In-ear Dynamic Stereo Earphones

GGMM EJ302 Cuckoo

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  • Main Features:
    - Ultra pure magnetic unit, strong sound field.
    - Sealed metal structure, to isolate noise and produce super bass sound performance, suitable for all kinds of music style like pop, rock, country, etc.
    - Gold-plating jack plug, ergonomic design in the end, easy to pull out and plug in.
    - Designed with a sound leaking hole to enhance sound field and improve low frequency.
    - Medical-grade dual-color earbud tips, block out external noise well, make you feel comfortable no matter how long you wear.
    - With a microphone, support hands-free calls.
    - Full metal turbo design with perfect CNC cutting processing cavity bring exquisite small volume and lightness weight.
    - Simply one-key in-line control, suitable for iOS devices and major Android smart phones, etc.
    - Anti-bending TPE flat cable, easy to store and more durable.

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  1. Viber
    "Basshead delight"
    Pros - Flat Tangle free cable, fun sound signature out of the box, responds well to EQ, comfortable, small size factor
    Cons - a bit harsh for Hard Metal music in high volumes.
    I got these earphones as a review unit from, i specifically requested to review these in light of a very positive review on a Russian audio review site. Unfortunately I could only figure out his high final test scores as I don't speak any Russian :) .

    I wholeheartedly recommend buying from GB as they always provided me with the proper support\warranty\refunds for the products i bought from them.

    Link to the specific product page:

    On to the review:


    These came in a white cardboard box. Inside you can find a brown hard case which contains the earphones along with a set of S/M/L sized silicone tips and a gray carrying pouch. So you are actually getting 2 cases.




    To my ears, these Earphones resemble the much acclaimed "Rock Zircon" Earphones: Both are small, bassy earphones which are easy to drive. The GGMM is an upgrade over the Zircons because of the following advantages:

    -Easier fit: they don't have to be placed perfectly inside your ears to sound the way they should.

    -Better cable, the cable on the Rock Zircon was much more fragile and prone to failures while the cable on the GGMM is flat and better constructed.

    -The Mids and lower Treble are similar in character, but they are a bit less harsh on the GGMM. The Zircons have a bit more energy in the Treble though.

    Here they are side by side:
    Cuck vs Zirc2.jpg

    Bass: Bassheads will be happy with these. Very powerful and engaging bass, suites Electronic genres very well. (Grade: 4.8/5)

    Midrange (500hz-2.5K): full and bright. Due to these being V-shaped in nature, the Mids find themselves a bit behind the spotlight. (Grade: 4.3/5)

    Upper Midrange (~2.5khz-5.2khz): This area is brighter on the GGMM, I tend to EQ it down by a bit on all of my earphones.
    I found out that impressions on this region in IEMs are very different from one person to another.
    What one person hears as "harsh" the other person hears as "detailed" so i will try to speak in relative terms:

    The GGMM has about 40% of the harshness found on the Rock Zircons or the TTpods T1E. This region is also 25% less harsh on the GGMM than it is on KZ ATR.

    If you had experience with any of these earphones then you can understand whether or not you will find these suites your hearing in terms of midrange harshness. (Grade: 4/5)


    Pleasant, non-fatiguing Highs, good for long listening sessions. The other side of the coin is a a slight lack in micro details which can be obtained in more expansive earphones or earphones with a different sound signature. (Grade: 4.2/5)

    Final grade:


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