Bose® Mobile In-Ear Headphones - Reviews
Pros: Smooth...I guess?
Cons: Muddy sloppy woolly bass, no seal, microphonics, tips fall off easy
Really a horrible set of headphones for the money.

I got these way back as an upgrade from stock ipod headphones and was blown away by the bass. At the time all I wanted was bass and boy did they deliver. At the time I loved them but as my music interests grew and expanded so did my realization that I had horrible headphones.

Last year I picked up a set of AWEI ES-Q3 off of Dealextreme for like $5 and those were considerably ahead of these Bose in terms of balance.

The tips are held on with a small groove which means they will fall off if you put them into a backpack or they fall out of your ear due to their lack of sealing. I can't even remember how many times I had to frantically look for the tip that fell out while trying to store these in the little carrying case it comes with.

The carrying case is another awful addition. It encourages you to tightly wind the cord around a square and squish the earphones into the small notches to keep them in place.
Pros: good sound nice black and white cord
Cons: odd design to bud
really nice sound, makes me feel at home when on the bus, might not be a good thing though, the fit might not fit everyone's ears...
Pros: light weight, dont hurt, great sound
Cons: sensitive, east for wire to get cut
I had this Bose In-ear headphones for more than a year. they still work really well. They still provide great sound quality. I have like a small cut on it but nothing major. they dont hurt like other headphones do. When i wear them I cant tell if they are in my ear or not.They are that comfortable. I really LOVE THIS BOSE PIECE. Im glad i did not buy skullcandy or beats.
I've always considered Bose more or less equivalent to Skullcandy and Beats when it comes to headphones. Glad to hear they're good though.
I question your credibility since you gave these 5 stars, should have given at the most a 2
"THE BEST"? There is no such thing as a pair of IEMs (or even headphones) that are, "THE BEST."
There are pros and cons to every pair of headphones, and you need to try many different kinds to see which one is the best fit for you.
Pros: Overall good sound quality,
Cons: Uncomfortable/Weird Fit
I Got these headphones and i have to say they have a really great sound. I like how good they sound but for $90 i can just get the Klipsch S4 or S4i.  The Bose has a good Low end for rap, rock and hip hop users. It lacks enough treble for the low end though. i Feel like vocals can be a little better as sometimes it sounds stall compared to my Klipsch and not as smooth. I feel like it has really good audio quality besides that and the design is ok. i dont like it because it looks weird with the gray oval but other than that it looks ok. it has a good fit and cancels a bit more noise than overage ear buds. I would recommend these headphones only if you really listen to music with strong low ends like rap.
Pros: I got them for free, smooth and generally lacking harshness, powerful bass, decent cables
Cons: Midbass hump the size of Mt. Everest, way too thick-sounding and boomy, a bit muddy, poor fit and no seal or isolation with any tips
My much enjoyed Samsung IEM's died on me, and with needing something to listen to my music on and use for my audio/studio class, my parents gave me this.

First Impressions: OUCH. I never had the greatest opinion of Bose headphones, but this was plain unexpected. Upon plugging them into my Samsung Captivate, I was assaulted by extremely congested and boomy sound (after fiddling around with the fit on all 3 tip sizes for a few minutes and completely giving up).

Sound: If there's anything good about the sound of these things, I would have to say it's that they're pretty smooth. They lack any noticeable harshness in the highs and clarity seems decent for something in its price range. However, that's where the good stuff ends. While some might attribute the smoothness of an IEM to butter, these are more like a tub of frozen lard. Not a tub--a car with a really boomy sound system, full of lard. Sound is extremely thick and warm to the point of losing any balance. Treble is extremely recessed and combined with the thickness of note gives them a muddy impression. At lower volumes, these phones are congested and fatiguing. At higher volumes, the colossal midbass hump is downright painful.

After some extreme equalization, I was able to get them to sound less congested and improve the soundstage a bit, but attempting to boost the weak treble introduced a fair amount of annoying sibilance. Even after turning down bass frequencies as low as my phone would allow, they still had a fair amount of impact, although it was far more balanced.

Build Quality: I don't have much experience in the price range for comparison, but these felt pretty solid. I personally liked the cabling, having not really owned anything with better cabling.

Fit, seal isolation: I'm still confused at the design of these. I simply don't understand how these were made to fit the ears of a human, but oh well. On the upside, these things still produced a relatively full and bassy sound without needing good insertion. However, with my small ears, even the smallest tips allowed them to fall out from gentle motions. I found a complete lack of any seal: actually, the channel created around the tips in my ear canals seemed to amplify sounds around me and forced me to turn up the volume, both contributing to a headache.

Overall: If you're looking for a very thick, warm sound and powerful midbass, and you get these for cheap, they may be for you. Otherwise, I don't see much to want here.
Pros: Good sound, good mic, rubber tips don't fall off
Cons: Useless plastic Bose logo along the chord, weird side analog connector, no noise canceling
Bose has been a public commercialized product just like the Beats by Dr. Dre. They have been used by some friends of mine so i decided to give them a try but i didn't end up buying the normal ones, i bought the one with a mic to use with my PSP and iPod because at the time iPods and PSP didn't have mics and i wanted my portable devices to have one. After trying them for a while i stopped having to buy the skull candies because the Bose headphones don't break as easily if you take care of them and also sound better than the average 20 dollars earphones. These are a bit pricey at around 100 if i remember right when i bought them, but pretty great sounding audio. What can be a bummer to some is that it doesn't block any outside environment noises unless i put on some jack hammer ear muffs which make me look goofy but other than that i personally don't mind it much. Im somewhat of an audiophile because i seek out the best audio but at this time i haven't been able to try other headphones besides my UR-40's from Koss which sound pretty close to the Bose in-ears only they have more bass than them, i wish to try out the porta pros to see if the audio is better than Bose's mobile earphones. I personally think they are great but really not good for a budget, i bought them only because I had birthday money lying around and wanted to give them a try and have had them for a while.