General Information

M³ is a high-end DIY stereo amplifier for dynamic headphones. It includes a number of distinctive features, carefully considered to maximize performance while keeping the cost modest. M³ is also usable as an excellent pre-amplifier line stage or low-power speaker amplifier. See the other options section for details.

Pronounced "M cubed", the name reflects the three MOSFET output channels, which is the defining feature of this amplifier. Some people type "MMM", "M3" or "M^3" as its name.

The M³ is the result of a community service project for the audiophile hobbyist. The schematic diagram is open source. The circuit design, as well as the printed circuit board layout are a culmination of the work of Team M³ with participation from the DIY community. It is designed to be easy to build, but it is not recommended as a first-time project for the beginner.

Team M³ is AMB and Morsel.

Inspired by the PPA and SDS Labs headphone amplifiers, the M³ incorporates key features of both, plus additional enhancements. It is intended to be wall-powered, with no compromises made for battery compatibility.


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