in-ear headphones designed for music phones * inline microphone and answer/end button * includes...

Bose® Mobile In-Ear Headphones

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  • in-ear headphones designed for music phones * inline microphone and answer/end button * includes assortment of silicone ear tips for a comfortable fit * 51" straight cord with angled stereo mini (3.5mm) plug * three 2.5mm headphone jack adapters for use with a wide range of phones * includes carry case, lanyard, and clothing clip *

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  1. kitten wizard
    "Skip these all together"
    Pros - Smooth...I guess?
    Cons - Muddy sloppy woolly bass, no seal, microphonics, tips fall off easy
    Really a horrible set of headphones for the money.

    I got these way back as an upgrade from stock ipod headphones and was blown away by the bass. At the time all I wanted was bass and boy did they deliver. At the time I loved them but as my music interests grew and expanded so did my realization that I had horrible headphones.

    Last year I picked up a set of AWEI ES-Q3 off of Dealextreme for like $5 and those were considerably ahead of these Bose in terms of balance.

    The tips are held on with a small groove which means they will fall off if you put them into a backpack or they fall out of your ear due to their lack of sealing. I can't even remember how many times I had to frantically look for the tip that fell out while trying to store these in the little carrying case it comes with.

    The carrying case is another awful addition. It encourages you to tightly wind the cord around a square and squish the earphones into the small notches to keep them in place.
  2. lordofthehifi
    "Great, not the best "
    Pros - good sound nice black and white cord
    Cons - odd design to bud
    really nice sound, makes me feel at home when on the bus, might not be a good thing though, the fit might not fit everyone's ears...
  3. sbyri97
    "THE BEST"
    Pros - light weight, dont hurt, great sound
    Cons - sensitive, east for wire to get cut
    I had this Bose In-ear headphones for more than a year. they still work really well. They still provide great sound quality. I have like a small cut on it but nothing major. they dont hurt like other headphones do. When i wear them I cant tell if they are in my ear or not.They are that comfortable. I really LOVE THIS BOSE PIECE. Im glad i did not buy skullcandy or beats.

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