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  1. radul
    TDS 15 sound
    Written by radul
    Published Sep 14, 2012
    Pros - excellent
    Amfiton TDS - 15 first model !! (black colour, low serials, 1-5000 )
    Middle range - best orthos. SPECTACULAR sound, exceptional separation and clarity
    test: Yamaha XG, Audio native DS1
  2. Keller1
    A bit of the past.
    Written by Keller1
    Published Oct 2, 2011
    Pros - Very cheap at Fleamarkets ; Potent orthodynamic Drivers ; Very nice headband for the time
    Cons - Bad audio quality.(Unamped) Fragile.; Not available; Lack of ear cushins. Horrible cabling.
    This is a reveiw of the amfiton tds-15 in stock format.
    Okay, so this review is not of a 'brand new' product, I got these at the fleamarket I visit. I got them for around 2 USD and for the price - these are surprisingly good cans, but, have alot of issues, I'll start off with the problems I noticed:
    The soundstage was all messed up, it was really something I did not expect to hear. these use a fostex-type driver, and I dont know if it's a feature of all fostex-es, but the soundstage was seriously deformed. ( both deformed and small)
    The Bass was transparent - I could feel a physical impact, but it didnt come with a sound. What is this sorcery?! It's a very bassy can.
    The build quality on this things - they seems kinda flimsy and the right earpiece kept disconecting before I put blu-tack on it. They feel very flimsy, but well-built. ( As in, this thing is made to last )
    The cables - They're about the same you'd find in a cheap 3$ earbud.
    Lack of fill in the ear cushions.

    The good:
    The midrange and highs are awesome.
    The headband seems like a novelty for the time.
    Very compact and lightweight.
    Once you get over the bass not being a sound it actually grows on you.
    Extremely cheap if you can manage to find it.
    Likely moddable.
    Looks kinda cool.
    1. ludoo
      Keller, can you find a pair for me too? I'm very curious about them...
      Maybe if you are interested in orthodynamics, we can trade for my pair of modded hp50...
      ludoo, Feb 14, 2012


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