Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro-80 Closed Studio Headphones

  1. Teska
    Needed a honest headphone to do some multitrack mixing.
    Written by Teska
    Published Aug 1, 2013
    Pros - Smooth sound, balanced, extremely comfortable, sturdy build.
    Cons - Soft mids, absent image.
    So I bought this BD DT770 pro because I am in the middle of mixing the tracks we've recorded with my metalband. Because I am a truckdriver, I spend a lot of time in my truck, dragging along my laptop whereon I do the mixing. I definitly needed a good headphone for studio use. By doing some homework I decided that The DT770 pro was the one I couldn't go wrong with, so I ordered it.
    Before these headphones I owned a Pioneer SE650 and a Sony MDR CD570. The Sony is decent but a bit too strong in the treble departement and has good subbass but not enough mid-bass. You can imagine that the DT770 was a huge step up for me. It's tradionally build, with a steel headband covered with a removable padding, big sturdy plastic cups, velvet removable earpads and an old school adjusting system with clickpoints.
    The sound was the best i'd ever listened to and I was really happy with it. It has only been used on the laptop and to do the vocal recordings on a multitrack BOSS device. The singer never heard a better set of HP than this one !
    But it was after a bought a used AKG K271 studio, it's in the same price catarory, that I realised it's flaws.
    The DT770 has this soft, almost absent, mids. This results in mixes with too much guitar in it. It also has a stereo image that seems to put instrument outside your head instead of inside. This is hard to explain for me and very subjective. But the image is completly different compared to the AKG, which seems more logic to me.
    Bottomline: great headphones but not the best, in the pricerange, for my needs.
  2. Antilochos
    A headphone that makes you love it
    Written by Antilochos
    Published Jul 21, 2013
    Pros - Great sound with almost everything. Comfort. Quality build. Bang for the Buck!
    Cons - Can't remove cable.
    Was looking for a overal headphone (I mean one that works with all genres of music, movies and gaming) that didn't needed extra equipment like amp or dac, a headphone for a lazy person.
    And of course a bang for the buck.
    Let me tell you I found all that in the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80.
    Plug it in your pc, hifi set or portable and it starts doing its thing; sounding great and let you have fun listning. Doing this it's also very comfortable on your head for a long time.
    Tried it with mainly music genres like classical, jazz, blues and rock. It's just very fun. Maybe the classical it could be a bit more "clean" in its sound.
    With movie and game its a perfect match.
    Then I added a dac/amp, the FiiO E10. This really showed me what the DT770 was capable of. So much depth in its sound.
    Of course you can find better sounding headphones, but in this pricerange its a star.
    But, every headphone has his own sound and it can be a matter of taste. This one is, so I thought, very couloured in its sound. You like it, or you don't.
    I love it.
  3. LordOctron
    One of the best closed cans at thie price-tier!
    Written by LordOctron
    Published Apr 5, 2013
    Pros - Very comfy / Overall good sound quality / Nice lows / Price
    Cons - None
    This is what I wrote about the 250 Ohm version... "Overall good sounding. My DT880 might sound somewhat more refined in the mids and highs, but in the lows and especially in the low-lows the DT770 beat em. They are probably my 2nd favorite closed headphone, right after my beloved Denon AH-D2000 (which seem to outperform all other headphones I tried). I think it's a good idea to EQ this cans, by slightly raising the mids and minimally taming the highs you can really improve the sound of this cans."
    Amazingly the 80 Ohm version sounds even better to me as the bass has even more impact and the mids + highs sound smoother. I love em!
    The DT770/880/990 Pro are the most comfortable cans i tried...
    If you are looking for "sanely priced" closed cans capable of delivering a good amount of bass but still sound good overall, get em!

    1. PonuryProboszcz
      I cannot agree with comfort score - after 1-2 hours with DT770's skin on the top of my head is brushed, I have red marks and in general it hurts a little. Not nice..
      Apart of that, the sound quality is very nice.
      PonuryProboszcz, Apr 5, 2013
    2. LordOctron
      Perhaps it also depends on the haircut as longer hair sorta adds some cushion... Do you have short hair?
      LordOctron, Apr 29, 2013
  4. PanamaHat
    Ich liebe dich dt770
    Written by PanamaHat
    Published Apr 3, 2013
    Pros - Balanced sound, Comfort is great for long sessions, Built like a tank
    Cons - Need a good tube amp, Long break in time for earpads
  5. PonuryProboszcz
    Switched from HD380PRO to DT770/80
    Written by PonuryProboszcz
    Published Feb 21, 2013
    Pros - much better hights, much better mids, much more comfortable then HD380 PRO
    Cons - less power, less dynamics, hard to controld
    Well, I  was looking for raplacement of my HD380 PRO at work.
    The environment:
    - music type: heavy metal (Slayer, Kat, Metallica, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Candlemass, etc...)
    - music source: laptop flac/high res m3
    - DAC: Fiio e17
    - AMP: depends: Fiio e17 or Fiio e17 docked into Fiio e9.
    So, in comparison to HD380PRO, I find  DT 770/80:
    - weaker in bass 
    - better in mids
    - better in highs
    So probably I will not win Nobel prize :) quite obvious...
    Overall hearing dynamics of HD380 is much better then DT770/80. however:
    - HD380 just crashes my head with bases, while DT770/80 simply delivers it
    - HD380 is much less comfortable after 1hr+ listening then DT770/80. Much. Really MUCH. 
    - Mids were much better in  DT770/80 then in HD380
    - Highs were much better in DT770/80 (I was able to hear separate clappings in concert recordings, while on HD380PRO I only heard noise)
    - BUT!!! - HD 380Pro provides much more power of the sound. It is simply louder and much more dynamic... MUCH more then in DT77/80 case
    - It is very hard to adjust EQ and AMP settings to different records in DT770/80 then in HD380 case. DT770 seems to be very very sensitive to EQ and APM settings, while HD380 takes anything and plays good.
    - isolation of HD380 seems to be a TARGET which other closed headphone might only wish to reach (I use DT770/80 at work, and my collegues claim that they are louder much more than HD380PRO).
    In general - DT770/80 gave me much more details what is happening in mids and highs. The sound is very clear in comparison to HD380PRO.
    Am I satisfied ? NO. I expected much more power and more loudness&dynamics. So sooner or later I will find appropriate CLOSED headphones stuff.
    1. Sweden
      I think you would be more happy with the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro.
      Sweden, Feb 22, 2013
  6. Mattjh90
    Bass Heads Delight and much more
    Written by Mattjh90
    Published Feb 12, 2013
    Pros - Comfort, Deeeeep Bass, clarity, non-fatiguing
    Cons - Mids are recessed
    These cans were my first set of higher fidelity audio and since been have been enjoying music much more because of what they bring to the table. I have owned these headphones for about 2 years now and they have a decent amount of use. Unfortunately when i first bought them, my only extra piece of audio equipment was a FiiO E7. But recently I bought the FiiO E9 and a Schiit Audio Modi DAC. That pairing has even more so brought up the potential in these headphones. 
    Nice, it is non-fatiguing which makes listening to music on these very easy and enjoyable for hours. The highs are clare but a little rolled off. They have a good sound to them and because the cups are so large, the instrument separation is quite nice for a closed back pair of cans. 
    Unfortunately this is the worse part of these headphones. Not to say the mids are terrible but they could be much stronger. They are recessed and not as clear as the other spectrum. They are not colored and sound quite neutral but they are not impressive. I also own a pair of Shure SRH 840's and those blow the Dt770's clarity and mids out of the water. I love my beyers but for most everyday listening i prefer the shures
    This is where things get quite good, i bought these headphones for the bass. I was going to get beats (SO ******* HAPPY I DIDNT) but my friend told me about this website and to check out these headphones and i am beyond grateful for his help. I love the bass on these cans. Because they are not the most efficient and easy to drive phones they will sound good not great coming from a laptop or phone but connected to my amp.... they sound pretty damn good. I love some house music or electronic, these cans really shine in that respect
    they are a great pair of headphones and are well worth the money just for the headphones. Oh and did i mention are they build like a tank... they are some of the most comfortable headphones i own and love using them for their main purpose. If you are looking for a more efficient and everyday pair of phones, check out the SRH 840's wont regret those. As for these, they are fun and a great buy for what they offer. True German Engineering
  7. Bigshow33
    Great Cans
    Written by Bigshow33
    Published Feb 8, 2013
    Pros - Sound, comfort, and build quality!
    While they have a slight v-shape to their sound, I would not say mids are overly recessed, to where the sound suffers. I love the sound for the music I listen to! Build quality is really good and they have no visible signs of damage. Comfort is a big deal with these particular cans, the large velour ear pads are amazing.  
  8. Supertoaster
    Comfortable, Bassy, Fun!
    Written by Supertoaster
    Published Jan 29, 2013
    Pros - Comfy, Fun to listen to, Efficient
    Cons - Midrange is lacking, Long burn in, Clamp too much
    I am not an audiophile but I have some basic knowledge so forgive me if I make a mistake.
    First of all, these headphones have a very excellent design and the build quality of these is outstanding. I can easily see these things lasting a long time.  The comfort is very good as well due to the velour pads and giant earcups but I found they clamped too hard.
    These are certainly a bass lovers headphone. Bass is fun sounding and has good impact while being tight and controlled. The treble is just a tad sparkly. The mids are probably the weakpoint as they are shadowed by the bass. Soundstage and imaging is great (almost fantastic). These things like a LOT of burn in. They really start to sound good after 100hrs of burn in.
    I really enjoy these headphones. These could be the last headphones you ever own. I would recommend them if you like something more fun and engaging.
  9. eziduzit
    Get ready to hear your music like never before!
    Written by eziduzit
    Published Dec 12, 2012
    Pros - AMAZING sound stage. Long cord. Comfortable for hours of wear. 1/4 adapter included.
    Cons - Only one cord and it's permanently attached. No option for iPhone controls and mic. They are on the verge of needing a headphone amp for best listenin
    If you listen to music at work or at home and LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear the minutia and background details of your music, then this is the headset for you! While many headsets from $200-$500 deliver amazing music, very few, if any, separate the music quite as well as these headphones. They create a sound stage that is hard to beat.

    If you are familiar with the car commercials where they show you an engine working, then the moving parts fly apart while still working.... other headphones deliver the engine/music-which is nice but these headphones make the instruments fly apart! Most places that carry these headphones have a return policy... do yourself a favor and at least listen to these headphones before making a choice.
  10. Docks
    A pair to forever have.
    Written by Docks
    Published Nov 15, 2012
    Pros - Sub bass, soundstage, isolation, price, build, comfort.
    Cons - Can be boxy
    This was my first pair of what I call real headphones, Loved them the moment I put these on my ears.
    To me they have a massive soundstage (quite odd considering they are closed), big bass, and extremely comfortable. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a headphone to use with any type of electronic music. They can be powered from an iPod but sound much better with a dedicated headphone amp. The headphone amp brings a certain "energy" to these headphones that makes them really wake up. Make sure that your headphone amp if using one has a lower output impedance (less than 1 ohm) for best results on these.