iFi audio iPurifier3.0

General Information

iFi audio iPurifier3.0
Rediscover your groove


We’re obsessed with giving you the best music experience and the iPurifier3 is the next step towards complete audio clarity, especially when coupled with our micro USB power supply and Gemini cables.

The tech spec

The iPurifier3 is small but mighty and it’s packed with:
  • REclock/REgenerate/REbalance Technology – To improve music flow
  • Active Noise Cancellation – To cancel all incoming noise
Together they enhance your audio by several levels.

And the iPurifier3 is set up for all future PCM, DSD and DXD formats. No need to worry about upgrading for years to come.

Stylish new look on the outside. Upgraded parts on the inside - OS-CON capacitors, tantalum capacitors, high-precision MELF resistors and new copper-alloy shielding.

By generating a signal identical to the noise signal but in the exact opposite phase, our Active Noise Cancellation2® (ANC2) actively cancels all incoming noise.

Enjoy the silence! Our Active Noise Cancellation2® tech means that measured noise drops by one hundred times or 40dB in comparison to the common nose filter.

Reclock2/Regenerate2/Rebalance2 - cleaner, clearer music. The 2nd gen of this technology creates an all new signal, eliminates computer jitter and removes noise contamination to restore a 'balanced' signal.

Ready for the future! Ready for all present and all future PCM / DSD / DXD formats without restriction.

  • USB3.0 + 2.0 compatible input port, USB2.0 High Speed output port
  • Connectors: iFi’FINAL’USB solid-aluminium connectors (Impedance: 90 Ohms)
  • Dimensions: 69(l) x 19(w) x 20(h)mm
  • Weight:33g (0.1 lbs)

Latest reviews

Pros: EASY audio enhancement for your on the go, office or home audio setup.

Doesn't "color" or change what the original audio was meant to sound like.

Simple to use: Plug it in and forget. No settings, configuration, or "tweaking" needed.

Compact: A single piece. No power cords or complications.

Subtle but noticeable improvement to audio - Silence is low/no noise, music pacing is corrected, & instrument separation is better defined.
Cons: A little awkward to use WHILE in transit with your phone or tablet as it is a long, thick (relative to a phone), and heavy device to have hanging loose from your phone in a bag or pocket, but still super-compact and easy to connect for use at home, office, or once you get where you're going and can place it somewhere relatively stable. But you can strap it/secure it to your phone/tablet/laptop or DAC to minimize this con easily.
My whole review won't fit in this space, so here is the link with all of the details and photos:

In short, I like it A LOT.

  • Subtle but noticeable improvement to audio - Silence is low/no noise, music pacing is corrected, & instrument separation is better defined.
  • Great for your office or home audio setup.
  • Great upgrade for your travel destination setup. (Hotel, family/friend's house, or portable party audio, etc..)


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