HeadRoom Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp

General Information

If simply great audio just isn't good enough for your demanding audiophile ears, you'll find yourself wearing a guaranteed ear-to-ear happy grin all day long with a HeadRoom Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp (BUDA) on your computer stand, integrated into your home system, or desktop workstation. The latest descendant from a long line of flagship HeadRoom 'Max' headphone amp products, we've now managed to squeeze all that reference audio performance goodness into our smaller 'Desktop' chassis enclosure. This means you can bring an extraordinarily world-class listening experience right into your ordinary work-a-day world in the smallest size we can muster.

The Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp incorporates our top-level Max electronics modules which use the famous Burr-Brown OPA627 within the buffer and summing stages, and a Walter Jung Diamond Buffer-like discrete component output power amp stage. All active stages are biased deeply into excellent 'Class-A' operation, resulting in spectacularly smooth, intensely high-definition natural sound reproduction. Remember to check out the BUDA's perfect partner, our separate stand-alone HeadRoom Ultra DAC unit for full use with all your digital-output audio sources

The HeadRoom BUDA is able to drive two pairs of normal headphones simultaneously through the headphone jacks located in the center of the front panel XLR combo-jacks but, of course, will also drive one pair of true balanced headphones using the stereo [Left/Right] XLR connections housed within those combo-jacks. A fully-differential, balanced headphone configuration drives both sides of the left and right driver simultaneously and delivers an astonishing improvement to serious headphone listening. Balanced amps are definitely all the rage nowadays in the headphone audiophile world and, as befits the company that originally invented headphone balanced-drive with our HeadRoom BlockHead Amp nearly a decade ago, we've again pushed the concept into yet another level of stratospheric audio performance.

The HeadRoom BUDA has both balanced and single-ended analog inputs on the rear panel. The single-ended inputs go through an internal "phase-splitter" to create the inverted signal ready for balanced drive XLR output. The amp also has single-ended pre-amp outs on the rear panel and a rear output enable switch on the front panel to control the inputs of your desktop speaker system.

The BUDA's front panel also includes a crossfeed switch to improve headphone audio imaging & soundstage depth, and separate gain and volume controls to ensure you are getting the proper degree of control for your preferred listening levels. The 2-year manufacturer's product warranty is serviced exclusively through HeadRoom in Bozeman Montana USA.

Save on the BUDA when paired with our signature Ultra Desktop DAC -- $2849 for the pair.

Power Supply

The HeadRoom Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp includes the international-use 'all-voltage' Astrodyne Power Supply. However, the superb high-current HeadRoom DPS power supply is VERY highly recommended for maximized audio performance.

Latest reviews

A couple of years ago I had a big amp like this one but one with 4 headphone inputs and sold it on headfi.
I can't remember very well how much difference there is between balanced operation and unbalanced (I only remember there was a difference in sound level - when I listened to a balanced and unbalanced HD650 both at the same sound level then the balanced HD650 phones sounded a bit louder).


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