Efficient, powerful neodymium drivers deliver fantastic sound with low distortion and great...

Beyerdynamic DX 120 iE In-Ear Headphones (Black)

  • Efficient, powerful neodymium drivers deliver fantastic sound with low distortion and great resolution, even when used with low output devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptop computers.Perfect fit and isolationWearing comfort, isolation of ambient noise and a deep bass-response are crucial for any in-ear headphones. The DX 120 iE achieves all three of these with ease, thanks to being supplied with a great choice of eartips to suit all users: 5 pairs of bowl-shaped types, 1 pair of double-flange types and 1 pair of triple-flange silicone types ensure that you can enjoy your music the way you like it.Flat cables - as long as you need them to beThe DX 120 iE is supplied with a flat, tangle-free cable for easy handling and convenience. Should you need this to stretch a little further, an extension cable is also included in the package.Materials and designFull-metal-housings, attractive anodized surfaces, shiny aluminum rings and careful attention to detail make the DX 120 iE a headphone with quality you can see and touch. Sturdy design, rugged TPE-material and a 45° angled plug ensure your earphones will stand the test of time, no matter how you wear them.Share music with your friendsSimply unplug your extension cable and plug in our adapter to share your music with friends or colleagues, quickly and easily.CompatibilityThe DX 120 iE is compatible with all current portable devices equipped with a 3.5 mm jack output (including s

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  1. CanadianPenguin
    The price is right, and they sound phenomenal.
    Written by CanadianPenguin
    Published Sep 9, 2015
    Pros - Punchy, tight lows. Moderately detailed mids. Excellent for the price
    Cons - Extremely short base cable.
    Hello everybody!
    So first off I bought these from Massdrop late last year for the low amount of $49.99USD, or if your feeling impatient you can order them from Amazon.com for $75USD or $110CAD on Amazon.ca for my fellow Canadians. If you are Canadian, like myself, id recommend buying these from Massdrop.
    So now with the packaging and accessories these earphones come in a standard box with a little door to show you the earphones themselves. The “Enjoy” on the tab of the box is a nice touch Beyerdynamic. As we open the box we have two sections, a dense, thick piece of foam that houses the earphones and a little box with the manual and accessories. 
    The accessories package included I'd say is above average. You get a soft carry pouch, 7 sizes of silicone eartips, a very much needed extension cable, an audio splitter for you and a friend to listen to the same thing, and a dinky cable clip.
    Now on to the design of these earphones. First things first they are very, very durable. Ive had these banged on my desk and a sidewalk a couple of times and they are still in perfect condition. The lightweight metal housing looks fantastic and isnt flashy, which depending on your taste might be a con. For me I love the minimalistic style of these earphones. The flat cable is great as these don’t get tangled often, and when they do theyre easy enough to untangle. Now on to the first flaw of these earphones, the cable. The cable, without the extension, is a measly 30cm. They do provide an extension for this reason but why in the world is the cable so short? Also to make matters worse, for myself anyway, my extension cable came faulty out of the box. I had to go out and buy another as Beyerdynamic wouldn't send me a replacement. On the plus side these leak little noise, so there great for on the bus, train, or anything outside.
    Now for the part you've all been waiting for, sound quality. First of all these sound absolutely fantastic for the price.
    -The lows are punchy and tight. These are full bodied and not dominant over the mids and highs, which is great. They never become the most predominant part of the song. If you like your lows, you'll love these. The lows are fun, but probably won't cut it for extremely heavy bassheads. The lows are perfect for a great listening experience, in my opinion. Listening to Imagine Dragons’s Battle Cry is my favorite experience with the lows so far in these earphones.
    -The mids are well separated from the lows, sounding detailed and crisp. Guitar both acoustic and electric sound great. Both female and male vocals also sound great.
    -The highs are a little bit recessed, making brighter songs not sound as good as darker songs, but they still sound good. But personally, I don't mind.
    -Instrument separation and soundstage is decent, could be better but for this price, I can't complain.
    In conclusion these earphones are fantastic and I absolutely love them, the first time wearing these I completely got lost in my music and it was amazing. If you like lows i can guarantee youll fall in love with these, as the lows are where the DX 120 iE’s really shine. If your thinking about buying some new earphones soon I would highly recommend these.
    As a side note, if you liked this review please check out my YouTube channel and website :)
    Thanks for reading!
    1. tbodine88
      How do they deal with background noise?
      tbodine88, Sep 9, 2015


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