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This product was sent to me for an unbiased review<br /> <br /> <br /> PACKAGING:<br /> <br /> <img src="https://cdn.head-fi.org/a/10204437.jpg" alt="s-l1600.jpg" class="bbCodeImage LbImage" /> <br /> <br /> On the outside, It&#039;s your...

HiFi Walker H2

  • This product was sent to me for an unbiased review



    On the outside, It's your general product branding. The player itself was nicely and snugly fit inside the confines of the box. When opened, you find the warranty info, Instructions, a gb sandisk micro sd, and their very own iem's (which we'll get into later).


    1_IMG_20181127_183108.jpg 2_IMG_20181127_183006.jpg 0_IMG_20181127_182955.jpg


    The front of the unit, you have the screen, the rotating wheel, which is only used for scrolling through the files and cannot be used for the volume which is rather unfortunate. The only way to utilize it for the volume is to engage the volume rockers. You have your rewind and fast forward buttons. By pressing them it skips the track, or goes back to the the beginning, double tapping the back button it takes you to the previous song. Long pressing either or either fast forwards or rewinds the track. On the bottom right you have the back button to go back into your files. On the bottom left, the M button when pressed, lets go into the equalizer, bluetooth mode, a choice of play mode to either go to the next track, or play a mix of your library. You also have the choice of the particular song you are listening to.
    On the side of the device you the volume rockers, and the sd slot, which only allows up . on the bottom, is the headphone jack, usb jack, and the dsd jack.
    gb. I love the look, and feel of the chassis on this unit. Body is aluminum and the buttons are plastic. The weight of this is heavy considering the size of the unit itself. The scroll wheel is very tight, not allowing for fluidity,this is not all the time, but, can become annoying.
    The blue tooth, so far, works flawlessly without a hitch! I can't comment on the DSD side of things, nor have I used this as a straight DAC.
    The software, seems to have a bit of a learning curve, but once you get how to maneuver, you'll be fine. It is a very quick software, and so far, i've had no reboots, or freezes


    this player is equipped with a burrbrown pcm 5102. To be quite honest, i hate the equalizer! It just muffles the sound. When it's turned off, this thing sounds great.The sound is deep, and somewhat dark. the detail is fantastic, and the sound stage of this device is presumably right where you'd want it to be, not too wide and too close. The volume on this device goes very loud, uncomfortably so. I keep my volume at 40.


    This is a great little budget DAP. The sound is fantastic, the unit itself looks and feel great.
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