Magnet Attraction Bluetooth 4.1 Headset Sports Headphones with Mic On-ear Control

Awei AK8

  • Keep Going with Awei AK8:
    The Awei AK8 cool running Bluetooth headset uses 6mm copper ring coils, strong rubidium boron magnets and high class carbon fiber diaphragms. Deep low frequency, solid medium frequency, more abundant high frequency details. Beautiful voice and music silkily fall in ears and keep in memories.
    With its IPX4 waterproof performance, you are able to enjoy sports with passion, no fear of sweat and rain!

    Main Features:
    - Comfortable to Wear
    Ergonomic ear hook design with silica gel, lightweight and flexible for durability and portability. You won't get discomfort even after hours of use, perfect for jogging, running, hiking, etc. And multiple ear caps ensure the best possible fit for any set of ears

    - Magic Magnet Attraction Technology
    Gently absorb or separate to turn the earphones on / off, abandon traditional button, novel and simple
    Its magnetic attraction design function can connect 2 earphones easily. Hanging on neck like a necklace when not in use could avoid loss meanwhile it could be a cool amazing accessory for fashion users

    - Fast Connection
    With Bluetooth 4.1 technology is faster than other devices, the transmission distance is up to 10m. Enjoy perfect compatibility with iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, windows devices, and all popular Bluetooth devices

    - Intelligent Connection
    Connect two phones simultaneously, under pairing one phone status to link to another phone

    - On-ear Control
    Intuitive, easy access controls for freely switching songs, pause / play, and the built-in mic for effortless call handling. Helping avoid removing earbuds from ear or dealing with tangles wires

    - Long Battery Life
    Efficient and low power consumption chips bring longer battery life. Built-in 2 x 65mAh li-ion battery, 10h music time, 12h talking time, 2h charging time and up to 240h standby time

    - Material: metal + TPE
    - Bluetooth: 4.1
    - Bluetooth protocol: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
    - Driver unit: 6mm
    - Sensitivity: 92dB
    - Impedance: 16 ohm
    - Wireless frequency range: 2.402GHz - 2.480GHz
    - Voice frequency range: 20Hz - 20KHz
    - Line length: 0.6m
    - Transmission distance: 10m
    - Waterproof: IPX4
    - Power supply: 2 x 65mAh rechargeable li-ion battery (built-in)
    - Charging time: 2 hours
    - Talking time: 12 hours
    - Music playing time: 10 hours
    - Stand-by time: up to 240 hours
    - Charging port: Micro USB

Recent Reviews

  1. Viber
    Very good all around product
    Written by Viber
    Published Oct 17, 2017
    Pros - Beautiful packaging .


    Very Long battery life.

    Fun and Engaging sound signature.

    Magnets on each piece allows wearing them around your neck with auto power On\Off.
    Cons - Remote could be a bit sturdier.

    Isolation is very good but not perfect.

    Regular Bluetooth technology limitations.
    I got these earphones as a review unit from, i specifically requested to review these because I usually like the build quality and "house sound" of the "Awei" brand.

    Specific product page:

    George from GB accepted my request to do a little discount for head-fi, so here's a discount code for the AK8:

    On to the review:


    The packaging of this model is outstanding! I usually don't care too much about packaging, but it was really satisfying to unbox this product.

    As you can see in the pictures, this kind of packaging is what you'd expect to see in 100$+ products of world class brands.

    These earphones would make a really good impression as a gift because they are presented like a premium product.


    In the accessories department we can see that Awei didn't settle on the regular S\M\L eartips, but also included a quality zipper case, A shirt clip and a pair of useful silicone earhooks which keep the earphones steady in your ears.


    It took me a song or two to get used to the new sound signature, but I like it now and they are my new daily driver when I'm outside the house.

    The sound can be described as energetic yet pleasant in the treble region.
    The Mids are a bit behind the treble and the bass which is a bit boosted in order to create a nice synergy with the treble (but it's far from a basshead signature).

    Overall I would describe these as the least Bass centric model I have tried from Awei (for reference, I've tried the following models: ES900i,ES800,Q3,A980Bluetooth).

    It seems as if Awei is always trying to create fun sounding Earphones which will suit every contemporary music genre.

    I like to equate the Awei "house sound" experience to the sound experience of a car stereo – the sound is never perfect or 100% accurate, but you can't help but bob your head and tap your feet when music is playing.

    It doesn’t matter if I'm listening to EDM,Rock,Metal,Rap or Pop - The AK8 are always giving me a good time. I don't even need to reach for the EQ settings too much.


    Comfort of use:

    Fun sound is not the only reason why I use the AK8 so much these days. I also like the smart magnets on each earphone which allows me to put the AK8 around my neck as a necklace when I'm not using them.

    When you attach the earphones together they automatically turn off and when you detach them from each other they automatically turn on.

    Fit and Isolation:


    You are probably asking yourself why I did choose to put a pic of the nozzle here?

    Well, for me the AK8 actually feature two nozzles in one.

    When I first put the silicone eartip on the regular nozzle I found the sound to be less bassy and the fit was a bit too shallow for me.

    Then I took some cheap foam tips (which cost almost nothing at ebay) and put them around the larger part of the nozzle below the actual nozzle.

    For me, the AK8 sounds better when I'm using the foam tips around the larger nozzle.
    FYI: The size of the opening of my foam tips is around 5mm .

    The isolation is pretty good with the AK8, the sound of the occasional loud motorbike or police siren will find their way to infiltrate your music, but that's the case with most earphones.

    Regular cars and people talking do not interrupt me with these earphones on.


    Comparison to my two other BT sets: QCY QY8 and the AWEI A980BL:


    1A. A980BL

    1B. AK8

    2.QCY QY8

    The A980BL and the AK8 are pretty much tied when it comes to sound. The A980BL sounds like a more powerful and darker sounding speaker while the AK8 sounds like a smaller yet more precise speaker.

    I think the AK8 is a bit better technically as it sounds better when EQ is not in consideration.

    One might like the AK8 more than the A980 due to personal sound preference.







    2.AK8 (just because they stick out a bit more than the A980BL)


    Sports use:


    2.AK8 (Silicone earhooks keep these almost attached to your ears).

    3.A980BL (shallow fit and no silicone earhooks included).



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