Intime Nagi 凪 【アンティーム】

General Information


Brand: intime
Model: Nagi
Earphone type: In-ear
Impedance: 22Ω
Earphone sensitivity: 100 dB/mW
Frequency range: 10-40000Hz
Interface: 3.5mm
Plug Type: L-shaped
Colors: Blue
Connection type: MMCX
Driver unit: Φ10mm DD+VST2

Latest reviews

Intime Nagi-凪【アンティーム】- The bombastic blue onion
Pros: - Quality + quantity controlled bass
- Excellent mids
- Treble is crisp and detailed
- Very good Overall Sound Quality (SQ)
- Soundstage + Imaging
Cons: - Stock cable has loose MMCX left connection
- Long build can cause fit issues
Don't ask, just pull the trigger.

IEM, AET07 tips, MMCX cable, cable clip, pouch? (Can't really remember)

Plastic resin? + metal hybrid (brass/titanium?). It's a bit longer/bigger than sora-2.
It looked better too.

Better cable than sora-2. Longer with 2x protection but the left MMCX connector is kinda loose.

First thought/What to expect
Next toy level up after sora-2, probably already been brainwashed by intime by now.
Expectations are bass along the line of e3000 and +VST2 -HDSS showdown.
From the law of diminishing returns, expecting ~1.5x more performance to the 2x price. (YMMV)

Definitely the biggest game changer. No need to mention thumpy, rumble, punchy etc2. It's all there. Better quality + quantity with just the right amount. Controlled bass is probably the best way to describe it. It's even better than e3000 bass in both quality + quantity. (Heck, I'm not even a bass person and I got addicted to drum beats? in songs like Collective Soul – Shine).

Same characteristics as sora-2 pretty much.

VST-2 ain't no lie. Treble is definitely better with more details (can hear sounds that wasn't there in sora-2). Still retain the characteristics of sora-2 eg. non-sibilant, sparkly and energetic etc2. There's also probably more than meets the eye ear.

Definitely not near field soundstage, probably medium~far.
Better layering and instrument separation than sora-2. (Can hear there's actually a 2nd vocal in the background during casual listening, didn't happen with sora-2).
Can locate sound source eg. top-left, bottom-right etc. Have a complete full surround.

Same as sora-2 pretty much? Or maybe better? No clue. If HDSS is applicable for all frequencies then it's HDSS no more.

Itsy Bitsy Tips
Probably the hardest battle so far. Due to the build, getting the right tips ain't easy.
Nuarl, sedna light ain't cut it. CP145 probably the 2nd best but the bass becomes muddy/bloated? and not addictive. So, Marunana to the rescue with third party cable.


Really would like a better resolution >1KHz+, but alas.. better than nothing I guess.

Closing thought
So the most important question is does it meet the expectations?
Despite having the small issues, cable + build fit, the overall sound quality just eclipse them all.
How to explain it, full satisfisfaction is an understatement.
The bass performance itself probably, already worth 1.5x return or more (I kid you not) and there're still other factors such as the treble, soundstage, imaging, separation, layering etc2. If I were to give a fair complete return value, it would be at least ~2x or something along ~2.5x? (Kinda regretting not getting a second pair).
And yes, the amp. volpot can go higher while still maintaining sane volume level compared to other

5/5 rating is a joke. It's more like >5/5.

P.S. Get ready for price hike (j/k)
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