The next step in Bose noise reduction headphones. A smaller, lighter on-ear design--delivering the...

Bose QuietComfort 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

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  • The next step in Bose noise reduction headphones. A smaller, lighter on-ear design--delivering the same levels of
    acclaimed performance as our around-ear QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones. You enjoy the same total noise reduction and audio quality, with an equally comfortable fit.
    No headphones will eliminate all noise. But the Bose technologies in QuietComfort headphones work together to make almost
    any listening experience more rewarding.For travel, work and home
    Wear QC®3 headphones when you fly, and you'll notice a dramatic reduction in engine noise the moment you turn them on. For quality audio, simply plug them into your portable player or the inflight entertainment system.
    Use them at home or at work and you should find distractions fading softly into the background. You can pair QC3 headphones with most music-enabled mobile phones too, using our optional mobile communications kit.
    Hear the difference for yourself
    Our full-spectrum noise reduction fades background distractions and dramatically decreases engine roar on planes. Quality Bose sound reveals audio nuances you might have missed. And a lightweight, on-ear fit provides hours of comfortable listening.
    Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphone technology in QC3 headphones electronically identifies, then dramatically reduces noise, while preserving the audio or tranquility you desire. Proprietary signal processing and TriPort® acoustic headphone structure also assure quality audio performance--and deep low tones--from these small, lightweight headphones. It's a unique combination of benefits and technologies available only from Bose.
    What's in the box
    -QC®3 headphones
    -5' detachable audio cable
    -Dual-plug adapter
    -Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    -AC battery charger
    -Carrying case
    -Owner's Guide

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  1. riqmarmes
    "Great satisfying headset although slightly expensive"
    Pros - great sound, comfort and great noise canceling
    Cons - expensive
    Honestly they are expensive, but extremely satisfying headphones. The noise cancellation works wonders, specially in planes. The headphones have a great build quality although many say they look flimsy, they are actually pretty robust and fit amazingly on the head/ears. The battery life is very good, never ran out of battery and I charge them every once in a while with daily usage of the headphones.
    I never regretted buying them, they're great for moving around with them, you can walk around comfortably with them, and taking them to places isn't a hassle in any way.
    If you're looking for best sound for buck and don't care about the noise cancellation, these are definitely not your choice. But if you want some great sounding headphones with great noise cancellation, and don't mind paying a little extra, then they are definitely a great choice. And specially don't let their looks deceive you, the build material isolates sound really well, combined with the noise cancellation it's amazing. You can hear your music on very low no matter where you are, even on the plane.
    Clarity could be better. (they don't compare to Sennheiser)
    Overall sound is great, highs and lows are good, but the mids could use a bit of work (just like most of BOSE products).
    They are small in size which is amazing for what they do, and much nicer and more comfortable than most over-ear headphones.
    Nevertheless, satisfying sound.
    In the end it's a great product.
  2. adam1977
    "Great detailed sound but ..."
    Pros - Great clarity and balanced exellent stereo sound.
    Cons - Leaking sound, low volume on the mobile phone
    I am still testing them having initial strong thoughts to return them straight back. The issue is that I really dont like leaking sound headphones as mostly using them among other people (gym, plane, jogging etc)
    Other even bigger issue is that on my Galaxy Note the volume level is so low that you cant even hear the music (sound is like you were wearing a plastic bag on your head and the headphones on top of it) All in all, I was almost on my way back to the store when I sarted thinking about the reason for all this and about other headphones leaking sound badly like Dr Dre series . Decided to give them another chance and tried them using my laptop. Wow, what a difference! Listened mostly classical music and must say it is very impressive (although worth mentioning that never had £300 headphones before, only tested in the store).
    As I am not very experienced with the expensive equipment (but like good music and know that more expensive not always mean better sound) those so far has blown me away with detail, stereo levels, clarity, great balance between bass, midst and highs and to be honest when listening at night (piece and quiet to focus on the music) ending up going to sleep at 2,3 am listening for hours. I dont want to put them away. The music is really live and you can feel you are in the hall listening to concert not sitting on the couch with the headgear.
    I know there are plenty of people not liking Bose and maybe they are right to whatever they are saying but for the beginners in the more expensive gear those would definately do the job. But remember, not on your mobie phone. I am still looking for a solution to that problem with low volume and nothing as yet.

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