Optical/SPDIF in DAC, best of the bargains

FiiO D3

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  • Optical/SPDIF in DAC, best of the bargains

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  1. RexDalane
    "Leaves a lot to be desired"
    Pros - It was advertised well
    Cons - It simply doesn't work, and from what I can see, there is no company support.
    I purchased the D3 and received it today. Bought an optical digital audio cable seperately, hooked everything up, and all I get is a loud static/clicking noise. No TV sound. The website for FiiO is unreachable and the D3 is not working, so I have no way of finding out what is wrong with it. I usally give manufacturers a chance to offer assistance before I write a review, but when they are unreachable and have no product support, then I realize I'm the sucker. I'll be returning this product for a refund.
    Buyer beware!

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