iBasso DX50 DAP

General Information

From the iBasso website:
Main features:
- Bit Perfect, Support up to 24Bit/192kHz
- WM8740 24Bit DAC Chip
- Built-in 9V Voltage Swing Headphone AMP
- 2.4" IPS Screen(320*240) with Capacitive Touch Screen, Bonded by OCA
- Up to 24Bit/192kHz Mini Coaxial Output
- 3.5mm Headphone Output, and Line Out
- Three Physical buttons (Rewind, Play/pauses, Forward) on The Top Panel.
- 256-Steps Digital Volume Control
- 8GB Onboard Flash
- Support SDXC and SDHC MicroSD card, up to 2TB
- 3-Setting Gain Switch
- Audio Formats Supported: APE, FLAC, WAV, WMA, AAC, ALAC, OGG, MP3
- User Replaceable Battery(Compatible With S**sung S3), 14hours Play Time.

Line out:
Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz +/-0.2dB
S/N: -109dB +/-3dB
THD+N: 0.003%
Output Level: 1.5V rms (1kHz 0dB)

Headphne out:
Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz +/-1dB
THD+N: 0.004% (32ohm load)
Output Level: 1.2V(Low gain), 1.7V(Mid gain), 3.1V(High Gain)
S/N: -103dB +/-3dB(Low gain), -106dB +/-3dB(Mid gain), -108dB +/-3dB(High Gain) (32ohm Load)
Output Impedance: <0.5ohm

Battery Life: 14hours
Battery Charge Time: 3hours with AC adapter, 5.5hours with PC USB port
Case dimension: 2.52W x 3.98L x 0.67H (inch)
64W x 100L x 17H (mm)
Weight: 146g or 5.15oz

USB cable, Coaxial cable, Pouch, and Screen protector

Latest reviews


New Head-Fier
Pros: Sturdy ,easy to operate ,accept 128GB micro cards, Battery life is good
Cons: screen could be a bit larger and a manual would be helpful upload of 128GB card is slow
I use the DX 50 since march 2014 and was priced 220US .I agree that the first software were a bit messy but as  time went by  the software has gotten better and now even can accept DSD files !
Sound at least for me does not makes you tired to listen to .For me the player has a balanced sound without over emphasis the bass ,middle or the high sounds .Ok the music source and HP plays a role as well .I listen mostly to red book files and high resolution files and use VISO / NAD HP which in my opinion fits well with the Player .Sometimes I hook it up directly with my audio system and it sound pretty good to me .However if I use the Audioengine D2 wireless 24 bit DAC in connection with ROON music software (in my opinion the best music software on the market)he sound opens up to a wide sound stage ,more details and better instrument separation. Anyway the player was designed to be used as a portable player and for that the unit is very good value and YES there a better players on the market but you have to pay 3 to 4 times more ! For sure you don't hear 3 to 4 time better or more sound .If you have the money to burn go for the expensive players but if you look for a decent player which is not far behind I do recommend the DX 50 I-Basso if it still available ? Its a bargain for sure .


Pros: Storage, sound quality, build quality, ports
Cons: Can get bulky with an amp attached to it
I was contemplating buying this or the Fiio X3. I didn't like the size of the X3 or the button layout and the other reviews on the DX50 were just too good for me not to pick it.
I bought mine used from a member on here, he included a 32gb microSD card with his music collection on it (thanks trojan2900). Right away I fired it up, picked a random song, and started listening and couldn't have enjoyed it more. The sound quality was amazing, a very warm, soothing sound, good through the highs and the lows, even through the cheap earbuds I was listening through.
With the built-in amp there isn't exactly a need for a separate amp, but depending on your headphones you can definitely benefit from one.
The user-interface is a little bare, Rockbox can help here but it is a little tricky getting everything figured out and working properly.
Overall a great DAP for anyone looking to get into the hi-fi world or as a dedicated, everyday player.
Edit: After owning the DX50 for a few months now, I love it. It is everything I wanted in a DAP. The more I use it the more I realize the stock Mango software is actually better in some ways than Rockbox. I just couldn't find a theme I liked from Rockbox that fit well with the DX50. Also, being able to create a playlist is something I never figured out how to manage with Rockbox (if it's even possible) and enjoy having that function with Mango.
Up until now, I always thought the DX50 sounded best with the gain switch on "medium", I switched it to "high" a few weeks ago and I haven't switched it back. I've really only been listening through my M6 Pro's but they sound so much better. I'm waiting on the OPPO PM-3 loaner set to come my way so I can decide between those, Hifiman HE-400, or AKG K545.
In just the past couple of days, I have used the DX50 with the Aune X1S review program and I must say that DAC is great. Clarity, refinement, and overall better sound signature are just some of the ways I can describe what the X1S does. I wish I could keep it but if I ever need a desktop amp, I am definitely leaning towards the X1S.
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Hi there! Have you auditioned the X3 or any other portable DAP for that matter? How would they compare to your DX50? Thanks in advance :)


Pros: Great DAP dark sounding, Great sound separation, good soundstage, lots of firmware updates
Cons: amp section is a bit weak, size as I now have the X1
Had this little player for sometime now recently purchased the X1 and comparing them both im still sold on the DX50 although I still like my X1 but I still find the sound seperation on the DX50 much more appealing still using FW 1.3.3 SU which I much enjoy the signature. Still there are a few issue I had with the player itself like the HO became loose and I started losing sound on one side of my phones I had no issue with warranty as Ibasso have great service. Amp section could be a little more better but can be fixed using a portable amp, great DAP still my preferred daily at this point til I can get my hands on a X5 or DX90.


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