Easy Bosshifi B3

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Bosshifi B3 in-ear noise cancelling headphones are handcrafted from real wood,Natural Wood Housing for Better Bass Response and Acoustic Performance
Applying powerful high-performance neodymium magnet moving coil drive unit, achieving higher sensitivity and wider frequency response.
With remarkable medium frequency resolving ability ,able to Identify slightest sound Changes. Precise and high audio reproduction.
Super Bass exciting and engaging suitable for all kinds of music style--Pop, Rock,Country and others.
With the stylish design and high-end sound quality,this earphones are designed for the latest generations of iPod, iPhone, and iPad. They work with all Androids, tablets, mp3 players, and related devices.

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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: value, lush SQ,comfort, separation
Cons: tips included are not so great.
 DISCLAIMER:   I want to start off by saying this is my first review.  I am not a professional by any stretch of the imagination, nor, am I a big money audiophile.  I just love music, and love listening to it from sources through iem's or headphones that give me the most bang for my buck.
IN THE BOX:  The package came extremely quick, also, they were beautifully, and professionally packaged.  Everything inside the product box was firmly stored in the recesses given.  They come with tips, airplane adapter, 1/4" to 3.5mm screw on, and a nice oblong clam shell case.
COMFORT/FIT:  These guys are very light and comfortable,  I've had them in my ears for two and a half hours with no discomfort.  The cord does have the tendency to tangle from time to time, as well as there being slight cord microphonics (the cord noise is not enough to leave a negative impression).  The sound isolation with the tips provided (grey,green) are wonderful, but the black tips I could hear all outside noise.  That is actually why I took a half a star.  the black tips were not a good fit, no isolation, nor did they let me acquire a seal.
the specifications of this iem are as follows:
[size=small]Drivers: 8mm dynamic driver and balance armature [/size][size=small][/size]
[size=small]Impedance: 16 Ohm[/size][size=small][/size]
[size=small]Sensitivity: 103dB [/size][size=small][/size]
[size=small]Maximum power: 10mW [/size][size=small][/size]
[size=small]Frequency range: 20Hz-20000Hz [/size][size=small][/size]
[size=small]Wire: 400DB bulletproof wire 32 core free copper TPE wrapped wire [/size][size=small][/size]
[size=small]Length :1.2m [/size][size=small][/size]
[size=small]Plug: 3.5MM gold-plated [/size]
[size=x-small]sources used:[/size]
[size=x-small]moto g2 with V4A[/size]
[size=x-small]fiio x1[/size]
[size=x-small]all lossless file[/size]
[size=x-small]radiohead: AMSP[/size]
[size=x-small]other lives: tamer animals[/size]
[size=x-small]balmorhea: constellations[/size]
[size=x-small]sun kil moon: april[/size]
[size=x-small]teebs: ardour[/size]
[size=x-small]yes: fragile[/size]
[size=x-small]damien jurado: brothers and sisters of the eternal sun[/size]
[size=x-small]    I decided not to break this down into bass, mids, highs for no other reason than to just have a fluid review on the sound.  [/size]
[size=x-small]lately, i've been listening to radiohead's a moon shaped pool.  I didn't care for the album until I received these iem's.  I was using the klipsch s4I.  these iem's have great instrument seperation, although the sound stage isn't as vast as I'd like, they sound fantastic.  I haven't noticed any severe sibilance on any tracks including portishead's cowboys which is a rough track to listen to at high volumes.  Another thing I haven't noticed is bass or high roll off.  the bass goes very deep indeed, and this iem shines on teebs' album ardour.  there is no distortion in the bass department, never overshadowing the rest of the sound.  the high's behave themselves always, nor have I experienced any fatigue.  They are very crisp and lively!  the mids are beautiful, and really shine on every track I listen to...Damien Jurado and Mark Kozelek have never sounded better.  The sound is very much a v-shaped sound, a sound I appreciate!  I didn't realize detail and accuracy comes from a 40$ iem,  but the BossHIFI B3 sound just as gorgeous as they look![/size]
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What do you think of these headphones in comparison with Brainwavz M2?


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