Bose®AE2 audio headphones

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  1. maxpain12
    "Very comfortable but as far as sound goes could do better."
    Pros - Comfy, nice low profile cord, quality build, Bass is good.
    Cons - Too much coloration, lacking performance in mids and highs.
    I honestly think you could spent your money elsewhere whether you like a flat response or want thumping bass. I can imagine if these need an headphone amp to truly show their colors but then again Bose should make this point clear on the packaging. I could not find the impedance listed nor the frequency response. Typical big brother attitude from Bose but they must have forgotten their are others now to give them a run for their money. Either way bad experience as I could not get satisfactory sound for the price. Most mid and upper frequencies sound muffled. Breaking in for over 15 hours did nothing.  
  2. ninioquiroz
    "Bose AE2"
    Pros - Really comfortable, detachable cable, lightweight, portable, good isolation.
    Cons - Really lacking in bass response, strange and rough highs, cable is a bit fragile, expensive, bad value.
    I bought this last year as a replacement for my Senn CX 300 and boy was I dissapointed. They sound absolutely flat, without anything resembling a good bass response. Mids are practically inexistent and highs, which are supposedly emphazised, are rough and pretty bad. I've given them to my brother since and he uses them to play Starcraft online so at least they are being put to good use.
  3. LazBro123
    "Bose AE2"
    Pros - Very Comfortable, Portable, Lightweight, Mids sound decent
    Cons - Cheap Feeling, Cheap cable, Bass is severely lacking, Very Colored, Highs are lacking, OVERPRICED
    I tried my friend's Bose AE2s for 5-10 minutes. When I held the headphones in my hands, they felt very cheap. They were all plastic. When I put them on my head, they were probably the most comfortable headphones I have ever tried in my entire life. The cable was extremely thin and felt very cheap. When I played hip hop through them, the first thing I noticed was that the bass was severely lacking. I also noticed that the highs were lacking too, but the mids sounded great. The voices really stood out. The headphones were extremely colored, meaning that the headphones made the song sound better than it really is. Rock and classical sounded okay. I can say with pride that the Bose AE2 is very overpriced. The headphones should be worth 70 dollars max, not 150 dollars. 
  4. elmonster
    "Super comfort!"
    Pros - Amazingly comfortable,good balanced sound,easily replaceable parts
    Cons - thin cable,highs at time rough .
    I bought these wanting something very comfortable and what i got was just that and more! The most comfortable headphones i have ever worn ! and iv tried quite many. the fit just right around the ear and there is just the right amount of pressure ,not too tight.
    Now the sound quality. I know bose gets a lot of hate around here. Let me just say that these in my opinion had quite balanced sound (no boomy bass) nice and punchy when needed and highs were usually good at times (rarely) they were a bit rough .mids and treble were also satisfying! To be honest i was surprised by how good these sounded.
    so all and all with the best comfort ,good sound , good build quality , and replaceable parts. well worth the money !