IE can produce, came to it and they pounded my ears at the same time, it was very satisfying and cathartic. Though it hasn't happened quite as often as I would've liked it to, as I've had to keep pushing it in sometimes even twice in a track to avoid ear-bleeding treble. One more thing i've noticed in a few tracks, is that the quieter sound layers sometimes tried to merge into a louder one, they started to copy the main melody and change it's sound more similar to it, so that the main melody didn't change but the quiet one started to sound more like the main one, even if the quieter was just a one sound rhythm. Never experienced such a thing.
    Overall, if you are someone whose ears are capable of receiving IE's, and you like bass (seriously it has huge bass even on the lowest setting!!!), and you are not that kind of person (like me) that is listening to music just to hear those finest quietest details, then go for this, seriously it's amazing and a lot of fun to listen to!
    1. Tail
      What's up with bold font... 
      Tail, Jun 20, 2015


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