Bose® Mobile In-Ear Headset

General Information

Now it's easier than ever to enjoy Bose sound with your mobile phone calls and music. The Bose mobile in-ear headset lets you take calls and switch back to your music with one-touch ease. And its quality audio may be the best reason yet to listen to music on your phone.

Your music. Bose sound.
Hear the music on your phone with more range and realism. Like all Bose headphones, the mobile in-ear headset features proprietary audio reproduction technology that delivers impressive low frequencies from small headphoneswithout artificial bass boost. You'll enjoy tonally balanced and clear sound for all your mobile music.

One-touch switching. Hands-free talking.
When your phone rings, just push the answer/end button to pause your music and take the call. The omnidirectional mic on the back of the answer/end button picks up your voice clearlyno need to hold it to your lips. End the call with one more touch, and your music continues from where you left off.

Comfortable for hours on end
Unlike conventional earbuds, this headset features silicone-tipped earphones designed to rest easily in the outer bowl of the ear, not the pressure-sensitive ear canal. Three sizes of contoured tips are also included so you can tailor a fit that's right for you. Take calls and listen to your music comfortably for hours.

Works with most popular phones

The Bose mobile in-ear headset is compatible with a wide variety of today's mobile phones. Visit for a list of compatible phones. It's time to experience the difference Bose technology can make for your mobile audio.

What's in the box
--Bose mobile in-ear headset with inline microphone and answer/end button
--Three 2.5 mm adapters
--One pair each of small, medium and large silicone tips
--Clothing clip
--Carrying case

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