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AUNE Jasper In-Ear Monitors​

  • Multi Gradation Diaphragm
  • Ultra-Linear Magnet System
  • Ultra-Low Distortion
  • Best Materials precise Tuning
  • Pure-Fidelity IEMs


    Present to You With Honor Our Philosophy of Acoustics​

    The strictly selected diaphragm, the ultra-low distortion core, the carefully designed chamber... All those efforts were made to present the musicians' feelings and expressions, as they are..

    The Chamber Matters​

    The carefully designed chamber heps scatter the internal sound waves end to expand the soundstage with accurate and clear imaging. Don't be shocked if you feel like sitting in a concert hall..

    Ultra-linear Symmetric Magnet System​

    The combination of the specially-designed ultra-linear symmetric magnet system and the multigradation diaphragm (MGD) builds the dynamic core with ultra-low distortion, providing the Jasper with constant power.

    The Unique Diaphragm (MGD)-like No Other​

    The MGD - multi-gradation diaphragm, with the materials to die for, has the qualities of high damping, high speed and good rigidity. The unique diaphragm makes it possible to vividly reproduce all kinds of music, even a whisper.

    Precise, More Than Precise​

    Starting with the goal of a real-deal reproduction of the original music recording/live scene, the aune acoustics team spent three years on the in-ear monitors' R&D strictly based on the standard acoustics design principles. From the unit's magnet system, suspension, diaphragm, to the very precise chamber, each step is carefully done with the heart and respect to the standard. All those make the Jasper more than just another pair of an in-ear monitor . lt' s like a whole concert hall hidden in your ear..


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Latest reviews


100+ Head-Fier
A Great First Step For Aune
Pros: Pleasing & well-adjusted tonality
Smooth and clear sounding
Even sound balance
Build quality
Sturdy carrying box
Cons: Unimpressive accessory package for the price
Soundstage depth
Hello Head-fiers!

In this review, I will share my long-term impressions of Aune’s first attempt on In-Ear-Monitors :

The Jasper.

Head-fi 1.jpg

I would like to thank Aune for providing me a free sample, and giving me so much time for this review.

Let's start right away.

Aune (Wuhan AO LAI ER Technology Co. Ltd) is a company that has been making a name for itself in the industry for years after its establishment in 2004. They are especially known for their designs that are consistently above a certain quality, relatively few and elaborate.

However, Aune is widely known for its desktop DACs and amps rather than headphones. They have also produced portable players in the past (such as the M1 and M2 series), but they preferred to focus on the desktop by not continuing the line. Jasper, the product I will be reviewing in this article, is the company's first attempt at IEMs.

Readers who have been following IEM market for a while, probably know that we left behind a period in the past when IEM manufacturers tried to put as many balanced armature drivers as possible in their products, which in turn almost became a marketing tool and created a perception like "the more drivers, the better the sound". At the peak of this period, which we may call as "armature wars", the number of the balanced armature drivers placed in tiny IEM capsules by different manufacturers reached almost fifteen.

While this “race” was going on, meanwhile, companies like Sennheiser, Hifiman, JVC etc. continued designing flagship models with proprietary single dynamic drivers.

In line with the fashion of the last few years, as IEMs with single dynamic drivers (produced with different technologies and materials) have been on the rise again, it is quite understandable that Aune joins with this new trend.

Jasper is the company’s first shot at the highly crowded In-Ear-Monitors market with it’s proprietary 10 mm dynamic drivers.

Build Quality & Accessories

Jasper has a very good build quality with it’s price tag of $300, leaving a premium-like impression in hands.

Coming in two colour options, black and shiny metallic grey, Jasper feels like a luxury headset when you pick it up. The housings are heavier than that of average IEMs.

The cable that comes with Jasper is thick, feels sturdy and has no obvious microphonic noise due to friction. It connects to the metal housings with MMCX connectors. These connectors are neither too tight, too loose, nor too sensitive ; in this sense, I did not encounter any problems in plugging and unplugging.


However, the sad thing is that the phones only come with a simple / standard 3.5 mm cable and no balanced cable (or adapter) is included in the box. At this price level, it is a minus point for Aune.

A rough guess would be that the Jasper was designed compatible for on-the-go use. And right now as of the second half of 2022, regardless of their price, most of the digital audio players we have in the market come with balanced outputs for stronger amplification, and better sound.

Accordingly, the lack of balanced cable for a $300 IEM is a thing to be noted. I would have very much liked to see a 4.4 mm cable coming out of Jasper’s box.

In addition to the phones, the box contents consist of a very stylish and sturdy leather box with the Aune logo, 6 different sized ear tips, a soft microfibre cloth and a small brush for cleaning.

The accessories - especially the leather box - are of high quality, but the richness is less impressive than the overall quality of the phones and the $300 price etiquette. Many other brands in this price range offer richer accessory packs with their products.

Otherwise, Jasper fits well in the ear and provides good passive isolation when the appropriate tips are selected. It may be useful to try different tips other than the one provided in the package; as it is possible to further improve passive isolation by trying different brands of tips that can better adapt to your ear canal structure.

Sources Used For Review

For reviewing Jasper, I used sources of varying quality and sound character to reach an average concerning Jasper's overall performance, including two smartphones (Xiaomi and Samsung), the Aune M1S as an entry-level player, the Sony WM1A as a mid/mid-high-end player, and the JDS Labs OL DAC + Objective2 combo as a desktop source.

Besides, as recordings, I used a variety of different musics from different genres with different formates, ranging from old vinyl recordings to recent digital ones, from high quality DSD to highly compressed 128 kbps mp3 files.

Sound Signature

The Jasper has a sound character that is not exactly reference or neutral, yet it is quite balanced. The bass is slightly above what can be called as neutral, adding a slight warmth to the sound, but the Jasper is by no means a bass-head IEM.

During casual listening, no frequencies in the music recording jumps at you like "HEY I’M HERE", and the bass-mid-treble balance in Jasper’s presentation is very neatly balanced with no apparent sharp edges.

Accordingly with that, it is possible to listen to Jasper for some long periods of time without getting a headache, thanks to it’s relative smoothness in sound.

Jasper has a clear, slightly warm, and a forward sound in a balanced way.

On the other hand, although Jasper can resolve a good level of detail in recordings for its price range, it does not have a sterile and detail-oriented presentation that we can call analytical, and as far as I can see, Aune engineers primarily aimed to design a "balanced" headphone that presents instruments with realistic texture and timbre as well as satisfactory resolution rather than a headphone that focuses on very high technical prowess.

And for a first attempt of the company at IEMs, I should say that the tonality of Jasper is an apparent success.

Kudos to Aune on that.



As I mentioned, the bass intensity of the Jasper is slightly above neutral and this intensity is more pronounced as mid-bass. However, this slight bass emphasis does not cause any leaking into the mids, and is free from muddying them.

The 10 mm Multi-Gradation Diaphragm dynamic driver used in Jasper has a good bass extension, you can hear the sub-bass in the recordings; but Jasper does not have a sub-bass emphasis that you can see in some recent IEMs (such as Fiio FH5 or Sony IER-Z1R) that have become increasingly popular recently.

(On a personal note, I find a slight bass emphasis positive, sometimes even necessary, for many portable and easy-to-drive headphones for a reason :

Among the frequencies transmitted to our ears by the phones we use outside, the biggest loss in sensitivity due to external noise takes place at low frequencies. This is why, for example, when we use headphones (without active noise cancelling circuits) in public transport, we generally end up hearing a sound that is often shy on bass, consisting only of mids and treble. With a slight bass emphasis on the other hand, it is possible to get a slightly more balanced sound, even with the existence of some external noise).

Jasper's bass has the body you'd expect from a 10 mm diameter dynamic driver. For example, bass drums sound quite powerful and deep. But unfortunately, the bass detail and texture are on average levels. This is also due to Jasper’s bass signature being closer to a full / blooming bass rather than a fast one in general terms.


Jasper's mids have a pleasing tonality, are clear and slightly warm, blending in well with it’s overall sound character. However, this clarity is not in your face like some IEMs with balanced armature drivers and analytical presentation.

Resolution and detail level are again good for its price range.

Since the stage is positioned at the front and has limited depth, instruments play close to you like a Grado-like presentation ; and although Jasper has a balanced frequency response, more often than not, this intimate positioning of instruments put the midrange at the center of the show.

In my personal opinion, Jasper's most prominent prowess also lies in these frequencies, as the instrument timbre sounds natural and organic with Jasper, punching above it’s class.

Pianos are clear and natural; guitars have good texture and dynamics. Vocals are generally good for both male and female vocals.

Only on some tracks (and partly at high volume), depending on the recording, there can occur a slight shoutiness in the vocals. Apart from this partial problem, Jasper's midrange performance is very good.


Jasper's performance at these frequencies is also good for its class.

Treble is revealing, dynamic and at the same time smooth, not splashy, dull or too aggressive, clean and with good detail for it’s price point. Since Jasper doesn’t have a detail-oriented analytical presentation, the flaws on mediocre quality recordings or lossy compression formats (e.g. mp3) are not directly presented in your face.

Jasper offers a certain sonic dynamism in the upper frequencies, but they are not fatiguing. Aune has again done a good job here in tuning.

In addition, unlike many single-dynamic driver IEMs, there is no apparent treble roll-off here. However, Jasper's treble does not have the general extension potential of hybrid IEMs or ones with balanced armature drivers.

As a shortcoming, the slight drop in the upper treble is reflected in the reduced airiness of the highs, so Jasper is not the best IEM in the world at projecting the space between instruments in a studio recording, for example; its ability to resolve ambient detail is limited.

Apart from that, I didn't notice any obvious deficiency in the high frequencies that I can say "actually, this could’ve been better", the company had obviously put a lot of effort to produce a balanced, consistent sound with Jasper that can appeal to many listeners.

A Friendly reminder : Burn-In Needed

I must say that I was a bit disappointed with Jasper on the first listen, especially in the high frequencies, as it sounded dull / overly smoothened, therefore lacking in detail and dynamism. The cymbals and distorted electric guitars in rock songs sounded off.

Afterwards, I left it to burn-in at intervals over a long period of time without listening (in order not to get used to its sound), and I started observing the sound being opened up, gaining dynamism and “bite” in high frequencies finally finding it’s tone.

In this sense, I’d like to make a reminder to those wishing to buy Jasper to lay them in burn-in, as it seems to need it to show it’s potential.

Soundstaging and Instrument Placement

This is one area where the Jasper is without a strong claim.

In fact, Jasper has an average IEM soundstage. It is quite wide, but due to the close placement of the stage, the depth is not spectacular, and does not extend much further back.

The placement of the instruments is good, Jasper clearly communicates the positional cues to the listener, which allows us to easily perceive the location of the instruments.

On the other hand, the relatively limited treble extension capability of Jasper creates an average airiness in the stage. In short, creating sense of space is not Jasper's forte.

Therefore, Jasper has a presentation that neither offers a gigantic stage nor compresses the instruments into a narrow space making you feel claustrophobic. In this respect, while it is ideal for pop / rock or jazz music (and to some extent concert recordings), it is not the best choice for orchestral classical music recordings that already challenge many IEMs in terms of staging.

It is not by any means a flaw, but rather a point for further improvement in Aune’s possible future high-end IEM models.


Driveability / Source Matching

Jasper has a conventional impedance of 32 ohms and a sensitivity of 102 decibels. These two numbers tell us that the current generated by any source, including smartphones, will be sufficient to drive these phones.

However, I should point out that although Jasper is not an IEM with analytical sound character, it responds well to the quality of the source you use with the level of resolution it offers.

In order to observe this, I connected Jasper to different sources (as I mentioned above) and saw that Jasper easily reflects the difference in sound performance between these devices. In this sense, although Jasper is an IEM that can produce satisfactory sound in many respects even from a mobile phone, it might be better to pair it with a good source to get more of it’s potential.

In terms of synergy, Jasper is an IEM that can match well with both analytical and warm sounding players / systems, especially thanks to its balanced frequency response that avoids extremes.

However, considering the fact that Jasper has forward mids, it might be better to match it with a source that has a little laid-back mids to gain a bit more depth in staging.

So who is the Aune Jasper For?

Firstly, Jasper is not an IEM for those looking for an analytical presentation or a soundstage larger than average IEM stage.

On the other hand, Jasper will also not satisfy those looking for a bass-head IEM.

In addition, Jasper only comes with a 3.5 mm cable, which will leave those who want to use the balanced output of their player / amp in search of a balanced cable.

For the majority of listeners other than these situations, Jasper can be a good choice with its high build quality with it’s detail level that can be considered successful for its class, balanced frequency performance and very pleasing tonality.

It can be said that Jasper is a great first shot at the IEM market, and hope Aune will continue to improve it even further in the future with new designs.
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100+ Head-Fier
Decent neutral sounding IEM
Pros: Great build, Quality feel, Decent sound for the price
Cons: Mids are a bit sibilant, Lacks soundstage, Cable is hefty.
Build etc

Good packaging and carry case.
Cable is manageable but slightly stiffer and larger diameter than I would prefer for IEMs
IEMs feel hefty and solid. Very well built.
Outside picks up fingerprints pretty easily.
Included tips fit well. no issues with them falling out if cable wrapped around ears. I believe they intended the cable to hook around your ears.

Sound notes:


rolled off and smooth on the high end. Nothing offensive in the high register but they don't quite resolve all the detail.

Slight sibilance in the upper mids, Better for male vocals. Female vocals tend to sit in the sibilant spot along with some stringed instruments. Male vocals are very detailed with lots of layers. Has the potential to get nasty with a mid biased amplifier.

Sounds mid focused. Mids are the most forward with the most clarity. Highs and lows have good clarity but not as much as the mids.

Bass is present and tight punchy/ not overbearing or boomy. Definitely not for bass heads.
Recessed fairly narrow sound soundstage sits right behind your ears. Good for hearing everything and picking out individual instruments but not very accurate.

Seems very neutral balanced. Not warm or cold. Not quite warm enough to be an all the time listen for me. They can get fatiguing after a while due to their more neutral nature.

Other Notes:
Seems like they are pretty amp dependent and really pick up the bias of the amplifier. I wouldn't pair these with an amp that has forward mids because that's where most of the sound issues with these can be heard. They tame out fine on a neutral amp but any amp with a slight mid bias might make the upper mids do some nasty stuff.









Reviewer at hxosplus
Transparent beauty
Pros: + Neutral and cohesive sound
+ Tight, controlled and well defined bass
+ Crystal clear and resolving
+ Very transparent
+ Spacious and precise
+ Comfortable and discreet
+ Great build quality
+ Good quality cable
Cons: - Bass is lacking in weight
- Forward upper - mids
- Bright treble
- Not forgiving at all
- Accessories are not on par with the competition
The Jasper was kindly provided from Aune free of charge.
This is my honest and subjective evaluation of it.
The selling price is €279.90 and you can order from the Aune EU retailer by using this - not affiliate - link.
Aune - store


Aune Audio - Wuhan Ao Lai Er Technology CoLtd is a China based brand, very well known among the audio community for some excellent audio products consisting mostly of DAC and headphone amplifiers.
The Jasper is their first foray into the earphones world.


Design features

The Aune acoustics team spent three years developing the Jasper, a 10mm single dynamic driver earphone consisting of a multi-gradation diaphragm (MGD).
The materials have the characteristics of high damping, high speed and high stiffness.
The unique diaphragm makes it possible to vividly reproduce all kinds of music, even a whisper.
The combination of the specially-designed ultra-linear symmetric magnet system and the multi-gradation diaphragm (MGD) build the dynamic core with ultra-low distortion, providing the Jasper with constant power.
The carefully designed chamber helps scatter the internal sound waves and expand the soundstage with accurate and clear imaging.


The complete white paper behind the Jasper design is available here.


Appearance, Build quality and fit

The Jasper is available in two different colors, a black and silver metallic with a nice and shiny finish.
The build quality is very good.
The shells, which are made from metal (stainless steel it seems), are compact and have an elegant, curvy design which is anatomically shaped and beautiful looking.
The appearance reminds me more of a classy jewel than an earphone.
The compact size, the low weight and the moderate extending nozzles, offer a secure, stable, discreet and extremely comfortable fit with some very good passive noise attenuation.


Cable and accessories

The Jasper comes with an MMCX detachable cable which ends in a 3.5mm plug.
The cable is of good quality with a rubber sheathing reinforcement, it has minimal microphonic noise and it doesn't get tangled.


Other than the cable the user gets three pairs of silicone ear tips, a rounded carrying case of good quality, a cleaning brush and a cloth.


The accessories pack is not very competitive, especially when we consider similar offerings from other brands that sell even lower than the Jasper and come with more premium accessories.
Notable examples are the FiiO FD3 Pro ($149.99) or the DUNU Falcon Pro ($219.99) that have detachable cables with interchangeable plugs, sound tuning tubes and more than 10 pairs of various ear tips.

Sound impressions

As per usual practice I left Jasper to burn more than 100 hours before commencing into listening sessions.
With an impedance of 32Ω and a sensitivity of 102dB/mW the earphone is very easy to drive although the use of an external USB DAC/amp is mandatory in order to get the most out of the Jasper.
I have mostly used the iBasso DC05, FiiO KA3, the ddHiFi TC35B Pro and the Violectric Chronos.


The tuning of the Jasper is mostly balanced and neutral with a little forward sounding upper-mids and a treble that is on the bright side.
Nonetheless it is not fatiguing nor harsh and such an approach makes for a lively, agile and sparkling sound signature.
Jasper is utterly transparent, very revealing and not forgiving at all when it comes to the quality of the recording or the associated electronics.
As such I would avoid matching it with forward sounding devices or listening to poorly mastered material.
The presentation is somewhat lean but crystal clear and highly detailed.
Jasper is able to resolve all the details with an effortless and fine way while keeping them as a part of the music rather than presenting them in a detached manner and becoming analytical.
Mids sound spacious and mostly neutral with some upper - mid emphasis that will favor certain vocals and instruments, potentially leading into mild shouting.
Timbre is lifelike with a flimsy texture that adds to the overall sense of airiness, giving the sound a very open and atmospheric character.
The low end is well extended without seriously rolling off and has a balanced tuning up to the mids with excellent technicalities.
It is tight, fast, controlled and well defined without any mid - bass coloring or muddiness.
Layering is the strongest point and Jasper is able to resolve complex and populated bass lines with great ease and definition among the instruments without masking any of them.
Dynamics are convincing with some intense and speedy attack but they lack on ultimate impact while the bass texture is fragile and not as full bodied to make it sound weighty.
Sound integrity is good, the Jasper is more cohesive and homogeneous sounding than competitive multi driver earphones although it may come as slightly less extended.
The soundstage is certainly above average, combining satisfying width with extra spaciousness and precise imaging, able to draw a wide open picture of the music.


In the end

If you don't mind the relative lack of accessories and you need a highly transparent, resolving and neutrally tuned earphone that is not clinical or boring with the added bonus of the very comfortable and discreet fit then the Aune Jasper fits the bill and is a solid choice.

Test playlist

Copyright - Laskis Petros 2021.
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Forward mids; not for me!
I just dropped my review. Can confirm, forward mids.
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