Cavalli-Kan Kumisa III

General Information

The Cavalli-Kan Kumisa III ("CK²III" or "CKKIII") is a high-end DIY stereo amplifier for dynamic headphones. It was designed with an emphasis on maintaining simplicity in the signal path, and utilizes an all-discrete, fully-complementary topology featuring a JFET input stage, current-mirror VAS (voltage gain stage), Sziklai complementary feedback pair (CFP) output stage, and no global negative feedback. See the Schematic diagram section for details.

CK²III is also ideal as a pre-amplifier line stage. Just add multiple inputs and a selector switch. Its low output impedance and high output current capability allows it to drive a power amplifier over long interconnect cables without signal degradation.

Designed to be a compact AC-powered desktop unit, the CK²III provides high performance with relatively minimal complexity for an all-discrete design. In conjunction with an off-the-shelf enclosure solution, the CK²III is simple and inexpensive to build. See the Tech highlights section for details.

Based on the Kumisa III by Benny Jørgensen, CK²III adds several significant enhancements by Alex Cavalli. Alex and AMB teamed up and performed SPICE simulations and fine-tuning, as well as printed circuit board layout. The project was conducted with community participation, in an open-source manner on, and the result is an exceptional amplifier you see here. See the History & acknowledgements section for more details.

CK²III is designed to be easy to build, but is not recommended as a first-time project for the beginner.


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