Upgrade the sound for your iPhone The Edifier i285 iPhone earsets are specifically designed as a...

Edifier i285 / H285i headset for iPhone - Hi-fi Earphone IEM In Ear Monitor with Mic and Volume Controls (Black)

  • Upgrade the sound for your iPhone The Edifier i285 iPhone earsets are specifically designed as a high quality audio upgrade for iOS devices. As opposed to generic earphones for smartphones, the i285 comes with full controls and functionality as the iPhone original headsets. Technical Details FREQUENCY RESPONSE:
10mm Buy with confidence from world's second largest manufacturer. Edifier is the world's second largest consumer audio manufacturer. Despite not well-known in the US, Edifier has great market shares in Asia, Europe and South America. Edifier is the parental company of STAX, one of the most expensive headphone brands in the world. Edifier has incorporated similar technology and design concept into its consumer earphones and headphones, and strives to make the best sound affordable to everyone.

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  1. Louis8ball
    Very pleased with this budget offering from Edifier. Could easily hold its own against some much pricier IE's.
    Written by Louis8ball
    Published Dec 20, 2015
    Pros - Sound is very clear, open and uncongested. Clarity is key here. Bass response is really great. And high end is good. Balanced V-Shaped sound.
    Cons - Seems like the cord tangles easily when these are left stowed away. Then it takes a really long, frustrating time to untangle the cord.
    I really like these earphones a lot. I have enjoyed reviewing them, and am thankful for being selected by Edifier.
    I will try to make this as brief as possible. First off, I am using an iPhone 5S, with music files most likely purchased from iTunes. The music files are obviously not the best. So, anyway now that we got that out of the way ...
    I am listening to the following bands:
    -TFK (Thousand Foot Krutch)
    -Vance Joy (much more mellow than the other 3 above)
    Again, the music files are compressed ... actually come to think of it, I think the Vance Joy was ripped off of a CD ... But anyway...
    The i285s come in an extremely minimalistic package. There's really nothing flashy. Its just the bare minimum you would need to plug them in and start listening. They arrived in a very small box, with 3 tips supplied, and no carrying case. Nothing out of the ordinary.
    For what you get, these earphones are very comfortable. I did have to wrestle with them a bit to get a good solid fit with a good seal, but once they are in, you don't notice them. They are extremely comfortable. And the build quality seems to be a high-end aluminum grade metal. Nothing shabby at all. I am extremely impressed. Especially when you consider that these are a budget IE. They look and feel like they should cost much more than they do. The fact that they are made out of metal makes them really durable, too. Although the cable itself could probably be of higher quality, but it does seem to do what it is supposed to do nonetheless. There is also a control on the left-hand cord (after the cable splits left and right), so that you can take calls on your smart phone). The controls also allow you to have access to your iTunes playlists as well. These controls obviously cater to Apple fans, and I am not sure whether or not you can use them with Android phones or not (the info on the box only specifies Apple products).
    I am listening to a few of the artists I specified above, and have the EQ turned off on the source. And so with EQ disabled, I am still hearing a decent amount music in both the low end and in the high end. The midrange is a bit recessed, but not in the sense that it is non-existent. Just that it is not as prominently displayed. Classic V-Shaped signature.
    I really like the clarity of these phones. You can make out instruments and there is no congestion anywhere. The bass I am primarily hearing is probably more in the upper-low end more-so than in the extreme lower regions. But it is still very nice. You really get a nice warm blanket of low end (albiet even if it is more towards the upper-low registers). But it is a very nice blaneting (for lack of a better word) of bass. There is no lack of bass. And I know that this is true, because I have also turned up the EQ (adjusted it accordingly) with these previously, and it only gets better when you do this.
    On to the high end. The high end is really nice. It is not veiled. But it is also not necessarily crystal clear either. The decay on the high end seems to be fast. It rolls off pretty quickly. And, there are also brief moments when I do hear some bit of sibilance. But is not very obtrusive, and disappears quickly. Not like other IEs I have listened to in the past (like the Klipsch Image S4s, for example). Soundstage with the i285 seems to be more spacial than horizontal. In other words, I hear more detail going from front to back than from left to right. But even though this seems to be the case, I would also say that most of the sound is pretty much up close and personal. There is not really a great deal of depth here, it is more in your face, so to speak.
    In summation I believe that these phones are very nice for listening to hard edgier genres like rock/alternative (rock). I wasn't as impressed when I put on Vance Joy. For some reason acoustic guitars just don't seem to retain that same dynamic essence as those tending to more of more powerful type of genre do --- especially where vocals are the primary focus. Where these phones really shine is with tracks featuring a lot of intentional distortion. Power chords are what these things were made for. These phones will make most Rock (and Alternative) artists come alive. And so I highly recommend these IE's for this reason.


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