With the HeadRoom Ultra Desktop DAC, known as the 'Ultra DAC', the fine art of music is delivered...

HeadRoom Ultra Desktop DAC

  • With the HeadRoom Ultra Desktop DAC, known as the 'Ultra DAC', the fine art of music is delivered with natural ease and simple clarity that belies one of the most contemporary and complex number-crunching digital-to-analog converters available today. The highly advanced ESS Technology ES9008 SABRE D-to-A processor that lies deep within the Ultra Desktop DAC embodies numerous patents, breakthroughs, and proprietary technologies enabling it to digitally process the audio signal to produce warm, virtually jitter-free decoding performance. You can read more about the stellar technical performance and cutting-edge specifications of this design via our links in the 'Specs' tab above ... but to hear is to really believe. The musical liquidity and resolution power of the HeadRoom Ultra Desktop DAC extends to the very edges of the audible frequency spectrum; the ability of this up-sampling DAC topology to uncover new details and subtle nuances in your favorite well-worn recordings is nothing short of revelatory. HeadRoom is pleased to be amongst the first audio manufacturers anywhere to incorporate this highly advanced D-A technology into our products.

    The Ultra Desktop DAC accepts S/PDIF digital audio signals at standard rates and depths (44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz, and 192kHz from 16 to 24 bit word depth) on both coax RCA and TOSLINK optical connections, and will decode 44.1/16 digital audio from your computer via a standard USB connection. An exquisitely designed analog section and four separate regulators produce both balanced and single-ended audio signal on the rear panel XLR and RCA jacks, respectively.

    The front panel controls provide sample rate indicator lock lights, input source selection switching, a switch to control internal noise-shaping filters, and a power on/off switch. The 2-year HeadRoom Ultra DAC manufacturer's warranty is serviced exclusively at our production facility in Bozeman Montana USA.

    Save on the HeadRoom Ultra Desktop DAC when paired with our signature Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp (BUDA) -- $2849 for the pair.


    The HeadRoom Ultra Desktop DAC packaging includes the international-use 'all-voltage' Astrodyne Power Supply. However, the superb high-current HeadRoom DPS power supply is VERY highly recommended for maximized audio performance.


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