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Ultimate Sound, Comfort and Stability – The Hummingbird earphone features deep, responsive bass and dynamic tonal highs which combine to produce a rich and full soundstage. Not only ergonomic, but also designed to be durable and ultra-light, the Hummingbird earphone can be worn comfortably all day, no matter how intense the training or workout. Weighing in at a mere 20g, the Hummingbird is ready to fly.
  • Built-In Ambient Mode – With the Hummingbird, just switch on Ambient Mode and reconnect with teammates, trainers, and other people barrier-free without having to take off your earphones.
  • Ultra Long Battery Life & Quick Charge - Our battery can support up to 14.5 hours of playing time, and with the quick charge feature, up to 1 hour of playback on just a ten minute charge. Focus on your workouts, not your battery life.
  • Sweat Resistant, Built To Last - The Bliiq Hummingbird earphones are water resistant with a nano-technology coating to prevent damage from sweat, daily use, training, and accidents are no longer limitations.
  • Lifetime Warranty - The Bliiq Hummingbird comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Our customers deserve the highest quality - Our warranty reflects Bliiq’s commitment to both exceptional quality and operation. Bliiq hopes to team up with each Hummingbird user through every drop of blood, sweat, and tears. Your journey is our journey.

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Ping Pong Champ: SF Meet (2016,2017), CanJams (London 2016, RMAF 2016, NYC 2017, SoCal 2017, RMAF 2017)
Pros: Smooth, balanced sound with a bit of bass, great for working out, color options.
Cons: Price? There's a reason that combats this in the review.
Bliiq Hummingbird Wireless Earphone Review

A bit of a background about me. I am Maurice Washington, otherwise known as moedawg140 on Head-Fi and Instagram. I have spent countless hours and several years in the audio field, not only attending the perennial audio events around the world, but listening to many products and reviewing them in the process. Last year, I had an aneurysm and brain tumor removed in Germany, and I am currently in recovery. My listening is not perfect (no one’s is), but I hear well enough to pass multiple hearing tests. I was approached by bliiq to write a review. My thinking these days are I will not write a review for a product that I do not deem is worthy. I would much rather focus my time on my family, and sharing inspiration through my day job as a physical education teacher and daily Instagram posts. Once I received the package and listened to the Hummingbird, I nodded and said to myself “This is the real deal!” Feel free to read my thoughts below on why I feel the Hummingbird is a great earphone!

Before I get to my top reason why this is a great earphone, let me highlight a few positives about it.

1. The construction is competitive. Above average looks with the black plastic and very good tactile touch materials are used to make using the buttons as simple as possible. Various eartips sizes and a USB cable is included. A quick start guide, warranty and safety information is included in the box. Adding in a leatherette case with a bliiq sticker rounds out the tasteful package.

2. The sound signature of the product is satisfying to my ears. The bliiq emits a natural, balanced signature, with slightly elevated bass depending on the size of tips used. You should experience more perceived bass if using foam eartips. The midrange and treble is more laid back, and not strident, but with slight air to it. The spatial capabilities (soundstage width and depth) are decent, but not what I would say audiophile-esque. For a Bluetooth product, the bliiq sounds pretty darn good to me. I wouldn’t call the bliiq a necessarily bassy product, but it certainly can be if you do what you can to make it that way (tips/EQ settings, et cetera).

3. The battery life is exemplary. Usually real-world results are not in-sync with manufacturer’s postings, but this is pretty true to life in my experience. I had the music playing for around 10 hours (at about 1/2-3/4 volume) with battery power to spare. I’m sure the music would have gone even longer if I listened at an even lower volume.

4. Ambient Mode! This is one of the only Bluetooth products that I’ve seen with ambient mode! The awesome Sensaphonics 3D AARO earphones offer ambient mode as well, but are quite expensive. For a price much lower, you press the middle button twice quickly in succession to experience being able to use the earphone’s microphone to speak to who you’d like without having to remove your earphones. How cool is that?!

5. Working out is a joy. I have run and also used a push scooter around different cities with the Hummingbird in my ears, and even though the earphone had sweat on them, the earphone kept on trucking with no issues at all!

6. I could have said this reason first, and there would probably be zero reasons to read the rest of the review. Since you have read up to this point, I would like to say, thank you! Here you go, my #1 reason for purchasing this product: LIFETIME WARRANTY! Here’s the thing: how many audio products come with a lifetime warranty? I’ll wait......still waiting........ Exactly. To know that if something goes wrong, you can get a replacement, is worth the price of admission - and then some, in my opinion.

Any negatives? Price? Okay, you can obtain great sounding products for a lot less money than what you’ll find on Amazon, however, how many of these products come with a lifetime warranty?

I would say purchase the product because I said so. If you don’t like it, give it to a friend or loved one as a gift who will cherish you as a result.

Live your life to the fullest, and stay blessed!

***I'm not able to upload my video through Head-Fi (without uploading to YouTube first), so here is the link to my video: ***

Item Weight 1.15 pounds
Package Dimensions 7.1 x 5.7 x 4 inches
Wireless communication technologies Bluetooth
Special features Wireless
Audio Jack Micro USB
Color Black, White or Red


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