Bose®AE2 audio headphones - Reviews
Pros: Great clarity & space. Rich low mids.
Cons: Bass is shy. Some frequencies in the high shelf are slightly neglected.
I've been using the Bose AE2s for at least 3/4 a year now, & having made music on these headphones really invoked me to stereo/binaural mixing styles. I can always count on mixing a good pop, smack, or punch to percussion when using these headphones. One of the only main things about them is that the bass isn't as present as you would want it to be. Other than that, you've got a pair of cans that can really bring to front the high quality in music.
Pros: Clear & open sounding, unexpected deep bass notes, lightweight, comfortable, removable cable
Cons: No bass punch, might lack body to the vocals for those who like warm headphones, poor isolation.
Got a good local deal on these as the are being replaced by the SoundTrue variant, which as far as I can tell, only adds a case and different colors.
The Bose AE2 are a very lightweight headphone with large and deep earcups that completely surround your ears with little pressure and are very comfortable.
The voicing on these is like the fit, it is a clear and open sounding headphone, I think they gain this clear sound by slightly dropping the mids, the sound doesn't have the warm body of say my DJ orientated headphones like the V-Moda M100 or the AKG K267 or the tight and punchy bass with good texture. In fact first impression might be that these are bass light. But they do have some nice deep bass notes below 100hz, but around there and above there is little to no punch, kind of like the opposite of what you find with a Sennheiser Amperior. But it makes up for it by its enveloping soundstage and happy "live" sound feeling.
I think they are great for home listening. For some outside portable use it might be okay, but you might find the bass lacking.
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More or less how I feel about mine, +1
They last about 8 weeks then break. Sad.
Pros: Light weight, portable, changeable cable
Cons: not very durable
This was my first over the ear headphone - I always used smaller ones (earphones). I used this headphone for almost 2 years, and I was rather satisfied with it. 
I found the sound quality good, but bass is a bit low compared to other brands - esp. Sennheiser's HD models. 
Its design and comfort are the best attributes. It looks very good, it is a thin headphone, very easy to carry around. I used this at the office - sometimes all day (unfortunately I work with very noisy people :)) - and it never gave me  discomfort. 
I always carried it within its pouch (it comes with a pouch), however, after 1.5 year the right ear started to go silent - if you hit it with your finger the sound would come back - but later it went completely silent. I must say, I was expecting a longer life from a Bose headphone. 
i did like this headfone...v good cafe-can :p
Pros: Sound isolation, removable cable, confortable for long listening period, well built
Good phones, steady build, sounds ok out of the box. not bad for $100.
the headphone sounds really clean, with just the right amount of bass, maybe a bit less.
Pros: Supremely Comfortable, Awesome Soundstage
Cons: They have a bad reputation (not really a con), cable kind of cheap
I have used and adored the Bose AE2 headphones for years. When I say I've used them for years, I mean I've really USED them. I have no doubt that I've used these headphones for thousands of hours. They work for everything. I fall asleep with them on every day, I go running with them and get them soaked in sweat. I've even wore them in pouring rain. These headphones have withstood the test of time. These headphones stack up to just about every other pair of portable headphones I have owned. They trample the Sennheiser Momentum and Sennheiser amperior headphones in terms of comfort. They're portable as opposed to the other headphones I've tried like the Hifiman HE-400, AKG K240, Grado sr80i, and Sony V6. They're also good for bike riding because they isolate from wind noise. These headphones also have excellent separation. When I'm listening to metal music, I feel immersed in the music, and there's not too much bass intruding on the other sound frequencies like the Sennheiser Momentums. I'm no audiophile, but I definitely think these headphones sound better than the headphones that cost more than twice as much. 
So you may be thinking, WHOA, this random dude is saying some mind boggling stuff. Well whatever, I'm not trying to change anyone's mind who already thinks bose is crap, and I honestly have no idea why people think that in the first place. I say if someone wants a pair of headphones to use for doing everything in, not to be used out of a desktop amplifier and dac, but instead out of their iPod like I like to use mine, hands down my vote goes to the Bose AE2. These headphones will love you, and you will love these headphones.
I actually really liked their QC15 headphone. But since it's Bose, everyone just bashes them and thinks I'm crazy. >_<
Interesting.Ive noticed that you like extreme music like me so ill give these a try.
Audio addict19
Audio addict19
Bought these awhile ago to try them actually. Liked the comfort and build it's uber lightweight. But the sound didn't click for me, maybe i'll try them again.
Pros: very comfy,could wear these for hours.
Cons: needs more bass and better sound quality
Here is my review of the bose AE2 audio headphones
So,I was at target,looking for some nice headphones.I had to chose between the beats solo hd's or the bose AE2 audio headphones.There not the bad boy on the block headphones like beats and sheinheiser are,but they get the job done.just crank these up and there not half bad.just wish they dropped the price about 20-40$ and i would give it 4 stars overall + It needs better sound quality and WAY more bass.if you have a ipod touch like I do MAKE SURE you turn the EQ to BASS BOOSTER!!! even then it still needs more bass,but these are not really built for rap and hiphop like the solo's are.Im gonna be getting the mixr's very soon,when i previewed them at target,they where the BOMB (sorry for getting of the bose AE2's) comfort is BEAST I have glasses so most headphones dont fit properly or are not comfy at ALL. but these I could sleep in,there that damn comfy.all an all I would reccomend this to a non-audiophile buddy.stick around for my mixrs review in the next few weeks
:) :) :) :) :)
Pros: EXTREMELY comfortable, portable, detachable cable, pretty durable
Cons: too expensive for sound
So i got these at a local best buy a while back. I was looking for a perfect pair of portable headphones. Even though Bose is looked down upon here and many other places but i don't judge until i hear. So i got these on a whim and best buy has a good return policy so i knew I could always return them if I didn't like them. 
First off these are EXTREMELY comfortable! It's probably the best part of these headphones considering i consider comfort the second most important thing next to sound quality. The drivers are so angled that no parts of my ears touch anything! These also isolate pretty well and don't leak sound. 
The headphones do feel cheap but are actually more durable than you would think. The cable is really thin and does feel cheap but it is replaceable so that makes up for it.
Now onto the sound. These sound OK. Thats it really. I found the bass to have presence but not overpowering surprisingly. Whats weird is that the treble is the most present part in these. There is a lot of treble to my ears and it was pretty sibilant. Theres a weird drop in the midrange too that i can't quite put my finger on. These sound empty because of it. Overall these sound OK for the price. If these were $80 to $100 the sound would be more easier to swallow.
Overall Im giving it 3.5 out of 5 since how comfortable it is (seriously has to be the most comfortable headphones i ever tried), isolation and build seems good. This is a luxury item and i could see how someone would love these as many do but it wasn't for me.
Want a good portable? Try a Beyerdynamic DT1350. Best portable headphone anywhere near its pricetag and better than lots of home cans too.
Nice, honest review as well. Bose has comfortable headphones, but that's just about the only perk. They're all average with a warm, veiled, passive sound.
i can survive with this can in macdonalds...:p Its portable, its foldable, its cool. i snagged mine for usd100, tats nice.
And it sounded good off my ipad.
Right now i am having a new love...Denon D1100 (inside stuffed with felt) ..50mm drivers..oooo. Just as comfy.
Pros: Comfy, changeable cord, durable, lightweight, easy to break in
Cons: Felt like they were always missing something, that little bit of OOMPH.
I had gotten these for Christmas last year and I have used them EVERYDAY since then.
The logo on each side has worn off but I do like the look of it.
These headphones are overpriced, and should realistically only be $75 TOPS.
The only reason they're $150 is because of the Bose name.
Audio Quality: These will leave you looking for more.
Durability: Don't worry about these breaking and if the cord gets torn, you can buy a new one.
Comfort: Can wear these for hours and feel fine. Very lightweight too.
Design: Alright, these don't look terrible. As stated, these are comfy and the headband is durable.
Overall, I'm giving it a 3.5. Could truly be better.
Pros: Strong headband Yes only thing good about then
Cons: Wires can not be replaced connected to earbuds & no mic
There is no way theses headphones are better that any of the beats. Also I think my iPhone 5 ear buds are just as loud, clear and have more base. There is no mic or volume control and the wires are attached to both sides of the head phones which is annoying. It was the worst purchase I've made in years and I actually bought 2 pairs and one of them left speaker doesn't work and other pair the wire is messed up so I get alot of stacic. They should have never made the list I'm testing out a pair of Beats Solo HD they are way nicer, the cord cab be replaced and it mic which you can use to skip songs control volume. Now I need to figure out the trick to get them to work on Xbox live. BOSE is really over priced. Beats might be to but at lease they are 10x as good with all the bells and whistles. Look around for the solo HD I saw Target/Walmart and best buy selling them for $169 and open box for $149.00 great value

Revised beats is good for kids I should have said I am looking at 2 pair Bose that both don't work one speaker in the headphones don't work and the other one the wires came loose they are overpriced and junk. As far as trolling you must be trolling your you when I'm replied. Do I need a picture to prove that I actually have them I can send it to you if you really want.

I'm Actually getting new headphones That's why was on looking and I notice how high they rated the Bose which I think our garbage I am possibly getting one of the following brands Grado, Sennheiser, Shure, Audio Technica, AKG, Denon, Bowers and Wilkins.

Unless that's not okay for you guys also then you name me a pair to get and I'll look them up But I really do not want to spend $400

They are sorta Comfortable but not that great because of the two wires that connect to each of the headphones single wire headphones are way more comfortable than these they get tangled all the time

Couple of things If you Google anything on the Internet even know I agree completely that beats and those are both junk They have helped lower the prices on other quality headphones because of all the hype especially the hype around beats which in turn is a good thing.

And when you have 13-year-old boys lightguide do they care more about style then they do about performance so it has to be the beats unless somebody can tell me a product that looks like beets and is a way better product That's why I'm buying me cheapest pair of beats I can get so I don't waste money
"Also I think my iPhone 5 ear buds are just as loud, clear and have more base." "Base."
dr music
dr music
Where did you learn your English from?

And wire not replaceable?? Which headset are you talking about? The triports ?

And if something is wrong, why don't you go to a service center and show them your problem. If the wire is messed up why don't you untangle it or may be replace it if it is in bad condition. And believe me, the SQ is not that bad at all!! And the level of comfort they provide is unmatched in my opinion! Stop giving stupid star ratings to a product if you can not find a solution to your problem because of yourself!
cant believe your comparing beats crap to these? beats cost 1.5 times more and all it has is bass. plus bad build quality. 10 times worse id say
Pros: Sound Quality, Comfort, Design, and Name
Cons: Distortion, Thin Cord, and Price
I'm a HUGE Sennheiser customer/audiophile, and have been reading forums on the Bose AE2 headphones. The feedback on them were... bad. However, I find a way to enjoy any pair of headphones as much as possible, and to find the Bose AE2 headphones to be... decent headphones actually. I think they sound great in my opinion, and do have to make one complaint that they do lack mids A LITTLE. Not too much, but it's noticeable. Most people also say that they have exaggerating bass, and I just have to desist such rumors because the Bose AE2 has the perfect amount of bass. It has less bass than the Sennheiser HD 518, and that means something to me. Even more sad, the Bose AE2 sound better than the Sennheiser HD 518, but there are some things that Sennheiser HD 518 have that Bose AE2 doesn't. They Sennheiser HD 518 has less distortion. In fact, the distortion on the Sennheiser headphones are less noticeable than the Bose. When you play loud music with the Bose, you can hear them crackle. That's not good because I enjoy my music loud enough where I can feel it xD
I have to say this: at least the Bose AE2 sound 100x better than the Dre Beats Pro. The Beats are bass lusted headphones, and the Bose are just overpriced clear sound headphones with high distortion.
I also tried the Bose with a good amp and there has been a slight difference in sound quality improvement.
Do I recommend these? Well, if you are going to buy Beats or Bose, I will go with Bose. Other than that, no. These are not worth the price. I would price these, $90 or even $100. They are NOT worth $150. However, it seems Bose is finally trying to reach to a more natural sound, which is good. All that money in research takes forever to respond in action xD
I will be making a video on Bose AE2 vs Sennheiser HD 518 soon because people seem to be asking the question Sennheiser or Bose. I'll answer that simply for you :wink:
@XxDobermanxX - I never said they were "The best." I have HD 518, HD 650, and HD 800 (Both make the Bose AE2 look like carbo.) I know what sounds good and what doesn't (Not being a jerk by the way.) I was making a video on Sennheiser HD 518 vs Bose AE2, and just to tell you now the Sennheiser HD 518 win. Jeez, I look down at Bose for one reason and that is for their price.
@Gilly87 - Agreed (Except I do not have the MS400.)
@VeXun - Yeah...
@Happydog - Whatever fits you and makes you comfortable, ware it :) They are good headphones, but $50 - $80 overpriced.
@Lorspeaker - Yeah, agreed.
@DannyRox23 -- Please do not take offense, I do not mean any, but it's a bit difficult to take you seriously when you state what you state and yet give them 5 (of a max. of 5) stars. Now, based upon your praise, I wouldn't have been surprised to see 4 stars (4.5 stars would have still been pushing it), but 5 stars? I find a credibility gap, even after your most recent post of what you own. Clearly, ratings should be rated with context in mind (price range, etc.), but do these headphones seriously offer, within debatable context, a perfect score? Just one last aside, if you're going to give an item a 1-star or a 5-star, I am of the opinion that this rating must be qualified with greater detail. Take care.
@hypnoticbob -- I see where you're coming from. The Bose seem to get worse with distortion, overtime. I have thrown the junks away and learned my lesson! I should have given them things some burn-in time before reviewing. I reviewed them after listening to them, fresh from the box. I did a favor with the rating (3 stars.)
Pros: Comfy, nice low profile cord, quality build, Bass is good.
Cons: Too much coloration, lacking performance in mids and highs.
I honestly think you could spent your money elsewhere whether you like a flat response or want thumping bass. I can imagine if these need an headphone amp to truly show their colors but then again Bose should make this point clear on the packaging. I could not find the impedance listed nor the frequency response. Typical big brother attitude from Bose but they must have forgotten their are others now to give them a run for their money. Either way bad experience as I could not get satisfactory sound for the price. Most mid and upper frequencies sound muffled. Breaking in for over 15 hours did nothing.  
Pros: Really comfortable, detachable cable, lightweight, portable, good isolation.
Cons: Really lacking in bass response, strange and rough highs, cable is a bit fragile, expensive, bad value.
I bought this last year as a replacement for my Senn CX 300 and boy was I dissapointed. They sound absolutely flat, without anything resembling a good bass response. Mids are practically inexistent and highs, which are supposedly emphazised, are rough and pretty bad. I've given them to my brother since and he uses them to play Starcraft online so at least they are being put to good use.
"Let's say the AE2 or AE1 were $80. What else is out there that is as portable, small and as comfortable as the Triport?"
The Etymotic MC5 IEM isolates so much better than the AE2 or AE1. The Bose active noise cancelling headphones do a very poor job of suppressing midrange noise, ie. conversations. The MC5 IEM also is much more compact(easily fits in a shirt pocket), and has much better sound. It is also only $59.
The Sony V6 and 7506 are very comfortable with Beyerdynamic velour earpads on them.
There are some decent sounding compact headphones such as the JVC HAS650($34) and AKG 430 ($40).
Even the $10 JVC HAS160 sounds quite good and is very compact. If you don't need isolation, the Sennheiser PX100II
is very compact and great sounding.
Deep Funk
Deep Funk
Tdockweiler, heard it at a demo for a good listen. Somewhat pleasant but still not acceptable and given Bose's way of informing the consumer and charging too much for something as small as fun sounding a portable headphone: junk. As an alternative I would not go for the CAL! either. For $80 you can find a PX200 II which in sound quality alone comes awfully close to full size headphones. For a bit more a HD25 is in sight. Oh well...
the UE 700 is the perfect combination of comfort + sound quality + price. 'nuff said.
Pros: Very Comfortable, Portable, Lightweight, Mids sound decent
Cons: Cheap Feeling, Cheap cable, Bass is severely lacking, Very Colored, Highs are lacking, OVERPRICED
I tried my friend's Bose AE2s for 5-10 minutes. When I held the headphones in my hands, they felt very cheap. They were all plastic. When I put them on my head, they were probably the most comfortable headphones I have ever tried in my entire life. The cable was extremely thin and felt very cheap. When I played hip hop through them, the first thing I noticed was that the bass was severely lacking. I also noticed that the highs were lacking too, but the mids sounded great. The voices really stood out. The headphones were extremely colored, meaning that the headphones made the song sound better than it really is. Rock and classical sounded okay. I can say with pride that the Bose AE2 is very overpriced. The headphones should be worth 70 dollars max, not 150 dollars. 
Pros: Amazingly comfortable,good balanced sound,easily replaceable parts
Cons: thin cable,highs at time rough .
I bought these wanting something very comfortable and what i got was just that and more! The most comfortable headphones i have ever worn ! and iv tried quite many. the fit just right around the ear and there is just the right amount of pressure ,not too tight.
Now the sound quality. I know bose gets a lot of hate around here. Let me just say that these in my opinion had quite balanced sound (no boomy bass) nice and punchy when needed and highs were usually good at times (rarely) they were a bit rough .mids and treble were also satisfying! To be honest i was surprised by how good these sounded.
so all and all with the best comfort ,good sound , good build quality , and replaceable parts. well worth the money !
out of curiosity, what parts are replaceable?
...pretty sure it's just the earpads, isn't it?
I guess the TMA-1s would get 10 stars for audio quality then? Still, I admire his temerity.