FiiO L9 L-Shaped Line Out Dock (LOD) Cable For iPod and iPhone

General Information

The FiiO L9 is designed with a 3.5mm stereo jack to Apple's dock connector, enabling output of high quality line-level audio from iPod, iPhone, and iPad that can be sent to portable audio equipment such as headphone amplifiers and power amplifiers. Designed with high-quality materials, the L9 isolates the audio signal from interference to deliver cleaner and more accurate sound from your iPod/iPhone/iPad. The L9 employs the new HPC-22W cable with ultra-fine PCOCC-A conductors for its exceptional signal transmission property and usability. Rather than twisting whole wires, twenty strands of 80?m PCOCC-A wire are unified into a bundle and three bundles are grouped as a conductor that is geometrically stable. This construction method ensures uniformity of wire structure, eliminates internal gaps, and prevents deformation of wire strands. Furthermore, its total conductive area is equivalent to AWG-22, which is three times larger than regular audio cables. Each conductor in the HPC-22W is jacketed with 0.18mm PFA (Teflon), a material selected for its outstanding electrical and transmission characteristics. The shield/ground consists of 53 strands of 0.12?m PCOCC-A wire, with cotton rope filling the internal space and providing additional tensil strenth. The outer jacket is made of TPE olefinic elastomer, making for a tough, durable yet overall flexible cable. Feature Highlights - Shielded construction provides maximum isolation from interference - Pure copper conductors for better audio clarity and a more natural-sounding midrange - High quality durable connectors for precise contact and signal integrity - Supports standard dock profile on iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Does not support Shuffle. Specifications Length: 6cm (cable only) Weight: 10g Wire Diameter: 4mm Wire Model: HPC-22W Wire Material: PCOCC-A Impedance: Max 0.1 Ohm Insulation: Min 2M Ohm Wire Jacket: TPE

Latest reviews

Pros: Right angle connectors, Gold plated, Oyaide cable
Cons: Cable might even be too thick as it is quite stiff, More expensive than I would like, the UE900 cable costs the same amount
Great quality to be expected of a Fiio product, the cable works as intended and feels nice in the hand. There`s no strain relief on the 30pin connector, perhaps it`s to increase pliability? Otherwise I appreciate the use of right angle connectors which are great for stacking. Since I use it with a Nano 3g and a Fiio A1, the cable is perhaps a bit thick and stiff, though I`m sure it will pair well with a larger iPod/iPhone.
Pros: Price, size
Cons: Nothing
FiiO has become a renowned company over the past few years. The offer really good product with even better prices, making tem a real bargain!
Made in China, but with European standard of quality!
There is nothing much to say about the L, other than that, simply put, it is the best choice possible for portable use. The L-shaped plug offers better connection and is more resistant than the normal one.
Pros: sound quality
Cons: bad noise protection
I have checked this connector on several earphones. Some noises were clearly heard (like cracking). It can be fixed by wrapping the cabel in the foil, which should be held with a tape or a thread. 


I have iphone 5s so lightening port I think?
Bought port adapter to 3.5mm into fii0 A3 amp.
Iphone tells me after about one minute of playing just fine that accessory not supported, and switches to phone speaker.
Volume seems about the same as compaired to head phone jack.
Does anyone have idea how to get adapter to work with iphone?
I would assume changing settings but can not find out what to do.