~FREE rechargeable lithium battery replacement (first time only) in OR out of warranty! The latest...

HeadRoom Portable Desktop Amp

  • ~FREE rechargeable lithium battery replacement (first time only) in OR out of warranty!

    The latest in our seventeen-year-long quest to build the world's finest portable headphone amp, the HeadRoom Portable Desktop Amp is equally comfortable nestled in your big rig at home, or on the tray table in front of you at 35,000 feet. Its perfectly happy being fed a signal from any source, be it an ultra high-end $10,000 CD Player, a laptop computer, or an iPod. This sleek black piece of audiophile instrumentation will drive your high-quality reference headphones or earphones with full authority and accurate timbral precision while it coats the inside of your head with the vibrant colors of the music, oh, so sweetly. Feed the HeadRoom Portable Desktop Amp a non-compressed audio source through your favorite upscale cans and you'll think you've snuck your big stereo rig on the airplane!

    Power Source

    The Portable Desktop Amp uses an internal 4-cell lithium rechargeable battery supply which conservatively provides about 10-12 hours of battery run-time per charge. As befits our flagship portable product, HeadRoom will provide one (1) free rechargeable battery replacement at any point during the Portable Desktop Amp/DAC unit's lifespan, either in OR out of warranty. The unit must be returned to HeadRoom Service Dept (at customer mailing expense) for eventual lithium battery replacement. All parts, labor, and return shipping back to the owner is no charge!

    You'll find the Portable Desktop's DC-input jack and the 'charge status' LED indicator on the far right of the rear panel. The Portable Desktop Amp is meant for superb high-end mobile listening use so always fully charge the lithium batteries for best sound quality performance.


    To the far left of the Portable Desktop Amp's rear faceplate is a set of RCA analog stereo inputs AND one mini-plug 3.5mm for the analog inputs; so you can use either the RCA connectors or the 1/8" [3.5mm] stereo mini-jack as your line input. These connections are in true parallel with each other. Please use one at a time, do NOT plug inputs into both jacks simultaneously! Also on the rear you'll find the USB, and optical and coaxial (using a mono 3.5mm mini-plug) S/PDIF digital inputs, and digital input selector switch. You may have all these connected simultaneously and switch between them with a rear panel 'Digital Input' selector switch.

    The front left panel of the HeadRoom Portable Desktop Amp sports on/off power switch and both full-size 1/4" and mini-plug 1/8" [3.5mm] stereo headphone jacks. Just right of center are three switches: the 'analog/digital' selector switch, a Crossfeed switch to provide more natural imaging on headphones, and the 'Gain' selection switch which lets you set the overall volume control operating range for headphones of differing impedances/efficiencies. The volume control knob is at the far right.


    The Portable Desktop Amp utilizes the deeply Class-A 'Home' electronics module for the analog amplification stages. The '07 Portable Desktop topology also includes a slightly modified version of our 'Desktop' DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) circuitry featuring a superb new voltage preregulator to ensure the amp draws current from both sides of the power supply rails evenly.

    In terms of mobile audio sources, sadly there are few portable CD and no MP3 players around these days that still have digital outputs. However, nearly all modern portable DVD players will play most CD formats and many are outfitted with digital optical or co-axial outs that can operate under battery power. You'll probably be amazed at the quality of sound that can materialize in your headphones using a high-end portable DVD unit to play CDs. We also find a laptop is a fabulous music source while on trips; play some music and surf the net --- quite nice, really. And if you haven't yet tried watching movies on your laptop computer using WinDVD software with 'Dolby Headphone' processing through a really good digital amp then, boy, are you in for a major soundtrack treat!

    All HeadRoom Portable Desktop Amps are hand-built in Montana, USA.


    The Portable Desktop Amp measures 6.25" x 6.25" x 1.75" (not including volume knob) and weighs in at approximately 28oz of audio wonderfulness.

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